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Weirdest cars of all time

"Tubular Cars"

Trolling others is perhaps the funniest way to get a smile or giggle on screen hooked junkies these days. But, how would it make you feel if you were to notice some of the weirdest (and I mean it in a funny way) cars ever made? Obviously, the makers of such unique trolls on wheels must have had a fresh dope of some of the weirdest $h!t.

Here is an article that should drive you crazy. Brace yourselves 🙂

Peel 50:

Hmmm….A 3-wheeled car, where have I seen it before? Ah, yes this car reminds me of the Mr. Bean series. The Blue car in that series was the handicapped cousin of all cars, due to its 3-wheel base. The Peel 50 happens to be the smallest automobile to ever go into production. Interestingly weird right?

"peel 50 car"
Smallest car in the world

Cam Van: Because 1 camera is just too lame:

In 1993, Harrod Blank had this weird idea to cover his car with cameras and to drive it around to take pictures of people on the streets. At the end of the dream, Harrod looked at pictures taken with the van of faces frozen in the moment of awe, pictures so powerful that the next morning he decided to attempt to build such a vehicle in reality. Soon after, his friends accompanied him for the next 2 years into building this dream cam van.

"Camera Van"
“Camera Van”

I hope google knows about this, it would have made things so much better. An interesting sight it the placement of cameras sequentially arranged to form the word “SMILE”

"camera Car"
Camera Car

Hippie car:

Grass might be green on both the sides, but how would it look like when the grass grew on the car.

"Grass Car"
Grass Car

Well, this experiment was nothing short of crazy. The grass-loving (keeping my imagination open to all sorts of grass) owner decided to allow Mother Nature do her thing to the car. Oddly enough, the car looks fine. I’m guessing that this car must be hybrid and runs on some green fluid (something similar to mountain due :P)

Not so Happily married car:

Well, as the name suggests, this car makes it really obvious. Apparently this couple considered that alimony was just too mainstream and took separation to a whole new level. Judging by the look of this car that has been precisely cut into half, I can only imagine the amount of things that had to be literally be severed.

"Divorced Car"
“Divorced Car”

This is????

It looks like a bug that had feasted on some humans is riding away to glory. Yep, its definitely weird looking, I’ve got to admit, the holes add a little character to this weird thing on wheels. But well, creativity sees no holes even if its on a bug shaped ride with holes on it.

"Weird Car"
“Weird Car”

Ugly Monstrosity:

Wonder what went into designing this ride!?

Monsters look really good on some rides, but making a ride out of what seems like a monster might not be such a great idea. Especially, if the monster is having a bad fur day. Even the worst teacher during my school days has never looked so eerie. But, no complaint to whomsoever has had this nightmare-inspired thing.



Why go fast, when you can snail your way through!

I’m assuming a few parents who were so inspired by the speed of a snail went completely literal with this ride. Designed quite well, but I wonder how slow it goes?

"Snail Car"
Snail Car


Play Boy’s nightmare:

Weird has just no definition does it? To say the least, this ride looks somewhat like a bunny. To add to the weirdness, check out the people sitting inside.

"Bunny Car"
“Bunny Car”


Tubs away:

It’s a child’s fantasy to pretend that his bathtub is a supercar and he’s riding it crazy. But, this rider went bonkers with this absolutely insane idea of converting her bathtub into a ride.

"Bath Tub Car"
“Bath Tub Car”


Spacious car:

This geek car, the owner must have had plenty of floppies and decided to glue them onto his car.

"Floppy Car"
Floppy Car

Post it:

What do you do if you have $h!t loads of post its? Simple, glue every decent inch of your jaguar with it. Looks like even the jaguar has had enough and has decided to leap the F#@k off.

"Weird Post it cars"
Weird Post It car


Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes:

The owner of this car must be related to Mario. He has left no space on his car un-tubed. Does he have tubes for seats too? Quite weird right?


"Tubular Cars"
Tubular Car



This limo doesn’t run out of wheels for the most part. Built by Jay “Hollywood”Ohrberg, this Limo named American dream was 100 feet long that was powered by 2-Cadillac V8’s and ran on 26 wheels with a pool and a helipad (that’s right, helipad) at the back. With a seating capacity of 75 people, its definitely one heck of a ride.

"Largest Limo"
Largest Limo


Triumph Motorcycles India: Part-I

"Triumph Thruxton"

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer. John Bloor established the company in 1984 and it happens to be one of the most famous bike manufacturers in the world. After making its high impact appearance for nearly 2 years, Triumph has finally launched its produces for commercial sales in India. The initial offering by Triumph is 10 models spread across all of its model lines.

Here is an article on all the Triumph models that are whirring across unchartered roads and unclaimed territories.


Bonneville happens to be the entrant model that comes at a base price of Rs. 5.7 lakhs. This bike is named after the famous American record holding ground, Bonneville Salt Flats. This bike was first introduced in 1959 and since then the motorcycle has gone through many mechanical and cosmetic changes. That said, its styling hasn’t changed ever since. During 2013, the company added a few changes and gave the bike odometer, clock and trip information.

"Triumph Bonnie"
Image Source:


The Bonneville comes powered by 865cc air-cooled fuel-injected parallel twin engine, which churns out 68PS at 7500rpm and 68Nm of torque. The engine is mated to 5-speed gearbox and the motorcycle has a kerb weight of 225kg. It gets the light cast 17-inch wheels with 110/70 and 130/80 tires at the front and rear respectively. The bike gets a fuel tank capacity of 16 liters that is quite less for a bike.

The bike is priced at Rs. 5.7 lakhs and comes through a completely knocked down (CKD) through the company’s plant in Gurgaon.

Triumph Bonneville T100:

Sharing the classiest design among others, the Triumph Bonneville T100 has the 60’s styling and boasts a distinctive look. This bike has twin peashooter exhausts and chrome engine covers. The Triumph logo is placed on the seat and this bike has a two-tone paint; spoke wheels as well as fork gaiters.  This bike, unlike the regular Bonneville has a twin pod instrument cluster, speedometer as well as a tachometer.


An 865cc parallel twin engine that produces 67bhp at 7500rpm and maximum torque of 68Nm powers the Bonneville T100. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox with one down and four up gearshift pattern.

"Bonnie T100"
Image Source:

This bike comes with a price tag of approximately Rs. 7,50,000/-


Triumph Thruxton:

Thruxton happens to be Triumph’s only café racer model among all its bikes. This motorcycle shares its past with the 1960’s café racer, when the trend was very popular. This bike is designed reminiscing the 1960’s. The bike has a typical single seat, low-end handlebars with traditional bar-end mirrors and a fly screen. The twin pod instrument cluster gets analog speedometer and tachometer that goes well with the overall look of the bike.


This bike comes powered by the same 865cc parallel twin air-cooled engine that powers the Bonneville. The engine churns out 69PS at 7,400rpm and has a peak torque of 69Nm at 5,800rpm with plenty available at low revs. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox and the bike has a kerb weight of 230kg.

