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2015 Upcoming Wallet Friendly Cars in India

"Datsun Redi GO"

The demand for budget friendly cars in India is on an up rise. Most automobile manufacturers are adorning new cars and ensuring that they snuggle in a limited budget. While the existing manufacturers are bringing out more and more cars, there are new players in the market promising more style, more mileage and less money. Here is my take on some of the upcoming cars that should hit Indian roads in the forthcoming months. Enjoy 🙂

5. Datsun Redi Go: Datsun is gearing up to introduce India to its third car. The Japanese automaker is known to strategize affordable cars and offer some of the most promising machines. With Nissan’s DNA flowing in each Datsun car, the 3rd car in the affordable lot was unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo. The existing GO and GO+ cars are going to be joined with the Redi GO. This B-Segment hatchback will be placed above the GO in Datsun’s hierarchy.

Engine: As per speculation, the Redi Go is expected to be powered by the same 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine that produces 67bhp and 104Nm of torque.  The power in this car will be transmitted to a 5-speed manual gearbox. You can also expect a CNG or an LPG version of this car.

Datsun Redi Go Engine
Image Source:

Interior: Although the interiors of the Redi Go are yet to be revealed, the Redi Go should have a slight premium touch to its interiors than the existing Go and Go+. The Redi Go should have standard features like AUX-IN with two speakers, mobile charging point, beige upholstery, the dash-mounted gear lever and handbrake. Datsun might go a little lenient on the Interiors on the Redi (hopefully!)

Datsun Redi Go
Image Source:

Exterior: The following pic should definitely be a feast to your eyes and your wallets.

Datsun Redi Go
Image Source:

The Redi-GO seems to have quite a futuristic appeal than any other Datsun that we’ve seen in quite sometime. However, looks might be deceiving and hopefully Datsun does not let its customer down. Maruti Kizashi was one fine example of a design bluner. Let’s hope Datsun keeps up to this futuristic adaptation.

"Datsun Redi GO"
Image Source:

The Redi GO retains its the chrome hexagonal grille from the GO and GO+ but gets sleeker swept back headlights. The car has a neat bumper that is diverse from the front grille. The side profile looks pretty too and has flared wheel arches as well as aerodynamic lines that go all the way into the car’s boot and follows through the other side.

"Datsun Redi Go"
Image Source:

Price: The Datsun Redi-Go should be price between the Rs 3 to Rs. 5-lakh range and should be launched by the end of 2015.


4. Tata Pelican: Just like Maruti’s manesar plant, Tata’s Sanand plant is going to get real busy with its upcoming new cars. Alongside the Nano, Tata motors is developing something like a side project to the existing “Kite”. The new small car being developed is named “Pelican”

"Tata Pelican"
Image Source:

Engine:  The Pelican will most likely be powered by a 1.0-litre petrol and 800cc diesel motor that Tata Motors is developing in-house. This is going to be another car from the house of Tata to share affordability, although it will have a diesel engine. It will also have a five-speed manual gearbox

Exterior: Although the information of this car is as scarce as finding hair on a bald-guy’s head, it’s only fitting that this car should be based on the Nano’s platform. This car seems to have a tallboy design along with a compressed body structure. New headlamps, tail lamps and bumpers will accompany the new design.

Interior:  Sources suggest that Tata has new features lined up in their forth-coming cars. With Tata’s HorizonNext strategy along with the company’s collaboration with MapMyIndia for the use of GPS navigation technology, the Pelican (top end) should get hints of this technology as well.

"Tata Pelican"
Image Source:

Price: The Tata Pelican should be priced from Rs. 2.5 lakh onwards. It should take on competitors like Maruti Suzuki 800, Hyundai Eon and the Datsun Redi GO.


3. Tata Kite: Another possible entrant from the house of Tata will be “Kite”. As a replacement to the existing Indigo eCS, this new compact sedan should be another budget friendly sedan offering from Tata.

"Tata Kite"
Image Source:

Engine: As per reports, the Tata Kite should be available in petrol and diesel variants. A 3-cylinder petrol motor and a diesel engine mated to 5-speed manual transmission can certainly be expected from Kite.

Exterior: New headlamps, redesigned bumpers, new alloys, new tail lamps are but a necessity. Anything apart from that should be a pleasant addition. This car is going to have the appearance of a notch-back.

"Tata Kite"
Image Source:

Interior: This compact hatchback, apart from its abundance of technology should have plush interiors and an upgraded instrument panel.

Price: The Zest should be priced around Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 lakhs. This budget sedan is going to compete with Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Hyundai Xcent, and Honda Amaze.


2. Renault XBA: Renault India is brewing its recipe for a small car that is codenamed “XBA”. The French car manufacturer will be based on the all-new CMF (Common Modular Family) platform.

Engine: The XBA from Renault might be powered by the all new 0.8-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine and mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. It will also have AMT- automated manual transmission.

"Renault XBA"
Image Source:


Exteriors: The car seems to have a pleasing appeal along with its robust build. The car has aerodynamic superiority and style. With a slender build, uplifting front bumper and a classy roof, this car is a great hatchback from Renault. The side profile of the car is accentuated with large fenders, broad wheels and has a touch of style. The front is adorned with a well-structured grille; complete with stylish, sleek headlamps shaped like triangles.

"Renault XBA"
Image Source:


Interiors: The XBA has great interiors that give an elegant feel. The car is as pleasing from inside as it seems outside.

Price: The XBA is going to be released for around Rs. 4 lakhs.


1.  Mitsubishi Mirage: Mitsubishi has no hatchback in India. However, with rapid increase of small cars in the Indian market, Mitsubishi is developing a B-segment model for emerging markets. The Japanese manufacturer showcased a sketch of the global small car at the 2011 Geneva Auto Expo and the small car has popped up at the Tokyo Motor Show in December 2011. The car carries the codename Mirage.

"Mitsubishi Mirage"
Image Source:


Engine: The Mirage is expected to come with a 1.2-litre, MIVEC petrol engine, which comes with a displacement capacity of 1193cc. This DOHC based power plant has the ability of churning out a maximum power of 74bhp in combination with a peak torque output of 100.3Nm that is quite good for Indian road and traffic conditions. The car is expected to be mated with a 5-speed manual/automatic transmission gearbox, powering its front wheels.

Exteriors: The compact hatchback is designed with a radiator grille, which is fitted with a thick body colored strip. The car also has trendy headlight cluster featuring high intensity halogen lamps and side turn indicator that gives it a dynamic look. The car has a body colored bumper as well and has a large large air dam for cooling the engine. A pair of round shaped fog lamps flanks its air dam. The car has electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors, a set of alloy wheels, a neatly designed headlight cluster, windscreen with intermittent wipers and many other such aspects.

