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Top 5 features your Taxi Dispatch Software must have.

Taxi dispatch software

You are about to procure a ready-made Taxi Dispatch Software and get your business online instantly. Just before deciding which vendor to go with, check if the system provided by your chosen vendor has these top important features:

Taxi Dispatch Software and System

  1. Airport pickup / Drop:

Almost in every city in the world, a normal ride inside the city is different and a ride to the airport is different. Cab & Taxi drivers consider a trip to the airport completely different owing to some important factors like: More traffic, More Tolls, More distance & More time. Since a single Airport pickup or drop can consume nearly half a day of a taxi driver, it is wise to have a different billing strategy for Airport rides. The Taxi Dispatch software you choose to employ for your Car rental business should consider this fact. It should have separate provisions for you to configure separate billing and process for Airport pickups and drops.

2. Hourly Rentals:

Believe it or not, in our experience we have seen 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start with a ride hailing business will eventually require this feature. While in a normal Taxi dispatch business you just require UBER like business, the hourly rentals feature helps you service your customers all the more better. You will soon notice that a majority of your customers asking you if they can also hire your Taxi’s on a hourly or daily rental. This type of rental is also good business. Please note that hourly rentals is different from self-driving rentals. In the later model, the car is driven by the passenger himself ( Eg: Hertz, AVIS etc. follow this Self-Driving rental business model ).

3. Ride Sharing:

I would say, this is one feature which is very essential in any Taxi dispatch software. Even unicorn companies like UBER, LYFT have eventually introduced it in a lot many cities. Your passengers will call this the darling of all features. It enables them to share a ride with other passengers and save big on money. At the same time many passengers like to meet new people and have a conversation during their ride.

4. Geo Fencing:

Geo fencing is a feature that can be used to keep users entering from un-desired locations away. Most often you would need to open up your App only for users in certain cities or location. If a user from some other part of the world open your app, you would need to politely tell them the service is not yet open in their location & it would be coming soon. To achieve this you need the Geo fencing feature in your Taxi Dispatch software. This helps also in minimizing malicious attacks from un-wanted geographies.

5. Future Ready:

This point may not sound important, but never ignore the near future. See that the Taxi dispatch software you are buying is ready to be used by the upcoming trends. Is your system ready to be integrated with connected cars? Is there any intelligence built into the script you have selected? Is the Taxi dispatch platform ready for the Driver-less cars? Believe-it-or-Not, your fleet will have Driver-less cars by 2018 end. Every car manufacturer in the world are releasing their Autonomous models in 2018. Even if you plan on introducing 1 Tesla like car in your fleet, you would need a software that can plug into its Self-Driving software.

6. Chat feature

Many may argue why a chat feature is required in a taxi dispatch software when the customer can directly call the driver. We accept this rational thinking completely. But, study has found that a majority of customers are stuck in a spot where they cant do a voice call after booking a taxi on their app ( Meetings, Silent zone, Classroom etc. ). In such cases the chat feature becomes very handy for them to send out messages to the driver and get a reply. So to make things easy for your passenger, see that the taxi booking system you plan on employing has a robust chat feature available in it.

Taxi dispatch software

We will keep this list of essential features any Taxi dispatch software should have.


What is the difference between the hosted model and a downloadable model in Taxi Dispatch Software?

Hosted model:

It an also be called the SAAS model ( Software as a Service ). Hereby your entire application is hosted on the cloud already by the vendor. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and create an instance of the service for your business and use it by paying the monthly fee.

Pro’s: Cost effective, No need to maintain your own server, All technological headaches are taken care by the Saas provider.

Con’s: Reliable only if provided by a big company, Your data resides in the vendors server, You dont own your software.

Downloadable model:

It can also be called as the normal installable model. Here in you pay for the entire software and own it. The software will be installed on your own servers and handed over up and running. You own your source code and you can customize it as per your wish.

Pro’s: You are not stuck or dependent on your vendor, Your won your source code/ software 100%, You can customize your Taxi dispatch software as per your like using any vendor.

Con’s: The technology and server is yours to maintain and run, An extra initial investment is required procure the software.

Interesting Startups in the Autonomous Self-Driving vehicle space.