"Triumph Thruxton"
Image Source:

The Thruxton’s price starts off at Rs. 7,50,000/-


Triumph Street Triple:

Triumph tried to enter all the sub segments of the biking community in India. The Triumph street grabs attention of plenty of bikers. This street fighter segment machine has a pretty evil looking design.


"Street Triple r"
Image Source:

Although the headlight setup has mixed reactions, the beast still has design cues to die for. The tail lamps get a neat design and the turning indicators are integrated with LED lamps. The fact is that the overall design is very radical. The front brakes are equipped with a 310mm disc used against a Nissin caliper while the rear brake gets a 220 mm Brembo. The front suspension comes with a 41 mm inverted fork, while the rear one is an adjustable mono shock, KYB being used in both. This bike has a switchable ABS option and features a coded immobilizer that protects the bike from being stolen.



The Street Triple comes powered by a 675cc triple-cylinder engine that produces 107bhp of power and 69Nm of torque. The chassis is incorporated with aluminum and on account of the twin spar design, the motorcycle has a low centre of gravity.
This bike is aggressively priced at Rs. 8,32,000/-


Triumph Speed Triple ABS:

This light-weight machine has power that screams out loud and clear. It has pretty good characteristics and makes every road feel like a track.



The ABS model of the Speed Triple comes powered by a liquid-cooled three-cylinder 1050cc engine, which churns out 133bhp and 111Nm of torque. The fuel-injected unit is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox with a wet multi plate clutch and a lightweight three-into-two exhaust system.

"Triumph Street triple ABS"
Image Source:

The price of this bike starts off at Rs. 11,61,000/-

Maruti Suzuki Celerio – The one Man Army!!!

"Chevrolet Beat Interiors"

Celerio had furthered on its Modus operandi with the launch of the all new Celerio-Diesel. The Celerio has been popularly known as Maruti’s first move into the automatic hatch back. The pertrol variants had pretty decent sales in India, but the company wanted to reach out to the masses with the Diesel engine powered versions too, and so the Celerio Diesel was launched in February 2014.

But, what’s a Maruti without competition right? Here’s some interesting insight on the Celerio Diesel as opposed to its competition that might make or break your buying decision.

"Celerio Diesel vs competition"
Image Source:


 The Celerio Diesel variant is comes powered by a compact 793 cc 2-cylinder diesel engine that is turbocharged. This engine features 4-valves per cylinder and the best part is that it is an all-aluminum engine. The diesel variant produced 46 bhp power with 125 Nm of torque. Here’s the exciting bit for all the “Kitna Deti hai” askers.

The engine on the Celerio Diesel offers 27.62 Kmpl. That’s certainly an oomph figure against competitors.  Interestingly enough, the company applied a new strategy by fitting this car with a 793 cc engine, there by plunking the old 1.3-liter Fiat sourced diesel mill.


"Celerio Diesel vs other car engines"
Image Source:

In terms of competition, the Celerio diesel carries a lot less power than its rivals. Competing cars such as Ford figo carries a 1.4 DURATORQ TDCI engine with a displacement of 1399cc, making it the most powerful engine in its series. The second place is tagged by the Hyundai Grand i10 that carries a 1120cc 1.1 U2 CRDI engine that is backed by 3 cylinders. Lastly, the 3rd position is taken by the Chevrolet beat that carries a 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH engine that works with a displacement of 936cc.


Honestly, it’s a little difficult to ascertain a winner based on looks. Hatchbacks have always carried unique looks of their own and they get stubbier by the year. The aesthetics are hence purely subjective and are completely based on your liking. An interesting fact is that the Celerio Diesel is the lightest of all its competition. If you don’t really dig bulky cars, the celerio diesel weighs just 880 kilos. Whereas, its competing cars are a lot bulky; the Beat weighs 1027 kilos, Grand i10- 1025 kilos and Ford Figo- 1090 kilos. The celerio diesel wins the weight war and its one such diesel car that has comes straight out of the gym with a lot less kilos than its competitors to its users advantage.  With 3.6 metres of length combined with 2.4 metre wheelbase, the car has Suzuki’s hatchback language. It carries a curved two stat grille connecting the headlamps. The headlamp console and the front bumper are angular giving it a modern feel. The shoulder and waist-lines are prominent and pretty amazing. If you have the budget, the top-end variant comes with a nice set of alloy-wheels. The rear side of this car is reminiscent of Maruti’s siblings.  Compact would hence be the right word to describe this car.


The Celerio has a beige and black upholstery and has plenty of features. This car has a Bluetooth enabled system (well, the top end model does) and also carries OVRM’s. Safety comes as an option with the choice of ABS and dual front airbags. Suited best for a small family, this compact hatchback can easily accommodate 2 people at the back and this car does go easy on the passenger’s rear 😛

The car has ample legroom and knee room for the rear bench, but it is the width that is the main issue. With 235 liters of boot space (equivalent to that of the Swift) this hatchback manages to store a little luggage. Sadly, these features aren’t enough to bring a broad smile on the customers face. With extra bucks, the dealers would be glad to offer various company approved accessories. A little disappointing right? The competitors on the other hand have a little more to offer. The winner in this battle is the Hyundai Grand i10 that has an abundance of features. The car has passive keyless entry, engine push button start-stop system, rear AC vents, audio system with built-in 1 gigabyte of storage, cooled glove box and electronically foldable outside rear view mirrors. Even the Ford Figo has a smart programmable keyless entry, largest AC compressor (154 cc) among the rest three, speed-sensing audio system, speed-sensing auto door lock, rapid deceleration warning and first-in-class built-in WiFi option. The Chevrolet Beat takes a BEATing when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming with steering mounted controls.But, the car has digital + analog instrumentation cluster that is quite pleasant to look at. Overall, the Celerio Diesel has nothing to get the customer stumped.

"Maruti Celerio Diesel Interiors"
Maruti Celerio Diesel Interiors
"Chevrolet Beat Interiors"
Chevrolet Beat Interiors


"Hyundai Grand i10 Interiors"
Hyundai Grand i10 Interiors


"Ford Figo Interiors"
Ford Figo Interiors



The Celerio Diesel is the only diesel car that comes within the 6 lakh budget. This car competes with the Chevrolet Beat with a difference of Rs. 40k. The Figo shares a mutual price battle. Compared with the Grand i10, the Celerio starts close to 90k less. The top end celerio model is hence placed under the Rs. 6lakh range, whereas the other 3 competing top-end models are priced above Rs. 6lakhs. The Celerio is hence the cheapest among the lot and the Hyundai Grand i10 is the priciest.

Bottom Line:

As I had discussed earlier, the Celerio Diesel is more than what meets the eye. I personally love the fact that Maruti has been smart with the aluminum engine placement, thereby reducing the overall weight of the car. The looks in my opinion are just about right for a stubby hatchback as compared to the other rivals. What i absolutely love about this car is its mileage, it surely is one tough competitor in the mileage department. Sadly, the power of the Celerio’s engine did not really catch my attention; neither did the amount of features. I would recommend this car to those looking for a diesel hatchback that goes easy on the pocket.