Interiors: The car is spacious enough to accommodate 5 passengers and has ample leg space with headroom. The car has a smooth dashboard, AC, large glove box and advanced instrument panel. The car also has an advanced music system, which is equipped with several input options along with speakers. It is incorporated with a lot of sophisticated features, which gives the occupants a pleasurable driving experience.

Price: The Mirage will compete with Fiat Punto, Nissan Micra, Maruti Swift, Renault Pulse and Hyundai i10. The price of this car is expected to be within the Rs. 5lakh range.

The Most Precious Bikes in the world

"BMS Chopper "

It’s all about money these days. If you have it, you can pretty much own anything.

But, when your pockets are quite deep, exorbitant expenditures on some of the most superfluous objects becomes an inevitable necessity (at least for those who seem to disregard money)

Here are some of the most expensive bikes in the world. Owning one would require more than a smile from lady luck.

MV Augusta F4 CC:

Created by Claudio Castiglioni, MV’s Director, this bike was indeed a unique combination of design, style and met the company’s marketing and strategic needs.

"MV Augusta"
Image Source:

The motorcycle has its very own initials “CC” and costs a staggering $ 120,000 (Rs. 74 lakhs)

Built with a 1078 cc and 198 hp producing engine, this bike goes as fast as 315 kph (Whew!! That’s fast)

The bike flaunts its platinum plate that is located next to the top of its steering column. The exorbitant price comes naturally because of the limited units produced. Only 100 units of the F4CC were built. In case you buy one of these beauties, don’t forget to collect the free gift that comes along with the motorcycle.


"MV Augusta RR with watch"
Image Source:

The Bike comes with a Girard Perregaux Laureato EVO F4CC w wrist watch. The watch alone costs 12.5 lakhs.  Only 100 units of the watch were produced.


Coventry Eage Flying:

This spectacular looking bike dates back to the Victorian times when Coventry Eagle, a bike manufacturer built a diverse range of motorcycles until the outbreak of the Second World War. The Bikes carried a reasonable reputation (then) because of the craftsmanship that went behind making these bikes and their dignified glory.

The Coventry-Eagle had a range of 3 motorcycles. However, during 1920’s the line-ups were chopped and changed to the availability of the engine. The most popular motorcycle was the Flying-8 that took its name from the engine’s RAC rating of 8hp.

"Coventry Eagle Flying"
Image Source:

The bike was sold at the Bonhams auction on 18 August 2011 for $ 2,65,00 or Rs. 1.66 crores.

Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX:

Only 13 units of this beauty ever rolled out of Ecosse Moto Work’s garage. The company is known for its exquisite and exclusive range of motorcycles. The Ti XX is the latest inclusion in the list of superbikes. The bike is made out of Titanium and is considered one of the most expensive motorcycles in the world.

"Ecosse Titanium"
Image Source:

The bike costs an eye-popping $ 3, 00,000 (Rs. 1.86 crores)

The motorcycle is powered by a 2409 cc billet aluminium power plant. With 228 PS power to the rear wheel, you can fly on roads. Carbon fibre plays an important role in the detailing of most parts on this bike. The saddles have been handcrafted by posh Italian leather-maker Berluti.

That said, this bike has grade-9 titanium exhaust popes and have ceramic media shot-preened finish on them (hence the exorbitant amount)


Yamaha Roadster BMS Chopper (Nehmesis):

"BMS Chopper Gold Plated"
Image Source:

BMS Choppers specialize in customizing stock metric motorcycles. The Florida based custom house has modified bikes like the Yamaha V-Star, Road Star, Warrior and Honda VTX 1200.

"Gold Plated Chopper"
Image Source:

The 1000 cc Roadster BMS chopper is certain to take a big chunk out of your savings. This Gold Plated Custom Chopper is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. Apart from its Gold Plated body, the stunning shopper looks like a show stopper.

"BMS Chopper "
Image Source:

But, taking a chopper made out of gold out on the streets might not be such a good idea. The chopper costs $ 5,00,000 (3.10 crores)


Dodge Tomahawk:

If you first lay eyes on this bike, you would probably think of it as a bike that’s worth watching on the big screen but never in real life. But, this V 10 powered, 8.3 liter engine that was caused from the Dodge Viper, powers this massive machine. With 500 HP force, this ultimate machine can go up to 420 miles an hour.

"Dodge Tomahawk"
Image Source:

The Dodge Tomahawk has a peculiar shape but costs a massive 5, 55,000 USD that translates to Rs. 3.5 crores.


Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship:

Artist Jack Armstrong unveiled the first million dollar Harley-Davidson. That’s right, a million dollar Harley, sounds pretty insane.

The “Cosmic Starship” bike is a 1250 cc V-Rod engine. The bike carries Jack’s Cosmic Extensionalism that has been applied to the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The Bike has been painted to appear like it has literally dropped down from outer space.

"Million Dollar Harley"
Image Source:

This Harley broke the record, to be the most expensive Harley ever.

Would you pay Rs. 6  crore for this Harley Davidson?


Gold Bike:

The following bike might look like it has come out of some dump, but this is recorded to be one of the most expensive bike in the world.

"Presenting 315kg Gold powered bike"
Image Source:

Some experts believe that the bikes frame alone costs an upward of $ 1 million.

The bike was designed by an extremely wealthy Turkish motorcycle fan, Tarhan Telli. The bike has a 1801 cc V-Twin engine with 125 horsepower, 6 speed transmission and 700 pound curb weight. But these are just common specifications, but the most unique thing about this bike is that it’s made out of gold.

"Tarhan Telli Gold bike"
Image Source:
"Tarhan Telli Gold Bike"
Image Source:

This bike has Medusa’s head adorned on its tank and the serpent that warps all the way around the bike of the bike. This bike has been given an antique look and has been specifically designed to avoid shine. This bike also holds a record at the Guiness Book of World Records.


If you think that’s the most expensive bike, check out the following.

Ecosse Spirit ES 1:

In case even your soul craves for speed, and you have plenty of Washington’s stacked up in your account?

The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is the perfect machine for your bucks.

A collaboration of an American, Don Atchison and two Brits, Richard Glover and Andy Le Fleming resulted in this revolutionary motorcycle.

"Ecosse Spirit"
Image Source:

The Spirit ES1 is unlike any motorcycle presented by any manufacturer. This superbike of superbikes has the same principles that apply to building F1 cars, the same formula goes into making these brutal forces!

The bike’s speed comes from the ultra light aerodynamic design and its mighty engine. The double horsepower with a bespoke 1000cc IL4 engine thrusts the bike to 230 miles an hour. The motorcycle performs like a F1 car.

Its frameless chassis is covered in carbon fiber and luxe-leather seat. The rider maneuvers great control by sitting in a position that allows the knees to be closer to the body. The bike also has different suspension systems for its front and rear.

Bringing this bike to your garage requires the perspective buyer will have to meet with the design team to specifically build the bike to fit their needs. Details like colour, finish etc are decided by the buyer and the team.