Driver less cars startups

This is the age of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). One area where AI is creating real disruption is the Automobile space. AI powered Self-driving is the talk of the town. Lets take a look at the top 10 interesting startups working in the Autonomous Self-driving vehicle space.


This is one of the most talked about startup in the Autonomous Self-driving space. Drive.ai initially raised around $12 Million in funding and is founded by Sameep Tandon. Adding to it recently the company raised another $50 Million in funding. The founders of the startup has good expertise in the Deep learning vertical and are trying to solve a lot of Driver-less car issues via. extreme Machine learning. The startup has an ambitious goal of connecting all the dots in the self-driving vehicle space ( Sensors, Camera, Human to Car communication, Car to car communication etc. ) via. deep learning techniques.

Recently Sameep Tandon quoted saying: “What we are building at Drive.ai is the brains for self-driving cars, We think self-driving cars are going to make roads safer, give us our time back, and re-imagine our cities.”

Drive.ai also creates the Roof top kits that can turn any existing vehicles into Self-driving Autonomous vehicles. The startup has recently bought in Andrew Ng ( who headed the AI divisions in Baidu and Google ).

The startup which has been in stealth mode for so long has just come out to the public to show case its capabilities. Still there is not much information mentioned on their website or their press releases. We will keep this post updated on more info.

Smart Car Tech

While a lot many Self-driving Autonomous vehicle startups concentrate on solving or improving the vehicles itself, Smart Car tech works on building an AI powered ‘Car Rental Software’ for Car Rental businesses. Based out of Bangalore India, the startup is completely Bootstrapped with many Car Rental companies around the world already using their software suite.

One of the areas which is going to be deeply impacted by the Driver-less cars is the Car Rental Space. Existing companies like AVIS, HERTZ and thousands of Small, Medium vehicle rental companies run of software and mobile apps using which they manage their fleet, Take bookings, payment etc,. When Driver-less vehicle’s come into picture, they would surely need to upgrade their existing software to ones that support Driver-less cars. This is where Smart Car Tech is focusing on.

Apart form creating Car Rental Software for these businesses, the startup also is working on technologies to easily implement Smart contracts for Automobile insurance and accident management algorithms for the Self-driving vehicles era.


nuTonomy is a hot startup focused primarily on supplying Autonomous Self-driving technology and mobile robots to businesses. The Startup is based out of Singapore and US. Doug Parker is the COO of the startup that has raised near $20 Million. Nutonomy is considered the official partner of the Singapore government for all Self Driving related research and progress in the region. The company has landed an impressive deal with the ride-hailing business “Grab” to supply autonomous self-driving vehicles and related technology.

Note: GRAB Taxi has recently raised near $750 Million in funding.

In a statement Mr Karl Iagnemma, the CEO of Nutonomy said, “Partnering with Grab to expand our public trial in Singapore will yield valuable feedback and consumer insights as nuTonomy readies our on-demand self-driving car service for commercial launch in 2018”

Nutonomy is currently involved in testing its fleet of self-driving vehicles at 1 North district of Singapore. The company has plans to launch at-least 1000 such driver-less vehicles by 2018. Nutonomy has fitted 6 cars( Renault Zoe, Mitsubishi i-MiEV ) with the Autonomous driving kits to test drive them on road.


This is an interesting Autonomous Self-driving startup particularly focused on the Logistics space. As they have rightly mentioned on the site: While most of the companies, startups and billions are spent on the passenger vehicles ie. Cars, Van, GPs etc. Embark focuses on commercial trucking.

This is interesting owing to the fact that UBER is also bullish on the driver-less commercial trucking vertical with its acquisition of OTTO & Google Waymo’s latest interest in Self-driving Trucks.

Embark is a startup spun off from Y-Combinator and is recently funded with $4.5 Million dollars, by Maven ventures  ( YC & Maven were also the investors the Cruise which was a Billion dollar exit ).  Founded by Michael Skupien and Alex Rodrigues, the team is backed by engineers with steep expertise in Robotics, Machine Learning, AI etc.

Autonomous Self-Driving Trucks can reduce a lot of human error due to stress, long hauls, drowsiness etc,. It is a big and incredible market to address 🙂

Amber Mobility

An interesting Netherlands based startup that works on creating the Autonomous Self-Driving vehicles as well as a car sharing platform that dispenses Driver-less cars on-demand. The Dutch government is very bullish on promoting and implementing Driver-less Autonomous vehicles by 2019.