Happy Driving Folks 🙂


Land Rover India: In the lap of Luxury

"Land Rover Range Rover"

Ever since Tata took over the company, Land rover has become one of the most popular selling luxury cars in India. Besides its operations worldwide, the company has retained its mighty image in the luxury car market. The following article is based on the multifarious Land rover models available widely across India.

Land Rover Range Rover  LWB 5.0:

Perhaps one of the most prestigious rides by Land Rover, the Range rover LWB is a luxury sports utility vehicle that comes with a long history of pristine craftsmanship as well as the legendary off-road prowess to go by. This royal ride comes with smooth riding skills that commandeer both on and off roads.

"Land Rover Range Rover"
Image Source:


Available in multiple diesel and petrol engine variants, the Range Rover is powered by a 4.4 L SDV8 diesel engine that boosts up 334.4 bhp of power and 700 Nm of torque. The vehicle has a 3.0 L TDV6 engine variant too that produces 254.5 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. The Petrol engine is a 5.0 L Supercharged V8 Petrol engine that generates a whooping 503 bhp of power accompanied by 625 Nm of torque. The car comes equipped with a smooth and intuitive 8-speed auto transmission with Drive Select Rotary Shifter and paddle shift control on steering wheel column. The All-New Range Rover can achieve a maximum speed of 218 km/h and can sprint 0-100 km/h in a cool 6.9 seconds.


Born with royal attitude, this stylish SUV is as distinctive as it looks. It looks trim, muscular and athletic, and carries a box-shaped structure accompanied by strength and power. The car comes with stylish alloys of 5-split spoke 20-inch design and attractive front lamps with adaptive Xenon headlamps, which have automatic on function and directional lighting. The interiors on this royal ride come with Meridian Surround Sound audio system with 825-watt output, multi-changer CD system and a new 8-inch high-resolution touch screen display with dual-view technology and a steering wheel with five way toggle switches. It also has 4-zone air conditioning system to cool every inch of the interior.  The Ranger Rovers come equipped with ABS, Hill Descent Control, Dynamic Response, Electronic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control. Passengers are protected by eight airbags. Surround Camera System aid for better driving in the All-New Range Rover. The company has left no gap for a frown; this car has pretty much everything to spoil the owner.




Did I mention that this was a royal car? Well, the price of the Range Rover LWB 5.0 ranges between Rs. 1.85 to 2.58 crores.


Land Rover Freelander 2:

Another compact SUV from the Land rover stable is the Freelander2.  This 4X4 lifestyle SUV is compact in nature, but it makes up for a great city vehicle.

"Land Rover Freelander 2"
Image Source:


The Freelander2 comes with a 2.2 litre common rail diesel engine that produces a peak output of 190 bhp at 3500 RPM as well as 420 Nm of torque. The car comes mated to 6-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle looks tough enough to tame all sorts of roads.


The Freelander 2 carries new front, rear bumpers and tail lamps since the Freelander. This vehicle has high build quality along with plush interiors. The car carries Map My India satellite navigation system, USB connectivity too.



The Freelander 2 starts off at Rs. 45.43 lakh and touches the 52 lakh landmark. It isn’t too expensive a proposition and comes with plenty of features.

Range Rover Evoque:

By far, one of the most eye catching Range Rover built, the Evoque remains my favorite ride till date. This sophistically styled SUV is simply designed towards perfection. With crisp lines, sophisticated styling and elegant cabin space, the Evoque is a versatile 4×4. This car was unveiled unveiled at the North American International Auto Show as the Land Rover. It was inspired by the Land Rover LRX concept. Interestingly, Victoria Beckham was a design consultant for the Range Rover Evoque.

"Range Rover Evoque"
Image Source:


The Evoque comes with 2 different engine options. Its 2.2L Turbo-Diesel engine that produces 187 bhp and 420 Nm of torque. There are four Terrain Response settings, General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts and Sand. Transmission system is a 6-speed automatic unit, which enhances the performance through smoother and quicker gearshifts.


This vehicle has innovation written all over it. With a terrain response, the engine adapts transmission and electronic systems to maximize driving comforts and traction. With a generous amount of aluminum found in the bonnet, roof and composite plastic used for the tailgate, the car offers a full-length glass sunroof as an option. It has Xenon headlamps with LED lighting that give it a premium appeal. With electronic mirrors, 18-inch sparkle silver alloy wheels and bold arches, this car is as sporty as any SUV can get.



The Range Rover Evoque is priced between Rs. 48.73- Rs 56.21 Lakhs. It is definitely worth every rupee you spend.

Land Rover Discovery 4:

With a couple of design tweaks in 2014 to keep the model fresh before the new 2016 Discovery rolls out, the Land Rover Discovery 4 is an excellent addition to the Rover family. This car was launched in 1989 and the Discovery 4 is the 3rd generation model. Its scintillating design is quite captivating. Tata Motors, with the launch of this premium model, desires to create a strong brand image in the Indian car market. This car is available in India with a completely built unit.

"Land Rover Discovery"
Image Source:


Available in SE, HSE and SE S/R variants in Indian car market, the Discovery 4 is built to overpower any situation. The car comes powered by a 3.0L TDV6 diesel engine, which produces maximum power of 241 bhp and torque of 600 Nm. With the use of parallel sequential turbochargers, the power supplied is massive. This car carries a 6-speed automatic transmission unit for all sorts of driving conditions. The performance of this car is supported by Dynamic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control units, which ensure smooth and comfortable ride.


The Discovery 4 has an aggressively stylish exterior and is definitely what I call Creative engineering. The car’s perfectly structured line goes along with strong stylish design and has perfect dynamism. It also has a spacious cabin, premium interiors, smart dashboard, easy to read instrumentation, seven seating capacity, and Harman/Kardon audio system with Bluetooth connectivity with touch screen display to keep the journey entertaining. This car has Automatic Climate Control AC that comes as a standard feature in this SUV. This car also carries Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Assist (supplies extra braking at the time of emergency), and Electronic Traction Control, which helps in maintaining finest grip, airbags and Dynamic Stability Control. The plentitude of these safety features makes this one of the most desirable luxury car in India.



The Discovery 4 is priced between Rs. 76.96 to 81.32 lakh.


Range Rover Sport: 


With seamless design, bespoke styling and heavy detailing comes the Range Rover sport. This is one of the best-looking SUV’s on offer in India.

"Land Rover Range Rover Sport"
Image Source:


The Range Rover Sport is offered with 2-engine options. The V6 Turbocharged Diesel and V8 Supercharged Petrol. The V6 engine makes 292PS and an impressive 600Nm of torque. The Petrol engined Range Rover Sport is equipped with a 5.0-Litre V8 supercharged mill that produces 510PS and an earth shattering 625NM of Torque. Both the engines come equipped with 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox with seamless shifting.