The following 2 weeks, the buyer has to attend a minimum of 2-weeks training period with a championship racer and the team to learn how to tame this two-wheeled beast.

Image Source:

But, the basic requirement is $ 3.6 million (Rs. 22 crores)

Happy Riding Folks 🙂

Ariel Nomad- The off-road buggy

Ariel, the British car and motorbike specialist is working on an ultra-light, ultra-fast off-road buggy. Ariel is the same company responsible for the “back passage hauling” ruthlessly designed Ariel Atom. The buggy will make its debut on 6 January 2015.

Here’s more information about the Nomad Buggy.


A vehicle that is built to peregrinate from place to place, the Nomad is built around the same architecture as the Atom. The vehicle follows quite a simplistic approach and uses a light-weight body that attracts speed. The Honda-powered Ariel Nomad sport buggy, the Buggy was revealed on January 6 2015. The buggy will be available pretty soon.

The Nomad carries a simple design that uses lightweight bronze welded chassis that is assembled by hand. The car’s images indicate that it has a highly-modified platform that includes a comprehensive roll-cage. The vehicle also has underbody protection along with long-travel suspension.

"Ariel Nomad 2015"
Image Courtesy:

The vehicle also features chunky mud-terrain tires that adapt to off-road conditions quite well.

The Nomad is a rear-wheel drive car and it makes it quite the suitable car for rally stages than the technical rock crawling kinds. The independent suspensions on all corners help it attain high speed handling characteristics on various surfaces.

The boss of Ariel Simon Saunders thinks “most Nomads will be bought for recreational driving both on and off road, but the car has the credentials to achieve success in rally competition”.

A well set-up Nomad could eventually compete “with honor” in the Dakar Rally, not necessarily winning but at least reaching the finish in good shape.

Ever since the Atom was launched, the idea of the Nomad-style vehicle has always been a priority. However, with the launch of Atom and various Ace motorcycles, the Nomad remained a thought.

"Ariel Nomad 2015"
Image Courtesy:

However, the Nomad project progressed because of Ariel founder’s son, Henry Siebert-Saunders, whose interest in off-road encouraged him to complete the prototype and lead its development on terrain normally reserved for conventional, slow and heavy 4x4s.

He says, “We’ve tested the Nomad on a variety of race circuits and proving grounds, as well as on various private tracks including well known WRC stages, winch challenge courses and closed forest roads. The idea was to subject our two-wheel-drive car to tests worthy of a conventional 4×4, because we reckoned its compactness, torque and light weight would compensate for its lack of four-wheel drive. So far we’ve been right and the Nomad has lapped it up, to the extent that the whole thing adds up to a whole new kind of driving fun.”


The Nomad is powered by a 2.4 liter, long-stroke four-cylinder Honda Engine. The engine is the same as used in the high-end versions of Honda Accord. The vehicle has been configured with Ariel electronics to help it produce 235bhp at 7200rpm.

The torque output of the Nomad is 221 lb ft and it matches the power that was found in the 2 liter Atom that had its reputation for being the fastest cars on road.


The Nomad carries a modest weight of 670 kgs and it has big wheels and has extra rollover protection. The Nomad also has bulky long travel suspension and chassis modifications that are needed for it to cope with off-road use.

The car whizzes from0-60 in just 3.4 seconds and has a mighty impressive top speed of 125mph. This can rightly defeat any fully fledged and super-powered rally car. The best part is that it can do it both on and off-road.

The Nomad carries a power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to the efforts of the Ariel engineers that the Nomad carries similarities to the BMW M3 and M4. The Nomad has a more powerful 2.4 liter engine sourced from Honda that does all the thrusting.


The vehicle was engineered to deliver low-end torque and resistance to mud and water, which resulted in the new power plant. The vehicle has protection from mud and dust and although this is a body-clad Ariel, it features a windscreen.

There are still confinements to the very bare essentials. The chassis of the Nomad is exposed and the vehicle has no doors or even a roof. The new body panels along with the bonnet, engine cover will have some space of personalization. Customers can enjoy the liberty of choosing the colors of their choice.

"2015 Ariel Nomad"
Image Courtesy:

Buyers can also opt to upgrade the standard mechanical-slip differential for more technically advanced options. However one option that isn’t expected to be available is an automatic transmission, with just a six-speed manual on offer.

"Ariel Nomad 2015"
Image Courtesy:


The Nomad sales are on. The deliveries however, are expected to be in mid-2015. As the Atom, Ariel plans to build up 100 examples per year of the Nomad.  The off-road buggy is priced at £30,000 (AU$58,000).

"Ariel Nomad 2015"
Image Courtesy:

Datsun Go + Way to Go

"Nissan Datsun Go +"

First came the Datsun Go, and now its time to buckle up for the Go Plus. Nissan owned Datsun recently unveiled the Go Plus MPV in India. The car shares the same platform as the Datsun Go and shares plenty of design cues.

The sweetest surprise lays in the pricing of Datsun cars. This MPV already has plenty of bookings in India, mainly for its spaciousness and price. Check out more below:

Go Plus:

The car is manufactured at the Nissan-Renault facility in India. This car is aimed at those families that look to buy a low cost car and yet accommodate plenty of people.

"Nissan Datsun Go +"
Image Courtesy:

Engine and Performance:

The Go+ is a compact MPV and it has the DOHC based 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine inside. The engine produces 75 PS and 104 NM of torque. The same engine is found in the Nissan Micra, it has a displacing capacity of 1198 cc. The power is supplied to the front wheels through an advanced 5-speed manual transmission. The Go+ will have the same power and performance as found on the Go.

Pleasantly, the mileage of the Go+ is expected at 20 kmpl that beats all competitors in the MPV segment. The Go+ thrusts from 0-100kmph in just a matter of 15 seconds and can reach a top speed of 150 kmph.


Having the Go+ is definitely a Plus to a big family. The combination of comfort and security are both commendable. This reliable family lounge with wheels has various un-compromised features. Since affordability is also a key factor behind the low pricing of this vehicle, the company has resorted to keeping the interiors same as the Datsun Go. The Go+ has a length of 3995 mm and width of 1635 mm. The height is 1485 mm and the wheelbase measures 2450mm. This is a low cost family MPV, but it doesn’t seem all that cheap.


MPV’s have a humongous looking body. But, trend and style play their parts on the curves and edges of the car. The Gp Plus has a rather decent looking exterior. With some fine touches and a unique appearance with roof dropping towards its back along with a strong shoulder line carried to the rear, the car looks elegant. The car has a headlight cluster, perforated radiator grille and thick chrome surround. There is an air-dam front bumper and air-ducts. Being the lengthy-types, this car looks quite stylish. The elegance continues towards the rear-side of the car with its body-colored bumper, prominent branding and chrome plated model logo. Overall, the exteriors of the car are quite appealing.