Amber is a startup founded by Steven Nelemans and Joep Sloot. The company has already been testing their Self-Driving BMW i3 cars for sometime now and they also have ABN AMRO bank already using their mobility platform.Amber has also managed to design its own self driving Autonomous car and its called the Amber one ( a futuristic looking model that is light weight, can be used to travel long ranges, customizable and has a long life span.

Autonomous self-driving driver less startups

Amber mobility plans to offer its services as an on-demand cab dispatch service for employees of businesses & as a personal on-demand car for private users.

Apple Inc. partners with HERTZ for Driver-less cars testing.

Apple Hertz self driving car

Tip: HERTZ as we all know is one of the leading Car Rental providers in the world. From Airports to Malls, there are thousands of HERTZ outlets in all the leading cities in the world. Due to declining profits and market speculations on what will happen to the CAR RENTAL industry once DRIVER-LESS cars hit the road, the stocks of Hertz holdings have taken a lot of beating. The price has reduced nearly 75% over the past 12 months.

Apple Inc. has always been known to be the forerunner and innovator in any new vertical. From revolutionizing the way you hear music to how you use your mobile phone, they have always been the pioneers of innovation. But this time with the upcoming DRIVER-LESS cars, they are lagging behind Goolge’s WAYMO and TESLA. But this has not stopped the technology giant from proceeding. Apple Inc. has also been silently testing its Driver-less cars technology for the past couple of years ( partnering with a variety of providers ). Many have sighted Apple testing a fleet of Self-driving vehicles powered by tis technology in and around SFO. But now, they have announced this interesting partnership with the Car Rental major Hertz to test their Autonomous technology.

Apple Hertz self driving car

Apple will be leasing the Lexus RX 450h sports vehicle from Hertz ( at their Donlen fleet management unit ). When Apple announced its Car project some years ago, there were huge speculations if APPLE was getting into manufacturing cars. But Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. has made it very clear that the company will focus more on developing a fantastic technology that would power any Self-driving car than manufacturing the entire car itself. The project is called ‘Titan’ and is headed by Mr. Bob Mansfield.

Apple’s partnership with Car Rental provider Hertz is very interesting as recently Google’s Waymo has partnered with another Rental giant AVIS. This has bought some good hope in the mind’s of investors ( who were worried about the Car rental market ). The shares of Hertz spiked a whooping 13% on release of this news.

What we see is there are 2 sides to this entire Driver-less cars equation. On one side are the Car manufacturers trying to get their vehicles ready for the Autonomous revolution. On the other side are core technology companies that are using the opportunity to develop Software and algorithms required for this market. Jumping into this band wagon are also the good old Microprocessor and chip making companies like Nvidia, Intel etc. As more and more of the game un-folds we will see the raise and change of many industries.

Volvo Joins hands with Nvidia for its Driver-less cars.

Volvo driver-less car

Tit Bits: In CES 2016, CEO of Nvidia Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the Drive PX2. This is nothing but a supercomputer developed exclusively for the upcoming Driver-less cars. The Drive PX2 comes with the power of 150 Mac Book Pro’s and 12 CPU cores. Nvidia believes that the cars of tomorrow need extensive processing power under its hoods to instantly process inputs from the numerous sensors and cameras that would be equipped in the self-driving cars. Such super powered processors can help Autonomous vehicles even detect things in heavy snow!

The more interesting news is that VOLVO is partnering with NVIDIA to make use of this tremendous computing power. On the other hand Volvo is working with AutoLiv to power the Artificial Intelligence in its own Driver-less cars. VOLVO as we know is the leader in manufacturing safety first cars. They are now bullish in bringing out the most fascinating Driver-less cars by 2021. With such strong partnership and technology, there is no question that VOLVO is going to manufacture a truly amazing and safe Autonomous car.

Nvidia Drive px2 self driving

Volvo and Autoliv have created a joint venture under the name Zenuity. NVIDIA along with Zenuity is hoping to create next generation Machine Learning and deep learning systems that will power the underlying AI to be super aware of any objects, movements and safety threats around the Driver-less cars. It is expected that AutoLiv will also sell this product to other OEMs via. its existing network.