The Range Rover Sport comes with a bespoke steering wheel with a large and crisp instrument binnacle. It has a cascading central console too that is crafted beautifully and oozes sheer quality. The car has centrally mounted infotainment console with large touch screen. The screen also displays data such as articulation, water wading depth and differential lock percentage while one is off-roading thereby ensuring best results. The seats too are absolutely wonderful, both up front and in the back making the Range Rover Sport an absolute joy to be in. Exteriors and interiors on the Range Rover Sport are as classy as they can get.


The Range Rover Sport comes at a premium price ranging from Rs. 1.33 to Rs. 1.77 crore.

Ford B-Max: Ford’s new Maxed out MPV

"Ford B Max Interiors"

Ford India, after its successful launch of the Figo and Eco Sport has promised to launch around 8 new models in India. Ford seems to understand what the market demands, it also seems to understand the niche that small cars hold. The B-Max has been a successful car in most countries, and now its here to rival up with Honda Jazz.

The B-Max is supposedly the replacement of the Fusion, which itself was based on the previous Fiesta. This model from Ford is designed to appeal buyers who are looking to upgrade to a car with sharp styling as well as a luxurious and comfortable interior space. 

Engine and Features:

The B-Max will come out with nothing short of an impressive engine. Sources suggest that the new B-Max may come fitted with a 1L three-cylinder SCTi engine belonging to the Ford Eco-boost family. The car delivers 120 bhp of power and the diesel engine produces 75 bhp. It is also likely to feature the Power Shift dual clutch automatic gearbox, turbocharged direct injection and, the stop and start system. The B-Max might also come with 1.2L petrol and 1.4 L diesel engines from the Ford Figo. The models will carry a standard five manual gearbox and will be available in 3 specifications. The entry-level model names Studio, the mid range Zetec and the top –spec named Titanium.

This car had received five star rating in the Euro NCAP crash safety tests, all thanks to the electronic stability control, traction control as well as driver, passenger curtain, side, driver’s knee air-bags. The B-Max handles well and makes driving in the town quite enjoyable. This car also has electronic windows all around, electric mirrors as well as remote locking. The car’s Anti-Lock Braking System is a great safety measure, it also has Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) as well as Electronic Stability program (ESP) that are added safety measures to ensure that the car remains safe at all times.


"Ford B-Max"
Image Source:


The B-Max has a “pillar-less” body shell that is achieved by integrating its B-Pillar into the front and sliding read doors. Ford has integrated its ultra-high-strength boron steel in the doors and special safety inter-locks between its body panels and body structure.

"Ford B-max"
Image Source:

The car’s front and rear doors open independently of each other. Another ingenious feature in this car is its sliding back doors that give users easy access.  It is also believed that the B-Max will have shatter resistant glass that would make it extra tough and tough to crack.

"Ford B-Max"
Image Source:


The B-Max has been designed on the Fiesta’s platform and has a compact-looking practical design. The company’s kinetic design theme is evident in the styling and the B-pillar between its doors are eliminated. This car shares its design similarities with C-Max with swooping headlights and wraparound rear-lights.

"Ford B-Max"
Image Source:

The boot space of this car is rated at 397 liters, which can be increased to over 1000 liters. This is a pretty cool feature that is essential for families to carry their luggage. This car also carries Body Colored Bumpers, Tinted Glass as well as Electric Rear View Mirrors. B-Max also has 3 Rear Seat Belts, 2 Airbags and Parking sensors. The B-Max being a mini MPV will be a great addition to the Indian roads.

Image Source:
Image Source:


The B-Max has a compact design that is deceptively spacious and accommodates 5 passengers with ease. This is quite a resourceful car that has foldable rear-seats. The car has plenty of space for luggage and household goods. Also, there is 60:40 rear split seats that can also be found on the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

"Ford B Max Interiors"
Image Source:


The car has SYNC technology along with special safety locks along with latch mechanisms. This car is a delight for both passengers as well as its driver. It comes with standard features inside. Overall, the interior of the car has a refined look thanks to its spacious and elegant design with high quality materials. This car has a Rear Defogger, Rear Washer and Wiper, Remote Boot Release, Remote Fuel Filler, Steering Mounted Controls, A/C, Power Windows and Power Steering.

Ford B-Max
Image Source:


Bottom line:

Ford B-Max is a great MPV suited for most Indian families looking for a reasonably spacious car. The five seated makes a great addition for a family of 5 members. This car is expected to hit Indian roads in 2015 and as per speculation; the car is expected to be priced between Rs. 6-8 lakhs. This car is a great replacement to the Ford Fusion and is a fierce competitor to the Mini Xylo from Mahindra. There are plenty of other players waiting to prove their worth, but Ford has a promise that is pretty challenging to match up to.

2015 Upcoming Cars In India

"2015 mahindra XUV 500"

Indian customers have been in a state of scuffle and they sure have a firm reason to believe so. With plenty of cars to choose from, confusion is just an understatement. This article has a couple of recent vehicle launches that have been added to the Indian auto hangar. Read on, and hopefully you might be able to decide which ride(s) suit your garage best:

Mahindra XUV500-2015

Probably one of the best and the meanest looking Mahindra’s on road, the XUV 500 is a beauty with the DNA of a beast. If you feel that the older design was appealing, check out the new upgrades.

Although the vehicle has not undergone a major overhaul, it is still a pleasing vehicle to look at.


The upgraded XUV 500 houses an upgraded exterior, but the interior continues to be pretty much the same. Continuing the same set off drive train as its predecessor might make any customer say MEH!! But, the 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine is still no toy. 140 Bhp powered engine that enjoys 330 N, of torque paired with 6-speed transmission is an absolute delight. The engine transmits all the power to the front wheels in the 2WD models and to all four wheels in the all-wheel drives models.



The 2015 XUV 500 has undergone a series of ornate changes suited best for the next generation. As a result, the front-end features a new chrome grille and projector headlamps. The fog lamps, too, have been updated with chrome bezels and LED strips. The new hood on this car gets creases, which give it a muscular look while the side profile of the vehicle displays the new 17-inch alloy wheels. The vehicle also gets a whole lot of chrome linings that add to a little more luxury.


"2015 mahindra XUV 500"
Image Source:


The all new XUV500 gets a multifunction steering wheel, aluminum pedals, new ambient lighting and new illuminated scuff plates. As for the dual-tone dashboard, it houses a 7-inch touch screen with Mahindra’s Blue Sense App. The new XUV500 also comes with leather upholstery and a smart key. Pretty cool no??

"Mahindra XUV 500 Interiors"
Image Source:


Price and competition:

The new XUV500 is priced between Rs 11.12 and Rs 15.85 lakh and is available in seven paint schemes – sunset orange, pearl white, opulent purple, volcano black, Tuscan red, dolphin grey and modust silver. It competes with other SUV models like the Nissan Terrano, Tata Safari Storme and the Tata Aria.