"Go Plus looks"
Image Courtesy:


Once inside, you wouldn’t feel harnessed like you do in cheap cars. In fact, the car has a very nice feel inside too. The dashboard mounted gearshift and bench seat up front reminisce the Datsun Go’s Interiors. The seats of this car are quite wide and covered with premium fabric upholstery. It has a 3-spoke steering wheel too. It also has AC with central console placed on the dashboard. There is a power steering, power window and foldable second seat row option available too. The front row cabin of the car has plenty of leg and headroom space. No more cramming up like most people do in the budget friendly cars.

"Datsun Go Plus"
Image Courtesy:
"Datsun Go Plus interior space"
Image Courtesy:



There are similar MPV’s driving various families in India. Maruti has its Ertiga that shares a similar shape and size than the Datsun Go+. The Ertiga has a 1373 cc engine that is much powerful than the Go Plus. Ertiga too has 7-seating capacity. The Ertiga base petrol model costs approximately Rs. 6 lakhs (showroom price) for the Petrol model and Rs. 7.5 lakhs for the Diesel model.

"Go Plus Competitors"
Image Courtesy:

Honda’s Mobilio has a 1497 cc engine and a seating capacity of 7. The base E i-VTEC engine price Rs.6.7 lakhs onwards. The Diesel base model costs Rs. 8.2 lakhs.


The Datsun Go+ comes at an unbelievable starting price of Rs. 3.8 lakhs. It is definitely unbelievable. While competitors like Maruti and Honda offer 40000 kms or 2 years warranty, Datsun offers 2 years or unlimited warranty.

Bottom line:

Datsun has proved it again, the Go was a successful model and the Go Plus is proving to be quite a successful model against all odds. The car has great mileage but its engine is a little weaker than its competitors. That said, the Go+ carries an extremely aggressive price that can definitely take a big chunk out of competition. With such a low pricing for a huge MPV, the Go Plus sure has a promising future. The pre bookings are on and in the following months, you can definitely expect various Datsun cars whizzing by.

Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador exterior"

Lamborghini fans, here’s some exciting news.

As the celebration of the New Year goes on, Lamborghini has a new and refreshing reason to celebrate. The recent partnership of Lamborghini with the tire manufacturer Pirelli is all the reason for the company to release the special edition of  Pirelli Aventador.

Both the Italian firms are known to have worked closely together in the past. In fact, let’s put it this way: Every Bull that has ragingly bolted with its respective galloping horses from Lambo’s manufacturing unit (in Sant’Agata Bolognese) has had the Pirelli shoes on them. The partnership began back in 1963 and ever since, the companies have worked closely together.

Besides the Italian origins that both companies share, there is also a constant quest for technological innovation that thrusts these companies ahead.

A very obvious piece of information is that the Aventador LP-700-4 is a limited edition bull. However, a few people with lady luck and the year 2015 in their favor will get to ride or in fact, even own this spectacular machine.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini aventador"
Image Courtesy:

The Pirelli Edition Aventador will be offered in the choice of the coupe or roadster body style and will be produced in a special series. These Lambo’s should reach your garage by Summer-2015.


Apart from all the existing bells and whistles that the original LP-700 had, the Pirelli Limited Edition Lamborghini Aventador will feature some serious Tire-walloping equipment.

An aggressive 700 HP 6.5-liter V12 engine that comes along with paddle-shift transmission, push rod suspension will fire up the Lambo. It will also have the permanent all-wheel drive that the Aventador is famous for. The special Pirelli series is enhanced by exclusive equipment specifically designed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile.

Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador engine"
Image Courtesy:

The power train on this Limited edition beast provides 515 kW (700 hp) at 8.250 U/min and is combined with the ultra-fast ISR transmission. The powerful transmission enables -level performance for the Pirelli model: 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds and top speed reaching 350 km/h.


The Limited Edition brutal-bull has a unique color scheme and details. The vehicle sports a two-tone color scheme in two options. The first option has a matte back for the roof, pillars, rear view mirrors, engine hood as well as the front, rear, side and moving air intakes, in contrast with six glossy finishes for the rest of the body. The body has 6 glossy colors available for the rest of the body; Giallo Spica, Rosso Mars, Bianco Isis, Nero Aldebaran, Grigio Liqueo, and Grigio Ater.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador exterior"
Image Courtesy:

The second option of the Lamborghini-Aventador Pirelli Edition will have a glossy black finish for its upper parts. Parts such as the air intakes, in contrast with four matte finishes for the rest of the exterior will be available. The colors include Bianco Canopus, Nero Nemesis, Grigio Adamas, and Grigio Titans.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador exterior"
Image Courtesy:

Another unique and distinctive element of the body is the thin red stripe that runs along the roof, rear view mirrors, and the outer profiles of the air intakes, a stylistic feature designed to evoke the unmistakable Pirelli branding.

The Pirelli Logo will appear in a ravishing red color and it will be visible at the start of the two roof lines and on the tires.

The exteriors will also include: Transparent engine hood, the engine compartment in carbon, glossy black Dione 20″/21″rims, P Zero tires with red logo and red calipers. The Rosso mars exterior will be available only in yellow color.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador tires"
Image Courtesy:


Upholstered with a catchy and attractive black Alcantara with red contrast stitching, the Aventador Pirelli Edition is that temptation that is just too irresistible. The red striped that appear on the body have a continuation inside as well. The stripes appear and run along the interior ceiling as well as the seats. The Lamborghini and Pirelli crests are embroidered in red. The vehicle also has leather inserts that adorn the door panels as well as the sides of the seats. To top it off, each limited edition car will have a “Pirelli special series” plaque inside. Isn’t this the best limited edition car ever?

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador interior"
Image Courtesy:

Bottom Line:

Getting one of these beauties requires insane amount of luck and money. But, reading about this requires none. Various Lamborghini dealers are currently taking orders for the car. The units are being produced and should reach the respective owners garage by summer-2015. Apart from the Limited edition Aventador, the company is working on a new breed of its flagship super car. This new supercar might carry the SuperVeloce title and might be mightier than the existing bulls.

Suzuki Alto RS Turbo-Charged!!!

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"

Big or small, all the Suzuki cars have been favorites worldwide. Japanese technology is hence, the best, affordable and popular.

The name Alto is not an unfamiliar one in the automobile world. The instant recollection of a cozy compact affordable car comes to mind. But what if the alto you’ve imagined met a sports car and they decided to have a kid.

Well, the Alto Turbo RS is the product of that reproductive thought you just had. It is definitely not the cuddly and harmless kind of alto that was known to drive people from point A to Z.

The new Alto is a whole new breed of Japanese technology thrusting massive power on the roads. Find out more about this car below.

Turbo Insanity Alto size:

Suzuki had revealed the new Alto Kei hatch back a few days ago. The company has released the images and information about the sportier and faster version named the Alto RS Turbo. This is a turbocharged version of the standard Alto of the Japanese market and is going to be a debutant during the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is going to happen in January 2015.