In a statement, the CEO of Autoliv Mr. Jan Carlson said: “We now have full access to the leading computing platform for autonomous driving. Autoliv, Volvo Cars and NVIDIA share the same vision for safe, autonomous driving. This cooperation will further advance our leading ADAS and autonomous driving product and solution offerings to the market.”

Note: VOLVO is known for inventing the SEAT BELT. They made the patent open source so any automobile company can use it for the safety of the passengers.

Volvo driver-less car

The race to create the most intelligent and flawless Driver-less car is getting heat day by day. More and more Car manufacturers ( in fact All ) are jumping into the bandwagon and spending billions of dollars to get their technology ready for this autonomous revolution. We will soon see more and more of partnerships among companies to share and utilize the expertise of each other.

While Tesla and Waymo are leading the run in the Self-driving car space, other Automobile giants like Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, Volkswagon, Volvo are catching up fast. The Driver-less car space has reached extreme maturity and any player not willing to participate can cease to exist in the near future. This has created a lot of heat in the automobile space and every player is spending huge budgets in getting their play right.

What does the Google Waymo deal with AVIS Budget mean?

Driver less cars Waymo Avis

Ok, there are 3 parts to this story.

  1. AVIS Budget: One of the biggest Car Rental companies in the world with thousands of branches word wide.
  2. Google Waymo: Pioneer in developing Driver-less cars software and hardware. Been testing its technology on road for many years now & trying partnership with companies like UBER, LYFT etc. to bring its technology to the roads.
  3. Driver-Less Cars: The hot and happening trend across the globe ( or at-least in leading cities ). Nearly all research firms have unanimously agreed that this is going to be a multi-trillion dollar industry in the very near future.

WAYMO ( the self driving unit inside Google ), has been into Driver-less cars research for many many years. But in the recent years the tech giant seem to slip slightly behind TESLA in being the leader in this Self-Driving cars space. Thanks to the vertically integrated approach by TESLA, they are able to stand out in the Autonomous vehicle race ( as they own both the hardware & the software piece ). Being a car manufacturing company, TESLA was able to go ahead and integrate its Driver-less cars technology into its own cars without any process over-heads and complexities. This led to TESLA to quickly bring the commercial cars on the road with the technology built-in.

Now, its WAYMO’s move & they are doing what they have been doing good historically. ie. Make partnerships with leaders in the space to integrate its technology and hot the road running.

AVIS Budget as we all now does a fabulous job in its niche ie. Car Rentals & can easily be said as the leader in the industry. They have millions of vehicles under their belt serving millions of customers worldwide. With this deal, Waymo an easily get the much wanted advantage to take its Self-Driving technology to the roads in real-time.

Driver less cars Waymo Avis

As of now the deal allows Waymo to deploy its Driver-less cars for testing in Phoenix AVIS facilities. If this works out fine, they can roll it out in more AVIS locations. For AVIS Budget group, its a very important step, as it gives them an early foothold in the Driver-less car rental space ( which is obviously the future of Car Rentals ).

On Monday, Avis officially announced that it would provide the required ” Fleet support and maintenance services ” to the self-driving Waymo cars in the city of Phoenix. And much the amusement of the people in the city, Waymo is offering free rides 🙂

John Krafcik, the CEO of Waymo earlier said, “Avis Budget Group is an ideal partner to provide fleet support and maintenance. With thousands of locations around the world, Avis Budget Group can help us bring our technology to more people, in more places.“.

The entire Car Rental industry stocks have been going down steep on speculations about “What will happen to this industry once Driver-less cars comes into scene”. This new deal between Google Waymo & Avis Budget group has bought in positive sentiments & clarity to investors. Avis stock has raised a whooping 14% as a reaction to this partnership.

But still the big question remains. What will happen to the thousands of other small & medium Car rental businesses around the globe. Would they need to create partnerships with such giants to survive? Or is there an alternate solution coming up? Lets wait and see.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review

Easyrentpro offers Car rental software which an be used by any car rental companies to manage their fleet easily. With the introduction of online Car rental services like UBER , Lyft etc. Vehicle Hire companies are forced to improve in their technology offering, so it becomes easy and convenient for customers to book and rent out vehicles. Such ready made online Vehicle hire software’s makes it easy and affordable to existing and new business to bridge the gap in technology instantly. In this post lets take a look at the solution Easyrentpro provides & review the platform to discuss the Pro’s & Con’s if any.