Tata Nano GenX Review:

Giving the basic Nano a touch of up market features is one of the inspiring factors behind the Gen X. Well, that and the sinful little lucrative bit that companies are always on the look out for. Anyway, featured at the 2014 Auto Expo, the upcoming Nano AMT has been caught on test on multiple occasions as well as on its way to be shipped to the dealer.


"Tata Nano Gen-X"
Image Source:


The new 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine might power the all-new Nano AMT, but it seems more realistic that the 624cc engine two-cylinder engine found in the current model is expected to continue duty. Expect the Nano AMT to deliver marginally lesser or similar efficiency to that of the manual gearbox version which returns 25.35 kmpl to a liter. The AMT gearbox will be the same F-Tronic unit currently seen in the Zest compact sedan. The clever new gearbox will eventually be available to a range of models from Tata Motors’ line-up. This sure seems to generate a lot of interest. The Nano might pick up more pace after all.


The happy looking Nano carries a facia that resembles a smiley face. Its obviously a great gesture considering the pathetic road conditions. Hope the smiles last after getting a taste of Indian roads:P

"New Nano Gen-X"
Image Source:

The new nano speks a new design language and is an A-segment hatchback, which, by the look of it, will keep the overall proportions but include a new fascia and rear end. Designed for the new generation the new Nano will also feature a revised set of headlights although the rear set of lights and the chrome treatment from the existing model will be carried over to this new semi-automatic version. This is surely going to make the potential customer excited.


Like the exterior, the majority of the interior will remain the same but with obvious enhancements that will bring the model up to date with the competition. The cabin will continue to feature the centrally mounted instrument binnacle and the circular air vents. Of course, the biggest addition will be the chrome-finished gear stick for the AMT gearbox which will replace the traditional four-speeder. As spacious as it may be, the new nano can easily seat up to 5 passengers with moderate comfort.


Price and competition:

Price of the new Nano isn’t going to be as nano as the previous models. This vehicle is expected to be priced a little higher than the previous models.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio- Diesel:

Celerio was perhaps marketed as an automatic car in India. That said, the car was available only in petrol variants. But now, the company has decided to release the Celerio Diesel version in India.



The Celerio uses an in-house developed 793 cc, 2-cylinder diesel unit that produces 47 BHP at 3,500 RPM and 125 Nm of max torque at 2,000 rpm. The engine is named as the DDiS 125. Maruti claims that this is the lightest diesel engine available in the country today, weighing merely 89 kgs, due to its aluminum construction. This is something that you don’t find in a diesel powered car do you?


The exteriors of the Celerio Diesel seem pretty much the same. Well, the new stickers and such are the only noticeable changes.

Image Source:
Image Source:


The interiors of the new Celerio are pretty much the same as its petrol-consuming cousin.

Price and competition:

The Celerio Diesel was launched at an introductory price of Rs. 4.65 lakhs, this car claims to be the most fuel-efficient diesel car available in the country today. This car will be available in six colours – Sunshine Ray, Cerulean Blue, Silky Silver, Blazing Red, Pearl Arctic White and Glistening Grey. It is going to compete with Chevrolet beat and Grand i10 and will carry LDi, VDi, ZDi and ZDi (OPT) variants.

Presidential Rides Worldwide!!!

Here is a list of some of my favorite cars that the Presidents and PrimeMinisters of different nations own.

Please Enjoy:


Perhaps, one of the most terrific presidential cars in the world is named “the beast”

Built with Cadillac and GMC components, the armored vehicle flaunts safety at its finest. The Cadillac has internal speakers that tell Obama if the outside world is making any noise. The Cadillac also has the ability to go on the offensive by firing teargas from its bumper.

This custom built heavy armored limousine is often referred to as Cadillac One and also “the beast”

"The Beast Car"
Image Source:


What’s inside?

The Beast features bulletproof windows, state-of-the-art communication and protection systems and a gas-proof chamber. Although most details of the car remain classified (typical Government BS) there is a night vision system in a secret location of the car.

There are special loops that replace the stock handle doors and agents hold on to them when running alongside the car. The car has Goodyear run-flat tires that fit into extra-large wheel wells.

Bio chemical attacks? You won’t inflict any damage whilst in this car. There is a blood bank in the car that has the President’s blood type. There’s oxygen supply and has a console-mounted communications center.

The car can seat 7 people including the President. There are storage compartments in the interior panels of the car that have communication equipment, so named the Limousine Control Package and are operated by the White House Communications Agency. The trunk lid on this car has 5 antennas and a specially driven Secret Service agent who is capable of performing a J-Turn drives the car :O

The U.S Air Force C-17 Globe master III airlifts the limo for domestic and international use.

The fuel efficiency of the Beast is around 29Litres per 100 Kms. There are similarly designed limos that the U.S government uses for VIP guests.

This is like the Rajnikanth of Cars 🙂

Sadly, during Obama’s visit to Ireland, the following happened:



Although the ride isn’t fancy and it isn’t dressed to impress, United Kingdom has the Jaguar XJ with all its relevant areas covered.

What’s Inside?

"Prime Minister UK Car"
Image Source:

The jag has an oxygen supply and its bullet proof. Ok, so the jaguar dates back from Britain, but may be a Bentley would have done its styling bit for the Brits. India has tamed the jaguar and the PM of UK owns one.

Other State cars:

Alongside the PM’s ride, the royalty of UK if just impossible to miss. Residing in the lap of luxury, Prince Charles owns an armored Bentley Turbo R, a Range Rover, Jaguar XJ as well as an Audi A6. He also owns the “Number One State Car”, a Bentley State Limousine.

Image Source:
Image Source:
"Prince Charles Cars"
Image Source:


Other members of the royal family have some of the most exquisite rides. The Queen (Queen Elizabeth) has a green Bentley Mulsanne as well as an armored Jaguar XJ (similar to the Prime Ministers car). She also uses a Range Rover, Land Rover Defender and Rover P5.

"Queens bentley"
Image Source:

The Duke of Edinburgh owns a Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Freelander as well as a Metro Cab.

"Duke of Edinburgh's landrover"
Image Source:

The Prince of Wales has an Aston Martin DB6 Volante as well as an Aston Martin V8 that is converted to run on bio-fuel made from surplus local white wine. He also has Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover models that use bio-diesel made from recycles cooking oil.

"Prince Charles' Aston Martin"
Image Source:

The Duke of York owns a 2008 Bentley Arnage with his personalized number plate with “DOY” letters.

"2008 bentley arnage"
Image Source:

The Princess Royal owns a Bentley Continental Flying Spur that she uses for her official or private engagements.


"Bentley flying spur"
Image Source:


Leading a nation of 1.25 billion people is not an easy task. For such a special individual there has to be a special car. The PM of India, Narendra Modi (NaMo) is one of the most inspiration icons of modern India and uses a B-7 level armored 2009 BMW 7 Series that represents sophistication that goes in proportion with style.


"narendra modi's car"
Image Source:

What’s Inside?