The Japanese company has performed this feat earlier too. During the 80’s and 90’s, Suzuki had injected the tiny Alto with whole new performance flair. The turbocharged versions from Alto Works in the Japanese market are not new. The cars were sold with both Front Wheel Drive as well as Rear Wheel Drive options.

"Suzuki ALto Turbo RS"
Image Source:

The name suggests the raging power that the Alto will supposedly have. The car will be powerful and sporty. Although it will have a few design dynamics adapted from the Kei, this will be racing specific model. The new Alto RS Turbo will hence, follow a long line of Alto RS Turbos that are regarded very highly amongst auto enthusiasts.


The Alto RS Turbo will have a powerful 660 cc petrol engine. However, the power output is unconfirmed. The engine will churn out 51 bhp of power along with 63 Nm of torque. This car is said to be 60 kilos lighter than its predecessor and will be based on a new platform. The RS Turbo will come wither with a five-speed manual or a five-speed AMT gearbox. There is uncertainty whether Suzuki will have an all-wheel-drive version of the car but, let’s keep that option open too. Suzuki is known to have launched such versions too. So, the New Year might have a few hidden surprises too.

The car will have the 3-cylinder engine along with the power of a turbocharger.

Design language:

The Alto Turbo RS will have red accents for bumpers and red mirror caps on its exterior front. It will also include 17-inch red alloy wheels. The RS will also have side decals and a racing stripe to accentuate the looks. This car will join the league of some of the quick sporty Kei cars such as: Daihatsu Charade Turbo and the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart. These cars are known to offer the masses a taste of speed combined with a touch of affordable performance.

The company has given the car a retro look on purpose. The retro style is intended to pay homage to the first Alto RS Turbo that was presented in 1987.

The Turbo RS has abundant usage of chrome combined with Recaro seats and RS stickers. The bumper-lip, decals and wing mirrors are finished in the same color as the alloys to further enhance the car’s sporty appeal.

The fascia of the car sports up a retro looking grille with the straightforward bumper. The asymmetrical slats on the grille of the car will be mostly embellished in chrome.

Awkwardly, the quadrilateral-shaped headlamps are projector units with a chrome garnish. They have quite a weird looking shape, but then this is a sporty car, performance matters more. The front bumper gets modified fog lamps while the OVRMs and alloy wheels are painted in red. The car also boasts of an RS decal near the rear window.


The interiors on the Alto RS include the dual tone paint scheme along with Recaro Seats. The interiors have a slightly different shape than the regular models. The interiors on the RS feature a combination of circular as well as rectangular AC vents.

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"
Image Source:

Bottom Line:

Suzuki stated that the Alto Turbo RS is definitely going to be a fun to drive car. Its responsive handling combined with high cornering performance is definitely a must have. Sadly, this car is going to be restricted to only the Japanese car market. The Tokyo Auto Salon has been scheduled between the 9th– 11th of January 2015 in China. Let’s hope that India gets a taste of the RS too.

The Best Android driving apps-Vehicle Management

Ever since smart phones started becoming smarter than us (per se) various driving apps have been the foundation for easy and hassle free tasks. Smart phones have undeniably made things very simple for us. There have been so many technological advancements that even car drivers these days have various essential car apps designed to making driving easy and simple.

Here is an article that are a “must download” if you’re an Android user. So, Sit back, don’t worry, read this article and be-appy!!

10. Drivvo

You can manage the expenses for one or more vehicles with this driving app. It’s simple, quick and easy. Lot of options available like maintenance services, reports creation, refueling details and service remainders. Chart based report gives better visualization and you have the option to share the same.


Vehicle Chart - Drivvo

9. aCar:

This easy-to-use and straight forward car app helps users manage everything related to your car by means of an appealing interface. The user has to simply enter the relevant information pertaining to his/her automobile’s make, model, year and then you can get the tracking started.

"aCar app"
Image Source:

Once the app gets relevant info about the car, it provides the accurate mileage, price of gas while filling up and the car app also calculates the cost of running the car per day/per kilometer. The car app also records the maintenance duration as well as the cost of repairs for your car. It also keeps informed the user about the next maintenance date. Additionally, if you go out for a charitable activity or to the doctor, once the entry is made into the car app, it will notify you about the tax deductions that you might be eligible for.

"aCar app"
Image Source:

There is a pro-edition available too. Since that is chargeable, you might want to download and test the free version for your Android/Blackberry device.

8. My Car Locator Free:

Concerned about your car more than your girlfriend? Here’s an car app that keeps track of your car wherever you are.  My Car Locator is one of the easiest and reliable car locator service app. With millions of downloads and counting, this app is quite essential. The app works with a simple touch. Simply park your car, open the app and enable the service. Your car will automatically be marked on the map of the app’s window. You can add additional notes (optional) and the app also guides you back to where you had parked your car.

"My Car Locator Free app"
Image Source:


7. Car Dashboard:

Want more info about your car than you already notice? Here’s Car Dashboard, a simple way to get detailed info on your car. This car app gives you more info than your simple Speedometer.

The Car Dashboard automatically launches when you place your device in your car’s dock or anything magnetic. With portrait and landscape viewing modes, it gets quite simple to view. The app has an advanced speedometer that alerts the driver about the current situation. The car app also has an additional compass that helps you get a grip on your direction. It also has a customizable speed alert.

"Car Dashboard app"
Image Source:


6. Google Maps with Navigation:

Needless to say, this app is powered by Google and it is undeniably one of the most trusted car app. Navigating through busy streets or locating a particular spot, its all possible with this app. This app reduces the trouble of wandering around a new place and asking people for directions.

Any ordinary map can be turned into detailed locations. Buildings pop out, graphics show how big or small the location is. The voice recognition on this app also helps with GPS navigation. The app also locates airports, business establishments and hotels.

"Google Maps with Navigation app"
Image Source:


5. Around Me:

Stranded in a new Location and finding trouble locating essential places?

Around Me is the right driving app that works in sync with your phone’s GPS sensor and locates pretty much everything around you. You can locate the nearest bank, bar (If you aren’t driving) gas station, hospital, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants and more.

This driving app is perfect for wanderlusts and travelers.

"around me app android"
Image Source:


4. Yelp:

Going on a road trip with friends? Download Yelp and see the benefits. This app shows you new and exciting things that every street/community offers. Yelp also allows users to rediscover and find new hot-spots in and around the city.

It also provides the previous reviews on pricing, customer service and parking availability to new users. The reviews are pretty useful for those who aren’t aware of a particular place.

Need Help? Download Yelp!!

"Yelp app android"
Image Source:


3. AAA Mobile App:

This is an essential driving app for those seeking access to various automobile service point. The interface is pretty simple and user friendly. The app points out the nearest gas stations with current fuel prices and public charging stations for electric car owners. In case your vehicle gives up on you, this car app helps you gain roadside assistance by using the phone’s GPS coordinates.