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What is that Easyrentpro offers?

Easyrentpro claims to offer a complete Online Car Rental Software. The Vehicle Hire software that Easyrentpro offers comes in 3 packages:

– Easy Rent Pro: This is a multi-lingual system that is given as a Windows desktop app. Car rental companies can use it to manage their fleet. The pack also has a couple of essential features like Lookup, Quick Books integration etc.  It is meant for Single location car rental companies.

– Car Rent Pro Cloud: This is a cloud version of their Car rental software that can be used by Vehicle Hire companies across various locations via. their Windows desktop connected to the cloud.

– Easy reservations online: This version provides end-to-end reservation system for the customers of any Car rental business. Users can login through their mobile or via. the web and book cars remotely.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review

Easyrentpro car rental software review:

Easyrentpro comes with a variety of Pro’s & Con’s. Lets look at them in detail:


– Economical: They offer a variety of options for customers to choose from. Their price range from $299 to $699.

– Multi platforms: Its good to see the software is available across various platforms & a Windows app that connects to the cloud.

– Download: They have a free download of the basic version, that can be downloaded and tried.

– They claim to have 1000+ customers who have installed their software, which gives a good feel & trust factor. Would be nice even if they could provide a couple of testimonials from customers and links to their websites, so people can check out their work & get to know how the software works in real time.

We were not able to try the Demo & there was no link to an actual DEMO, so are not able to comment on that part.


– Updation: A lot of links are not functional on the website, which gives a very old look to the overall software. As many links does not work, we are not able to learn a lot of information.

– Mobile apps: Though they claim to have a mobile version, it is not clearly mentioned if it is a Native app or just a responsive version.

– Windows only: The desktop version are developed for Windows only. No MAC or Linux version seems to be available which puts the customer on a challenging spot.

– We would recommend an instant chat or contact number be present on the website, so it becomes convenient for customers to ask their questions instantly & get answers.

– Many car companies would like to have the software deployed on their shops by a person manually from the software company end. If they could provide information on if they provide on-site support – it would be an added advantage. Would also be nice if they have a clear address mentioned as it would even boost the trust factor more.

– Also it would be super helpful if there is a working DEMO displayed, so people can try the software effortlessly & make an informed decision.

All in all Easyrentpro can be good for a vehicle rental business that is just starting off. I would be great if the business tries the DEMO of the software they desire to purchase and get their questions clarified before going for one of the versions offered by Easyrentpro.

Best language to code a Car Rental Software ( MEAN or PHP )?

Car rental software

Car rental software is an online arrangement that pushes you to change your business to next level. It is extremely dependable, simple to utilize and practical and it unites the most recent feature to give you the best reserving system. The car rental software’s are easy to understand, SEO friendly advanced and it fits for any gadget. This car rental software has many features where the customer can check the car availability and select by picking the specific location furthermore can make propel booking. You also have choices to set up your rental details as entire bundle points of interest, hourly rental, point to point services, and redesign it at whatever point you like. Through administrator you can redesign your car rental software’s models and costing. Using this system there is a choice to email and SMS notifications to both the users and the administrator. With all these excellent features you can also deploy your online booking system all the more capable and with this taxi script you can create real Income from your car rental software.


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Building up a Web-driven application normally requires the provisioning of some server-side infrastructure and the advancement of some code to keep running on it. Such code will frequently consume APIs. Infrequently, but it provides them as well. For many years, the PHP car rental software  has best level Ajax loading,easy to utilize navigation, moreover, it is given web-based social networking link to upgrade your social media presence. But, thanks partially to  Javascript’s relevance to both client and server-side scripting, there’s a different stack that’s currently considered as a contrasting option to PHP; the MEAN stack.

PHP is not going to vanish instantly, but rather its positions are undermined much further by the incipient Mean Stack. When the Internet detonated in the 2000’s, PHP was a massive thing that all the cool kids experimented it. It was greatly extended, because it had the competency to be used instantly with HTML by blending inside its template files with a PHP markup tags and it also had affordable shared hosting providers on Apache servers to a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stack. Throughout the years, PHP and its applications turned into a massive technology unguarded against security dangers, absence of a centralized packing registry and conflicting API. There are numerous better contrasting options for PHP to develop the best car rental software, e.g., Ruby on Rails and Node.js, however nothing is as friendly as Mean Stack.