“Change is inevitable”, and the PM certainly lives up to that motto. After inducting the threat perception that is imminent, the PM phased out the aging Ambassador cars that have had a deep connection with the government of India. Now its time for change, and the car happens to be one of the primary inclusions to the change.

"Narendra modi's car"
Image Source:

With just 4 custom built units of this BMW, these have been included in the PM’s convoy and have been modeled to provide the best of luxury and security.

The car already holds plenty of luxury features that are available in the super-premium car model. However, security has been given utmost priority and BMW has made no compromise. This car is armor-plated and holds a powerful jammer that nullifies any radio or electronic signal in the area to prevent any kind of IED attack. The steel used for the car’s body has been reinforced several times and come with thick glass windows that can withstand any kind of bullet or blast. With a speed that crosses 180 kmph, this vehicle can turn full circle at high speeds without toppling. It can also detect any heat seeking missiles and bombs. It has an extremely advanced communication system that ensures that the PM can contact any person in the country. A gas proof chamber with close circuit breathing system, powerful fuel tank that does not explode when damaged are some of the security features.

"Narendra modi's BMW 7 series"
Image Source:

The Driver for this security vehicle has to undergo a special training by BMW as a part of their “Training for Professionals” course. Drivers are trained to manage the most challenging situations, should an occurrence happen, the driver would know exactly how to maneuver the car.


Indian President’s car:

The President of India has a black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard.

"Indian President's Car"
Image Source:

What’s inside?

This car is custom-built and is heavily armored. It is a stretch limousine and meets the VR6/VR7 protection class. The armor on this vehicle withstands rifle shots, hand grenades and explosives. It can also tackle missile attacks and bombs. It has a 60 mm polycarbonate coating glass that acts as a splinter shield.  Similar to the PM’s car, the Merc S600 has its own oxygen supply. This car has India’s emblem in place of its number plate.

"Indian President's Car"
Image Source:

This car has hydraulic doors that shut with a gentle thud. The limo is separated from the drivere’s cabin by a soundproof glass partition. This car has an integrated Harmon-Kardon Logic 7 stereo sound with 14 speakers. It also has a CD changer, hard drive based GPS satellite navigation system, fiber-optic ambient lighting, leather-cushioned seats with active ventilation system. The car has a 90-liter fuel tank that self-seals and comes with an automatic fire extinguishing system. This car comes with Michellin Pax bulletproof tires that can continue to drive for 30 km for 80 km/hr with total loss of air pressure. Its bevy of equipment factory-fitted equipments makes this a heavy yet secure vehicle. Powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine, this vehicle thrusts from 0-100 in 6.7 seconds. Now I know where all that tax money goes 😛

(Although the above info seems too good to be true, most of the features are kept classified from the public (Yes turbozens included). So, incase curiosity kicks in and you feel like a lawyer waiting to argue the inclusion/exclusion of features, please note: Media Coverage spices things up.


The President of Russia has an armored Mercedes S-Class stretch limousine.

"Russia President's car"
Image Source:

What’s Inside?

This bulletproof limo has solid rubber tires as well as plenty of communications equipments. This car has plenty of similarities with the Indian President’s Mercedes.

"Russian Presidents car"
Image Source:



José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano, the President of Uruguay is “the worlds humblest president”

"uruguay President's Car"
Image source:

The President has won the hearts of plenty. Due to his austere lifestyle and having said to donate 90% of his monthly salary to charity to benefit the poor people, he is truly an inspiration.

"Humble president in the world"
Image Source:

His humble lifestyle is reflected by his choice of an aging VW Beetle. The car held a calue of just $ 1800 (Rs. 1,08,000) in 2010.

"uruguay presidents 1 million dollar car"
Image Source:

However, in November 2014, the car had been offered million dollars, to which the humble President quoted: “If I get 1 million dollars for the car, it would be donated to house the homeless through a programme”

I end this article with a few inspiring quotes by the president of Uruguay:

“We have sacrificed the old immaterial gods, and now we are occupying the temple of the Market-God. He organizes our economy, our politics, our habits, our lives, and even provides us with rates and credit cards and gives us the appearance of happiness.

“It seems that we have been born only to consume and to consume, and when we can no longer consume, we have a feeling of frustration, and we suffer from poverty, and we are auto-marginalized.”

That’s all folks as of now 🙂

Hope you liked the article? I couldn’t add the presidential rides of other countries for the simple reason that; I would have to write a thesis. Would love your comments

Mad max: Back with 3 decades of Kaboom!!!

"Fury Road mad max"

“My name is Max. My world is fire.. and blood”

What started off as an action packed film has become post-apocalyptic entertainment and for a good reason. The film of the franchise that carries 3 decades of heart throbbing, gory film that showcases more miscreants than found in any other action movie.

The 4th movie promises more blood shed, more action and the most interesting part… More RIDES!!!  (I had the # OMFG effect after watching the trailers)

Sadly, this is the first movie out of the franchise that does not feature Mel Gibson. With most action seeking movie buffs counting the last few hours to rush to the nearest movie theaters, here is a small article featuring some of the rides that made this movie a blockbuster hit.

P.S: Safe in the belief that you excited readers must have watched the prequels to this movie, I am simply going to cut to the chase without dragging you through the plot. (PHEW!! 😉 )

Here are some of the meanest twisted metal high octane vehicles that are certain to make “Mad Max: Fury Road” more bloodier than ever, thanks to director George Miller who showed Colin Gibson (production designer) the story boards of the film 15 years ago and quoted “One day this could be all yours”

That “One day” the 15th of May 2015.


"Mad max 201 rides"
Image Source:

11 months before the production of this movie, there were close to 200 vehicles built. These vehicles included sedans, massive metal spiked rides, giant trucks with a lot of metal. Here are some of the rides:


What started off from the original “Mad Max” film, the Interceptor was an overhauled 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. This super charged car made its debut in the 1979 Mad Max, when our protagonist was still a cop. The ride made its appearance in “The Road warrior” during 1981. The director of the Mad Max Franchise knows the importance that this car holds till date and so; he has not changed the aesthetics of the car, thereby making the rust and rattle obvious on this raging ride. Gibson quoted “All we had to do with it was make it another 45 years older.

Interceptor design
Image Source:

The Fury Road Interceptor’s construction began back in 2009 and was revealed in 2010 with mesh style headlight covers, trimmed front bumper and an insane look.

Leaked Mad Max Fury car
Leaked Image of the new Interceptor for the upcoming Mad Max Movie      Image Source:

Don’t be fooled by the poor condition and the layers of smog that the car’s exhaust farts out. The Interceptor is captured and heavily modified and has a supercharger stacked with a skull on top of it. The car’s rear-suspension is raised and the rear fender wells have now been enlarged to accommodate off-road tires. As found in the Death race series, the rear side of the car now accommodated a tank and a weapon. Cool No?