"AAA Mobile App"
Image Source:


2. iWrecked:

This app is a “just in case app”

You never know when an accident might turn your pleasant drive into a painful one. It’s better keeping this app, just like you keep a first-aid kit. iWrecked gives you some relief from the stress of dealing with an accident. The driving app assembles an organized accident report that includes images of the crash scene and the amount of damage the vehicle has inflicted.

The app also shows the contact info of nearest police stations (to file an FIR) and it also gets you information for taxis and tow truck companies, if need arises.

"iWrecked App"
Image Source:


1. Trapster:

This is a pretty cool app. Nobody likes it when the cops stop your vehicle and ask you a million questions before demanding for a certain amount. The information is provided by other nearby users about the whereabouts of police officers and areas where you should drive carefully. People get credibility for the traps they report and other people vote if the report provided is legitimate. It’s like a mission to escape the wrath of corruption.

"Trapster Android app"
Image Source:

These apps are available on the Google Play Store. Hope you find them useful.

Happy Downloading.

The Most Precious Cars built

"Mercedes 999 red gold"

Billionaires are plenty and the deeds some of them do usually make the headlines. Then again, there are those who create things that are so ridiculously expensive, you’d probably wonder WTF is going on?

Here is a list of cars that are so precious that if parked anywhere, people might just rip it apart.

Dune Buggy:

At first glance, this might look like a battery operated remote control car. But it is not. This custom made Sidewinder Dune Buggy is one of the most expensive feats of engineering ever built.

The Dune Buggy was essentially built to tackle sandy dunes and beaches. This Sidewinder buggy however, does a lot more than that.

"Dune Buggy"
Image Source:

Powered by a massive 630 brake horsepower engine and made out of sleek gun-metal the buggy speeds from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds. The concept of this buggy and production was done by a Swedish company named Gray Designs. The buggy has a robust suspension along with high-tech chassis that enables passengers to be seated comfortably.

The Sidewinder is most apt for sheikhs who enjoy sand dune racing in luxury.

"Dune Buggy"
Image Source:

The Interiors of the Sidewinder are that of a sports saloon. The classy OLED screens along with various entertainment options are a perfect blend to keep oneself entertained in a desert.

With a top speed of 93 mph, the sidewinder costs a massive $ 250,000/- :O



Tata Nano is one of the world’s cheapest cars ever built. But how would you react if the world’s cheapest car joins the league of the most expensive ones?

A part of Tata Motor’s publicity stunt was to team up Titan industry (also owned by Tata) to create the most expensive Nano. The Nano is encrusted with kilograms of precious metals like Gold, Silver and valuable gems.

"Gold Tata Nano"
Image Source:

The car is built with 80 kilograms of 22-karat gold, 15 kilograms of silver and 10,000 precious and semi-precious stones that include pearls, rubies and emeralds. Waste of money or just another publicity stunt? Either ways, Tata has it all. This car costs a whopping $ 4.6 million. Anybody Interested??


Mercedes Mc laren:

Is a Mercedes Mc Laren SLR not expensive enough? You should probably read this.

A Swiss businessman (obviously an eccentric millionare) Ueli Anliker has built his dream car. He converted his Mercedes McLaren SLR into a jewelry box. The Millionaire had a lot of time (and money) in his hands to come with a wacky idea of transform his (apparently) boring SLR into something more.

"Mercedes 999 red gold"
Image Source:

He assembled a team of 35 people who spent around 30,000 hours and over $ 5.5 million to transform the Mercedes McLaren into the Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream.

"Ueli Anliker's Mercedes 999 gold"
Image Source:

By changing the paintwork, wheels, interiors and also the engine, Anliker got his McLaren painted in twenty-five layers of red paint with 5kg of gold dust on the McLaren’s body. The wheels, headlight and the door sills of the car are covered in 24 karat gold.

"Anliker's dream car with red gold"
Image Source:

The car has gold trimmed seat covers and interiors with ruby covered switch gear. Finally, one sensible thing that Anliker did was convert the 5.4 liter engine’s bhp from 640 to 999. The car speeds up to 210 mph. However, is this car really worth taking on the streets?

The businessman expects a minimum of $11 million for his dream car. Is it going to be sold or will he keep dreaming? Time will tell.



Some people are just not satisfied with the luxury they own. They are always on the lookout for something more.

"Beltley diamond bonnet"
Image Source:

A Swiss company called Luxury Refinish has made this beautiful looking Bentley’s bonnet. The fun fact is that the bonnet costs the same amount as the rest of the car and the car looks beautiful. This Bentley Continental GTC has a bonnet that’s painted in 32 layers of white paint mixed with 32 layers of Diamonds. It adds up to 101 carats.

"Bentlye Diamond Bonnet"
Image Source:

The diamonds were malleable sized and yet maintain their brilliance and shape. Then a coat of varnish is applied to each diamond filament that measures only 50 micrometers on size. The diamonds are spread evenly. This Bentley easily crosses the $200k mark along with another $ 200k for the bonnet alone.

"Bentley Diamond Bonnet"
Image Source:



"Gold Lamborghini"
Image Source:

The Lamborghini Aventador is much more than a chic-magnet. Owning one is a pretty challenging thing. But what if you have so much money that you’d make a golden Lamoborghini Aventador?

"Gold Lamborghini"
Image Source:

This solid gold Aventador was carved from a 1100 pound block of pure gold. This Lambo was spotted on the streets of Paris and is now secure at a showroom in Dubai. The model currently on display is a prototype.

The Lambo on the street sports a 666 number plate (antichrist? May be) and this wicked car features a 6.5- Litre V12 engine that delivers a massive 692 hp.

This car costs $ 7.5 million.


This Mercedes belongs to a Russian motorist who has attracted plenty of attention while cruising around in a million Swarovski shimmering crystals. The female driver, Daria Radionova who is 21 years old paid around £20,000 for the crystals and employed a couple of people who worked for 12 hours a day for two months on the car.

"Mercedes benz diamonds"
Image Source:


"Mercedes benz diamonds"
Image Source:


Ferrari GTO:

Taking home the tag of the most expensive car in the world is this 52 year old Ferrari that was tagged the most expensive car in the world. This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is among the holy grails of the car auction world.

Only 36 of these were ever made and they were very aggressive racing machines in the mid 1960’s. This GTO was sold at an auction by the Bonhams was the 19th unit made by Ferrari and was delivered in 1962 to a French racing driver named Jo Schlesser.

"Most expensive ferrari"
Image Source:

This car broke the record to be the most expensive car and bagged $ 34.65 million.