Car rental software

To all the PHP users who have been suspecting that MEAN is yesterday’s advanced newcomer that would neglect to experience its promise, here is news that this technology has changed interest into a handy front pillar. A couple of years back, the individual units of this stack were raising eyebrows independently all alone. Angular JS, Node.JS, Ember JS and Mongo DB have effectively developed into full-fledged JavaScript centric technologies to deploy the car rental software. The four amazing technologies have gathered together to compose the MEAN stack.The incredible blend of the four vibrant tools has forced the PHP users to reexamine their approach of MEAN stack. These tools have overcome the fight with their flexibility, execution, and quality.

There are some incredible reasons why many view the MEAN Stack as having the upper hand over the PHP:

Node.js gives you a chance to write server-side applications by utilizing Javascript from the fetters of the web browser. It is a scalable and quick web applications. It compiles the JavaScript code to local machine code before the execution begins. It is ideal for building up the real time applications like the car rental platforms.

Angular JS is an open source framework to develop client-side applications with modular code and data binding UI. This framework is kept up by a couple keen individuals at Google and it is used to build up the single page applications with the use of the MVC architecture. It enhances the structure of the code and makes the testing simpler with the reliance injection. Angular JS has been crawling  into numerous projects for a bit while now and  a couple of  the projects have front end parts powered by Angular JS. It has tackled numerous development issues when making reusable, viable or testable client-side applications controlled by Javascript. An amazing perspective concerning this framework is its powerful mandates that develop into domain-particular language and keep up the things extremely testable and reusable.

MongoDB is a document-oriented database that permits you to store reports in JSON format, JSON remains for object Notation. MongoDB is ergo a format that JavaScript locally gets it. On the off chance that your server-side code is developed in Javascript and your required client-side applications are additionally in Javascript, then it bodes well to utilize a database with a JavaScript season. MongoDB normally reacts in a format that is understood by the Javascript-driven Node.js. An essential thing to note is while you might utilize Mongo for some of your projects, you don’t need to make a major cover commitment to uproot your old databases.

Express.js is a HTTP server  for web applications that gives helpful modules and segments to work upon the prevalent task for the website. It gives you the basic interface with the goal that you can make the request for endpoints and cookie handling. Aside from that, it is great at authorizing the simple REST routes, taking care of  automated HTTP header and the supporting Connect middle-ware to connect to synchronous functions with a specific end goal to deal with the requests and responses which is more helpful in deploying the best car rental Solution.

Now that you know the most weighty advantage of MEAN stack, it will be simple for you to understand about its details and soon begin coding your desired Car Rental Script with the cutting-edge MEAN stack innovation .

How to boost your vehicle software in Social Media?

Vehicle software

To let people know about your brand and your product, you have to create awareness among the people and you have to present it to the world in the most attractive and appealing way possible. Social media has turned to be a market place where you get to market your products that will reach the audience directly and get to know what they feel about it very instantly. More precisely, it’s dealing with a super power; will take you greater heights in wink of an eye if well played or bash you down the floor with negligent activities. So, here are certain points that you actually need to pay attention while working on social media. In this article lets look at a few tips on boosting your vehicle software in Social Media.


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Where do you start? The solution that pops out in our minds begins with,

* Facebook

* Twitter

* Linked in

Yeah, it’s the period of time where we use Facebook like we use Google to reach and find a product or service online. Twitter and Linkedin goes integrated when the social media in total is concerned. Creating twitter accounts and Linkedin official pages will reveal about your company and brand to the people. We now know that the value of positive endorsements on social media sites is beyond compare. So now, let’s get down to the business. The key points to be noted while working with the super power of the time:

The power of social media is it forces necessary change

–          Erik Qualman

#1  Fall under the spotlight first

The primary element while setting up a page for your vehicle software is to focus on the headlines and the pictorial story telling method. Not only when setting up a domain you have to keep your full focus, but also for all the headlines that you post on the page. Showcase your services to your audience with a pictorial story or visual story or with info-graphics. This can get you a lot of traffic which clearly helps the audience to understand what you are trying to convey.