Mad Max 2015
Image Source:

The Gigahorse:

This crazy ride is best suited for a post-apocalyptic leader. This happens to be the director’s favorite vehicle. Hoarded off with 2 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Villes that lay over humongous tires, this is just too villainous a ride to go into anyone’s good books.

The War Rig:

In case small vehicles are too mainstream, how about a massive 18-wheeler?  Would that help you $#!+ bricks??

As found in the movie “Road Warrior”, much of the fury in “Fury Road” comes from this hellishly virile ride. Mounted with 2 V8 engines along with a modified cabin throughout, this vehicle was something that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats, or so was the director’s thought behind creating this vehicle.

"Fury Road mad max"
Image Source:

Gibson explains, “War Rig was one built more to a prescription than an imagination” and more so, the Rig carries 13 different characters inside.


Plymouth Rock:

A porcupine ravaging other rides in a desert is a bit beyond general imagination. However, thanks to CGI and Gibson’s inspiration from the tribe (the Buzzards) that would drive such a ride was all it took to design this car.

"Mad max Plymouth"
Image Source:

As the image suggests, this porcupine shaped Plymouth Rock goes scavenging for scrap metals behind the War Rig. The tribes would use the rustiest of metals on their vehicles. The car was made with bent and battered steel panels and the spikes and panels were built out of old cars. Due to concerns regarding rolling these cars at high speeds into tocks, the steel spikes were stiffened with goatskin and this reduced the danger of any mishaps.


The Doof Wagon:

This is one of the most challenging vehicles built for the film. The Doof Wagon has a big rig strapped with massive drums in the rear, endless speakers in front of it, and a stage where the blind and disfigured Coma the Doof Warrior rocks out on his flam-throwing guitar. This was the most difficult vehicle to run because its 6-foot wheels would easily get buried in the sand.

"Mad Max Doof Wagon"
Image Source:


Ford F-100:

As per sources, there is an inclusion of the Ford F-100 truck too. This truck shares similarity with the upcoming Mad Max video game.

"Ford F 100 Mad Max"
Image Source:


1942 Dodge W-Series:

The Power Wagon was introduced as a four-wheel drive. The WC series World War II military trucks were popular enough to make it to the latest Mad Max movie franchise. The image released shows the tarnished yet rugged ride due to the addition of its massive tires.

"Dodge 1942 W-Series Mad Max 2015"
Image Source:

Perentti Coupe:

When unique style meets a Corvette, its called Perentti. This authentic Australian car and rumors suggest that only 500 of these rides were ever built. Mad Max features one of them 🙂

"Perennti Coupe"
Image Source:


1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado:

A personal luxury vehicle by birth, the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado is the 7th Generation model that underwent a substantial redesign in 1971. History aside, this vehicle has been remodeled in a pretty aggressive manner, or so the image portrays. With highly mounted rear suspension, this vehicle definitely looks battle ready.

"1972 Cadillac Eldorado"
Image Source:


1968 Plymouth Barracuda:

The Two-door 1968 barracuda carried a 5.2 L LA engine and was the smallest V8 available. This car produced 300 bhp of power. In the latest Mad Max movie, the vehicle is so heavily modified to look like a battle trooper that its looks might deceive viewers into believing that it’s a Chevy.

"1968 Plymouth Barracuda"
Image Source:


Mercedes-Benz Lang-W123:

So named the Lang (Long), the Mercedes W123 carried a long wheelbase. Interestingly, this model had attracted a lot of attention from fiction. Starting with the Looney Tunes show with Porky Pig’s vehicle choice to the Admiral in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Stories as well as San Andreas, the W 123’s design has been a pretty popular. So much so that Mad Max also features this vehicle in a couple of scenes.

"Mercedes Benz Lang W123"
Image Source:


Mad Max- The Game:

The successful journey for the movie franchise Mad Max has taken a wee bit of interest over to the gaming world too. The upcoming single player adventure video game is undergoing its development stage.

The game is being designed by Cory barlog, who is also known for his successful game; God of War II. One of the reasons for making a Mad Max video game was due to the potential that the video game sector carries.


"Mad Max Game"
Image Source:

“It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t.”
-George Miller on the videogame industry.


Let’s hope the game turns out to be a hit too.


With the clock ticking and die hard Mad Max fans awaiting to feast their eyes on the 4th sequel, let us all have one long and boring night ahead 😛

There are plenty other rides. Sadly, i couldn’t find much data on them. I would love to hear from everyone about their opinions on the film.

Concepts that might change the way you look at bikes..!!

"Lambor biker concept"

Wouldn’t you just cry if your dream bike comes to life and may be if snuggles in your budget? Well, I certainly would.

I recently came across some of the most insane concept bikes that can make any superbike look like a namby-pamby. Here is my compilation of some of the most insane concept bikes, you probably might have good dreams tonight.

Lambor Biker:

You might have come across this wallpaper and might have thought, heh yeah-right lambo bike. For those who think Lamborghini cars are overrated, this is probably something that might suit your whims and fancies.

"Lamborghini bike concept"
Image courtesy:

Designed by the famous Flavio Adriani who created this two-wheel masterpiece as a tribute to the late Ferrucio lamborghini as well as the osmos wheel, a wheel without a central hub that actually runs on the rim. This is a low-slung bike and would certainly attract a lot of attention.

"Lambor biker concept"
Image courtesy:

Sadly, this is just a concept and might remain just an image on your screen, but the dream of conceiving such a bike is definitely amazing. Kudos to the designer who took his inspiration from two great names in invention, engineering as well as design; Nikola Tesla as well as Ferrucio lamborghini.

"Lambor Biker concept bike"
Image courtesy:


2015 Honda CB 750:

Futuristic or what? Igor Chak, who put in a lot more than just beauty, designed this dazzling beauty. The brains behind the CB 750 lay in an on-board computer that is controlled through a 5”OLED multi-touch display. Placing the display towards the right side of the fuel tank makes operation easier. The bike has 3 menus that the rider can choose from; the GPS, Drive and Diagnostics mode. The bike is powered from a 4-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. If only this concept comes to life (well, I wouldn’t get it, but it would be fun to watch such a bike on the streets)

"Honda CB750 Concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:


"Honda CB750 concept Bike"
Image Source:


"Honda CB 750 Concept Bike"
Image Source:


Super Skinny Swordfish & Stalker:

With a lot of introspection and may be a little peering into the future of motorcycles come these beautifully designed concepts. Designed by Alexander Kotlyarevsky, these bikes have unique yet minimalistic designed alloys. The sleek silver hotrod a.k.a Swordfish is designed with its counterpart, the metallic pink Stalker. These are a deadly duo; sadly only concept versions of these rides exist.

"Super Skinny Swordfish and Stalker concept bikes"
Image Courtesy:


 Magic Tricycle:

 A tricycle does capture attention, but the Magic Tricycle is born to shine. Designed by Javad, an Iranian designer, the Magic Tricycle drives on all three wheels, but the exciting part is that it can rotate around a longitudinal axis running from the front to rear wheel with the left wheel elevated into the air. This Tricycle can be used as a motorcycle, its seats rotate to keep the occupants sitting upright and the airborne wheel opens up blades which work like a helicopter tail propeller to aid stability. Pretty cool and magical right?