Hope you enjoyed this envious review…Stay Tuned for more 🙂

2015 Indian motorcycles – Part II

8. Hero HX 250 R:

Hero Moto Corp is also set to transform its image in India and for a good reason. The HX 250 R was displayed at the Auto Expo and has got various bikers eagerly praying for the early launch of this bike. Hero had seriously messed up the (once famous) Karizma. However, to make up for that, Hero plans on making the HX 250 a hit among the 2015 Indian motorcycles.

The Bike is going to be developed in collaboration with ERIC Buell Racing. This is certainly not an Indian Hero that India has ever seen.

"2015 Hero HX250R"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


Powered by a modest 249 cc single cylinder, all aluminium DOHC engine, the bike would have 31 Hp power. The HX 250 R will also have exciting features like Under seat exhaust, Fuel injection, liquid cooling and it will be mated to a 6-speed transmission.

The bike would do 0-60 kmps in 3 seconds. It would also come in an optional ABS version.


The HX 250 is expected to cost 1.5 lakhs for the non-ABS version. But, Hero has its hopes in this bike. Let’s hope it does well.


9. Hero Hastur:

This bikes looks too good to be true. Sadly, I keep thinking about the quote, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”

"2015 Hero Hastur"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:

The Hastur is one of the freakishly awesome looking bikes that would grab attention anywhere, everywhere. Sadly, this bike has less chances of being produced in India.

In my opinion, Hero should just suck it in and grow a pair and flaunt this beauty on Indian roads. If this wouldn’t be a success, I would lose faith in humanity.

The Hero Hastur has a futuristic design along with a short wheelbase complimented by stubby looks & is definitely the most stylish 2015 Indian motorcycles. To top it all, it has dual projectors. If this bike comes to India, here is what you can expect.


A 620 cc parallel twin engine with liquid cooling, 1 to 1 underbelly exhaust, Dual projector headlights and 70 hp power with 60 NM of torque, you can touch 200 kmph speed with this beauty.


Disturbingly, the Hastur is not going to be such an easy buy. If it is launched, the bike will cross the 4 lakh price mark. Let’s hope it’s a lakh or two cheaper 😛


10. Hero Zir:

Hero Moto Corp is paying attention to scooters as well. To advertise the new Scooter at Auto Expo 2014, Actor Ranveer Kapoor promoted the all new Zir. The 150 cc scooter comes in two variants, the flat floor board model as well as the European Style step-thru model.

"Hero ZIR"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


The ZIR is powered by a Liquid Cooled, 4 stroke 2 Valve OHC engine that produces the maximum power of 10.5 kW and torque of 12.7 Nm. The Dynamic Cooling Air System on the scooter provides apt temperature of the liquid coolant during long high speed rides.

The ZIR has European-Styled step seat, sporty front protection screen, dual projector lamps with day running lights, flower type disc plates, bright LED winkers and tail lamp, integrated pillion handle and a combo of digital – analog console. The ZIR also has a mobile phone charging socket and EFI system. The system will communicate with smart phone for all Engine / Riding information through Ride-Stat app. Although the app is being tested and isn’t fully functional, it should be out soon.

This is probably the only scooter in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles.

11. TVS Draken- X21:

TVS had displayed an interesting concept during the 2014 Auto Expo. The company calls the Draken a ‘thoroughbred naked bike with aggression and attitude’.

"TVS Draken 2015"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


The Draken is going to be a 250 cc powered short-stroke bike with liquid cooling that would put out around 39hp of power and 23Nm of torque. The engine will be mated to a 6-speed transmission along with ABS braking.

The Draken-X21 will also have aluminium trellis frame with mono suspension & can be called the sleekest looking model in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles

"TVS Draken Specs"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


The TVS Draken might cost around 1.75 lakhs to 2 lakhs.


12. TVS Apache 250:

TVS motors also have plans into entering the 250 cc bike segment. The Apache 250 could share the Draken’s design and might have a few mechanical changes.

The Apache 250 might also get the Racing Throttle Response (RTR) branding like its younger siblings. You can expect an ABS version too.

"TVS Apache 250"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


Although, the engine indicated towards a 250 cc engine, the official specs are awaited. The price of the Apache 250 is expected to range between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.30 lakhs.

Lets wait and see how much love this bike gets in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles.

13.  TVS Victor:

Those good ole days in the early 2000’s when TVS Victors were famous and were the highest selling bikes in India had become a distant memory. However, things are going to change in 2015. The company has confirmed the arrival of the 2014/15 victor at a launch event of the Star City Plus.

"2015 TVS Victor"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


Pacing up with new times, the company is most likely going to fit a new 125 cc engine on the new Victor. More power and style will surely make you a victor. With 125 cc single pot motor that would produce 11 bhp power and 11 Nm of torque, the bike should regain its title.


Expected to be launched during early/mid 2015, the new Victor should cost between Rs. 50,000 to Rs, 60,000/- & is one of the most economical motorcycle in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles


14. TVS Graphite based scooter:

TVS has also given the scooter segment a new and fancy addition. The new asymmetrically designed stylish scooter was unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo. It was named TVS Graphite and has been inspired by stealth military aircraft engineering. TVS says that ‘It’s (Graphite’s) class leading sports performance and handling is an upshot of the rich legacy of TVS Racing’.

"TVS Graphite Concept"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:

The graphite would feature automated manual transmission technology (AMT) with paddle shift, inbuilt immobilizer, smart electronic keys and LCD console display.

"2015 Tvs Graphite"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


The Graphite scooter should be priced at around Rs. 70,000/- & is one of the most advanced looking scooters in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles

15. Yamaha R25:

Yamaha is quiet, but it has planned something big for 2015. It would be called as the most anticipated 2015 Indian motorcycles. The company has brought the new R25 bike that fits into the Quarter liter segment. With an aim to capture a huge chunk of India’s market, the company is aiming at creating a huge potential.

"Yamaha R25"
Image Source:


The R25 is a twin cylinder variant that would touch the Rs. 3 lakh price margin. Yamaha enthusiasts have a new bike to look forward to this new year.

Hope you enjoyed this article?  Stay Tuned for more. 🙂

2015 Indian motorcycles- Part I

"Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS"

Riders near and far, the countdown has begun.

New Year is just a few days from now and it’s time to be extra nice to parents: P

India’s two wheeler segment is booming every year, and 2015 is going to introduce you to your dreams with 2 wheels. Here’s an article that would take you on a jaunty trip (disregarding the chuckholes) to some of the most anticipated 2015 Indian motorcycles.

1. Honda CBR 650 F:

Honda CBR bike series are common among racers. Honda has announced the launch of the CBR 650 F that is definitely going to be a massive impetus for the Indian bikers and biking sector. This bold move by Honda, to make a huge capacity motorcycle is supposedly going to be one of the most price-sensitive 4 cylinder bike from Honda. Good news is that the CBR 650F is going to be exported to other countries too and so, the price should be in the rider’s favor.