In the digital space, attention is a currency. We earn it. We spend it.

–          Brian Solis

#2  Notify the customers about your services

The content is fire; social media is gasoline. Advertise your services to your customers; make them clearly understand what your vehicle software is all about. Enlighten them that they get a clear picture of your business. Only by the way you reveal it to the world, the world will know your vision. This is the platform where you are dealing with the customers directly. So the more you share, the more you gain.

Vehicle software

#3  Offers for social media followers

Providing exclusive offers and awards for your social media followers will increase the leads from social media which will correspondingly increase the traffic of your site. Also that keeps the customers happy with the offers that you grant them and will keep following you on the media for your upcoming offers.

#4  Integrate email subscriptions

To get in the minds of your customers, you need to mail your subscribers, probably not everyday though. Invite your customers and subscribers to like your Facebook, twitter and Linked in pages and remember to say them why, because we want quality over quantity.

#5  Answer your kings

We know the customers are our kings and here when the media is concerned, it is a place for conversation. Interact with your followers and keep answering their questions. Keep in mind that you are the teacher and you are answering the questions that your customers have for you. This attitude will help you resolve many problems.

#6  Ask your audience

The main motto is to engage your target audience in a conversation and get more people involved. Ask your audience anything regarding your vehicle software or if any suggestions they have. Listen, listen and listen. Then listen to your customers carefully to respond for their queries. This way you will find more about your business and your audience too. From which you can get into a deeper conversation to build up a customer relationship.

#7  Share it

Any post of yours, can be shared among all the social networking sites integrated. Integrate Linked in account and with just a click on a button can share your post among the popular groups or on your wall or to specific people. Similarly on any social networking site, it works as simple as that. Go live on any social network to connect and collect leads.

#9  Maintain dedicated blog

As a marketing tip for any venture or business, maintain a dedicated blog for your services or your brand. This will help you speak out your words and values of your very own brand. These contents can then be shared on all the networking sites which will lessen your burden to create contents for every networking site.

#10  Consistent approach

With a systematic and steady approach in the digital marketing you will find the insights every week and will grow consistently. Here are some of the elements that should be involved in your digital marketing:

– Publish your unique content

– Share popular contents relevant to your audience’s interests

– Get into the conversations and discussions

– Expand your community and network

– Analyze and work

vehicle software

#11  Protect your brand

It is hard to maintain the brand name among all the social networks. When you compromise in your brand name and your posts are under various brand names, the customers and audience will find it hard to follow you and get in contact with you. So spend a little time in setting up your brand with the attributes say name, logo, website, about the company. Once you gain trust of the customers then your job becomes easy.

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it

 Hope you learnt a few tips on boosting your vehicle software in Social Media. Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below.

These SCI-FI cars painted by a 21 year old- are a feast for your eyes!

Future cars concept

Its always a pleasure to see pictures of stunning concept cars. It is all the more feast to our eyes when it is a painting by an artist. This 21 year old artist Khyzyl Saleem is a genius! The futuristic cars he draws is not just those normal projections of HI-FI cars, but its a perfect bend of reality + Trend + stunning visuals.

This Manchester based artist+genius started learning and playing around with Photoshop just 4 years back ( when he was 17 ). When his dad bought him the software, he was deeply inspired by the limitless possibilities of design that an be produced ( and also inspired by artists like Danny LuVisi and Arron Beck ). He dived straight in and started creating these awe-inspiring paintings that can get one starring at it for hours. When asked he says “ I became so determined to learn how to paint; it was beginning to feel like a chore, so I took a step back and decided to work on something more personal that I wouldn’t get bored of…

His wish is also to see his designs come to realty & real cars on road. He says “Either that or have a car manufacturer ask me to design a GT3 spec racer for them…“.  I guess very soon we can see his amazing work run as real cars. Here are some of those fascinating cars he has designed.  Now tell us which is your favorite 🙂

Future cars


Future concept cars



Future concept style cars


Future concept style cars


Future cars concept


Future cars concept style


Future cars concept style


Futuristic cars


Futuristic cars machine


Futuristic cars flying


You can check more amazing artwork from his website ARTSTATION