"Magic Tricycle"
Image Courtesy:



Electric Motorbike: ZEVS:

Bikers always had to take a halt to fuel up. But, this bike that was designed by three designers Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen and Rudolf Stefanich, worked to make ZEVS, “The first electric motorcycle for the “real biker.”


"ZEVS Electric bike concept"
Image Courtesy:

The bike targets “real men” who don’t like going easy on smooth roads, rather they prefer dusty roads with their jaunty ride. This bike reminisces a chopper or a cruiser with a bolt of modernization.


The Bull:


"The Bull Concept"
Image Courtesy:

Riding the bull, well it might seem cocky but designer Barrend Massow Hemmes who was known for the Jaguar shaped bike has bought out this bull. Attaching horns to this bull required a lot of thought. The bike looks red, loud and definitely shiny. Thinking about making this bike a reality is definitely something that most bike enthusiasts dream of. Let’s hope this concept motorcycle comes to life.


Ghost & Devil Motorcycle Concepts:

 Ghost/Devil seem like pretty sinister terms. However, the following machine has been turned into a slick speed ride that brings out the mean spirit of biking into a concept. Designed by Muhammad Imran who kept the flying falcon while designing this bike is an inspiration from the movie Ghost Rider. Young riders and their fascination towards reckless riding and the ever-increasing need for speed will never grow old. So named the Devil bike that was designed by Robert Liddell had aimed to give this motorcycle a V-Twin engine along with a shiny black personality with a passion for speed that goes inline with style.

"Ghost and Devil Concept Bikes"
Image Courtesy:


Mad Max Aitu Motorbike:

"Mad Max Aitu Concept"
Image Courtesy:

 This bike looks street ready at first glimpse. It looks like it has the rough and sturdy attitude to go miles. This Mad Max Concept was designed by Renato Gshwend who intends on attracting adventurous souls (such as yourselves) who like attention wherever you go and for a pretty good reason. The bike features a V-Twin 1800 cc engine and non-silent exhaust that roars wherever you go.


Harley Davidson Circa 2020:

"Tron Inspired Concept Bike from Harley Davidson"
Image Courtesy:

 Tron Much?

This bike somehow resembles a Tron-like body. The 883 cc engine on this bike is sufficient enough to make heads turn. Harley’s are known for their distinctive roar and their prominent charisma. This bike would certainly top the charts in that department, that is, if it were to come alive.


Ferrari V4 Superbike Concept:


"Ferrari V4 concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:

Lamborghini isn’t the only one to tease the masses with its super bike concept. Designed by Amir Gilnik, this Ferrari V4 superbike has its design built around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 Motorcycle frame. This too is sadly a concept.

Let’s just sit back and wait patiently for a sign of hope 🙂

DC Avanti 2015!!

"DC Avanti 2015"


DC goes by two popular firm names. The first one is popularly known worldwide for creating superheroes and the second firm is popular for creating a supercar. Let’s take a look at the latter:

DC is known for building some of the most legendary concept and custom vehicles in India. Some popular cars like the Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage Concept, Porsche Cayenne are some of the few cars that have undergone a major overhaul under DC’s workshop. But, what came out of inspirations from various supercars has now become a brand name.

"2015 DC Avanti"
Image Source:

The DC Avanti was christened after the DC concept design started developing the home bred sports car. Post 2012, it took DC an additional 2 years to showcase the production version of the Avanti. And now, DC has made it clear that the Avanti is more of the sports car with just a four-cylinder engine under its hood. As things did not go as per schedule, the production of the Avanti was delayed for 2015.

The DC Avanti will first be produced in India and post its launch in India, after its launch in India, the Avanti will expand its horizon worldwide. The production of the car will start at their manufacturing facility located in Gujarat, but the initial models will be built at their Talegaon facility in Pune.

"2015 test avanti"
Image Source:


Owing to the same fact, many test vehicles have been spotted several times in and around Maharashtra. Most of these prototypes had different sets of headlights and tail lamps. However, certainty lays in the fact that the car we had all seen and loved at the Auto Expo 2014 might share similarities with the finished Avanti.


The Avanti shares design hints with the Ferrari 458 Italia. A massive mesh air intake and trapezoid bumper dominates the nose of the car. The headlamps are bi-xenon units while there are LED DRLS shaped like eyebrows for the headlamps. Keeping true to its sports car heritage, the Avanti has a long and low bonnet that dips in the middle giving prominence to the DC logo and a single air vent located on top.

The side profile of the car is low yet long with quite a sharply raked windscreen with rear roofline that disappears into the engine bay located behind the car’s cabin. The pillars and the rooftop of this car have a black finish. The car stands on 20-inch alloy wheels with 255/35 sized tires at the front and 295/30 sized tires at the back that carry a unique DC design.

The length of the Avanti is 4,550 mm, while the width and height are 1,965mm and 1,200 mm respectively. The car gets a long wheelbase that measures 2,700 mm and has a ground clearance of 170 mm. Its space frame chassis combined with roll cage enclosed by the car’s body made out of carbon composite is a delight to ride.

"2015 DC Avanti"
Image Source:

If you think that the front side has more grunge, the rear side is where the real power is unleashed. The rear placed engine is covered in body colored glass to help it merge into the background. DC has shaped the tail lamps as low, sleek units that sit sandwiched between the bumper and the edge of the engine cover.

"DC Avanti rear"
Image Source:

This car is absolutely fabulous, though it does not seem like the cheapest sports car (thanks to all the styling) it shares a pretty affable yet aggressive design.


Ideal for a date, this two-seater has its entire cabin being kitted out in what appears to be quilted out leather. The material spreads across the seats, dashboard, doors and space between the seats. It also has the standard instrument cluster, steering wheel and AC. Speculation is that DC might go lenient by adding a few more features that should seem proportionate to the build quality of this car.

"2015 DC Avanti Interiors"
Image Source:


The Avanti is a mid-engined car and is powered by the Ford EcoBoost 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. This power unit manages to churn out 250bhp of power and 360Nm of torque and has been mated to a six-speed manual transmission. This is a rear wheel drive and DC’s design facility has done justice to this car by equipping the Avanti with a double wishbone setup that is found on the front and rear.

"DC Avanti Engine"
Image Source:


Many car enthusiasts have their hopes up with the upcoming Avanti. Besides, who wouldn’t right? Especially, if you’re getting such a stunner at 1/4th the price of a Ferrari. There is good news too, sources suggest that the Avanti will be offered in 10 different colors and would feature bi-xenon headlights and LED tail lamps. The initial lot that has already been booked was priced between Rs. 25-30 lakhs. But, the new batch is most likely going to drain out a few more Gandhi notes out of your pocket. Let’s wait and watch 🙂