" 2015 Honda CBR 650F"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


The 649 cc inline four DOHC Engine on the CBR 650F will have 87 hp power with 63 Nm torque @ 8000 RPM. The 6-speed manual transmission bike should provide 21kmpl fuel efficiency. The bike’s 17.3 Liter fuel tank should last for a while. The Bike will have adjustable rear mono-shocks along with an impressive 320mm as well as 250 mm single discs on the front and rear. The brakes would commandeer the 120/70 front and wide 180/55 rear radial tires.

The bike will also feature Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) as well as four-into-two-into-one exhaust system that would produce a sound like never before. Although the bike shares similarities to the CBR 250 R, this is more masculine and superior in terms of looks and class.


Sadly, the company Honda isn’t as fast as the bikes it makes. The Prices are yet to be revealed. But this motorcycle is one of the most anticipated 2015 Indian motorcycles


2. Honda CBR 500 R:

Adding another Honda is definitely a festivity to the biking community. Another feathered ride that is ruffle up some roads in 2015 is the CBR 500 R. Influenced from the CBR 600 RR, the 500 is going to be an exciting girlfriend.

"2015 Honda CBR 500R"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


This fully-clad grunge munching bike is surely going to capture attention in India.  Built with a 471 cc parallel twin engine that is meaner than a nightmare and it packs some serious riding dynamics.  The bike churns out 47 hp and 43 Nm of torque.

The 500 R will have a 320 mm front and 240 mm rear disc with 120 and 160 rubber tires. The bike will be available with optional C-ABS.  A bit on the heavier side, but once you’re on it, it’ll take care of you just fine. At 190 kmph, the Honda is going ruffle your wings too.


The bike is expected to be price around 4.5-5 lakhs. Good time to start saving no?

Although the CBR 500 R should be available in India, Honda has its own lame reasons to not introduce this ride to India. Still motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly await this model among the upcoming 2015 Indian motorcycles.


3. Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS:

Bajaj Pulsars have been the wannabe rides for most riders. Many stunts, wheelies, disc brakes and whatnots have been utilized for numerous reasons (left up to your imaginations)

However, the company has given India a rather surprising revelation. Online pages were flooded with rumors about Bajaj’s plan to launch a new Avenger bike. However, the company baffled all the loud mouth nitwits by offering something totally unique.

Bajaj had strategized a move that was required to keep the 400 CS discreet. By promoting the Pulsar 200 SS that was mistaken Pulsar 400 SS, the company maintained its secrecy about the higher model.

The CS is short for Cruiser Sport. The new 400 CS looks like some sort of cross breed between a Ducati Diavel and its desi girlfriend, thereby creating a new power cruiser segment. Spectacular styling and a stubby look is a great combination.

"Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


Powered by a 375 cc single cylinder engine that comes from the famous KTM 390, the bike will produce 44 hp and 35 Nm of torque. With the benefit of oil cooling and fuel injection, the bike is certainly going to be a great transition from the boring 150 cc or less segment.

The bike is said to touch 180 kmph top speed (I’m sure you’d want to test it yourself too right?) The bike will also have Metzeler tires, the same pair found on the KTM Duke 390.

The bike will have a prominent instrument console. The front console would only indicate the RPM, trip, time as well as fuel. The speed as well as the gear shift indicators is located on the fuel tank (come to think of it, it’s a pretty illogical placement)


The Bike is expected to be released towards the beginning of 2015. Let’s hope Bajaj brings out this bike as soon as possible. The bike would cost an onwards of Rs.1.60 lakhs.  Spending that much on a Pulsar might seem eerie, but with such features and power, the price justifies the Gandhi’s you’re going to spend.

This bike is one of the most waited among Indian youths in the list of upcoming 2015 Indian motorcycles.

4. Pulsar 400 SS:

CS and SS sound like some sort of degrees. Adding another surprise to the Indian Biking family is the stunning 400 SS. The looks are simply mesmerizing and it is certainly a great bike by Bajaj. It is definitely one of the gorgeous looking 2015 Indian motorcycles.

"2015 Bajaj Pulsar SS 400"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


The 400 SS will also have the same KTM 390 engine but, will have certain pleasant additions such as projectors and ABS. Needless to say, this bike is going to sell well and you might find speed freaks revving the Pulsars unnecessarily. But then again, what are bikes built for right?

Thankfully, the 400 SS is not going to be just a faired version of the 400 CS, the entire bike is going to carry uniqueness. The bike also looks way different and is pretty cool. It shares no design similarity with the recently launched KTM RC 390.


The Pulsar 400 SS is expected to touch the 2 lakh rupee margin. This machine would be a tough competitor to rival bikes in the same rupee range.


5. Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS:

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS has been the most eagerly anticipated 2015 Indian motorcycles. The company is most likely going to launch the 200 SS in the first half of 2015. The production of the bikes has already begun at the Pimpri plant located in Pune.

The bike was unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. It gains a little inspiration from the 400 SS.

"Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS"- Indian motorcycles 2015
Image Source:


The 200 SS will have a 199.5 cc engine that is also found in the Pulsar NS 200. The engine produces 23 bhp power and 18 Nm of peak torque. The bike will also have an ABS version that would cost a tad more.


The 200 SS Pulsar is expected to cost anywhere between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.30 lakhs.


6. Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS:

2015 is certainly in Bajaj’s favor. The company is launching a lot of Pulsars and is set to give the customer’s pulse a hard beat. The demand for naked bikes is increasing in our country. For this very same sentiment and for lucrative reasons, Bajaj is producing the Pulsar 160 NS.

Get ready to bid farewell to the Pulsar 150 cc, the Pulsar 160 cc is going to be the least pricey of all the new Pulsars.


"Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


The all new 160 NS Pulsar will share design similarities with the 200 NS. The bike will feature a 160 cc single cylinder engine that will be based on the engine that powers the 200 NS. The bike will have an air-cooled engine with a 5-speed transmission.


The expected price of the 160 NS Pulsar is around Rs. 70,000/- & is one of the most economical 2015 Indian motorcycles.


7. Bajaj Platina- Upgraded:

Bajaj Platina 100 was a sure-shot success in India. That said, the sales was taking a hit from competitors like Hero Splendor, Hero Passion and Honda Dream series bikes. After its launch in 2006, not much has changed in the Bajaj Platina.

But, as a part of bringing new changes, Bajaj is planning to launch the new and updated Platina in India by early 2015 & enter the 2015 Indian motorcycles list. In fact, the company plans to re-launch the powerful 125 cc Platina that was unfortunately discontinued in 2012.  While the design is not going to be going through any change, the company might increase the bike’s fuel efficiency along with its power.

"All new 2015 Bajaj Platina"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
Image Source:


The expected price of the new Platina is expected at around Rs. 37,000 to Rs. 40,000/-

Hope you liked Part-I of the exciting 2015 Indian motorcycles 🙂 Check part 2 HERE.