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Taxi Booking App With appypie.com Software Review

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Appy Pie offers a complete car rental software for car for travel management companies. The taxi booking app from appypie.com offers a host of features to allow the companies to manage their inventory, the payment settings, tracking both driver and customer details, tracking the analytics, and all the other features that a usual taxi rental system would otherwise need. The software is easy to manage from the dashboard and just with few simple tweaks, you can play around with the settings and not have to worry about hiring even a webmaster or involving a technical person to handle your fleet management system.

The application works on real time which has integrated Mobile Payment which ensures that the payment for signed up drivers can be automatically taken care. There are two mobile applications that come with Taxi Booking app such as Uber Passenger App for booking and tracking cabs and Uber Driver App which the drivers can use for accepting the requests for mobile booking.

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Taxi Dispatch Software from Appy Pie

The passenger app has all the basic features like user registration, tracking the driver, setting pickup location, fare calculator, automatic payment handling, driver rating/feedback, and keeping a track of the booking history to name a few.
The driver app too has all the basic features like driver registration, updating the booking status, and checking the booking history of the driver, etc.

For those planning to purchase a taxi app, they can even see the demo version of configuring a taxi app with Appy Pie.
Among many products of Appy Pie, this car rental software is an Uber clone script that brings many critical features and integrates them in an intuitive way. The admin dashboard is neat and planned with UX in mind. While the apps and features leave, the visitor impressed, pricing makes them think twice.

Appy Pie is a cloud-based app and gives the liberty to even tweak the app with minimal supervision and one can make the app itself – truly a DIY software. The company claims that the users with no programming skills can handle the tweaking easily and publish it for various mobile device platforms.

car rental software

The Real Time Review

The Good

  • Multi-Platform Support – Build the app for iOS, Blackberry, HTML5, Windows, Fire OS or Android.
  • User-friendly – The drag-and-drop app builder is easy to use with no download required and you are just up and running with the app in your hand within just a couple of minutes.
  • Free to Use – Appy Pie offers a completely free subscription for developing a single and fully-functional app unlike other free trial apps in the market.
  • Appy Pie subscriptions are quite cheap.
  • They are also offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Bad

  • Most of the features are available only with the paid subscriptions.
  • The users who have purchased the car rental software app have reported many bugs in the system.
  • There are delayed responses from the support team (Refer: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.appypie.com?page=7 )
  • Their app sometimes stops working abruptly and features like Geo fencing, push notifications, YouTube playlist are some of the features that hang up too often (Refer: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.appypie.com?page=13 )
  • The software, no doubt, is expensive.
  • Buying the apps from appypie.com may not be safe as the website doesn’t uses http secure certificate.
  • App publishing isn’t easy and you will require an administrator to handle the task of publishing in the marketplace.
  • The experienced programmers may not want to try the app as it doesn’t have the advanced customization features that many would want to use.
  • There are not many reviews available for its car rental system clone script but those found are dissatisfied with the app’s customization part.

Flywheel by Appdupe Uber Clone Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Appdupe offers Uber clone car rental software Flywheel and allowing many small and big companies to generate revenue form taxi rental business. Travelling too has just got easier with car rental services like Uber and Uber has given a boost to many of its competitors. These days more and more people are venturing into the car rental agency business and many companies are developing Uber clone apps to ease the life of both the travelers and the drivers by offering them more and more employment opportunities.

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Flywheel’s Uber Clone Script – What’s Different?

The Appdupe advantage is great, it is a platform offering applications for a large array of services. If you are someone who uses application a lot while on go or during any part of your day, you can find various apps on appdupe.com. You name it and they have it. Let’s find out the Flywheel advantage. Flywheel is an Uber clone app for those looking to venture in taxi rental business. This taxi dispatch software offers features to allow you to manage your taxi business and administer it easily and even giving you a full support to set the taxi prices and other parameters at the backend without the owners or the admins having a technical know-how about the taxi dispatch system or software.

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The Appdupe Review – The Best Features

  • The Flywheel by Appdupe has all the necessary features that a car rental software app must offer.
  • Reliability: The App displays the maps and the trackable feature allows the customers to track their vehicles and the drivers too can be contacted directly through the app’s calling feature.
  • Software management is easy for both the drivers and the customers.
  • For the Owner or the admins, it is a proper Uber clone like taxi booking script with Android and iOS mobile applications backed by powerful dashboard.
  • Keep track of your customers and the popularity of your app coming either through Facebook or Google+ or several other channels.
  • Keep track of your driver’s work history as well from the easy to handle dashboard.
  • You can push messages to your apps and everything.
  • Server Requirements to handle the app:
    1. Linux Operating System with SSH Access
    2. PHP >= 5.5.9
    3. OpenSSL PHP Extension
    4. PDO PHP Extension
    5. Mbstring PHP Extension
    6. Tokenizer PHP Extension
    7. MySQL => 5.5
    8. Node.js => 6.5.0
  • The admin dashboard validates and sets approvals for different user groups with different payment gateways.
  • 100% Customizable Uber clone code script
  • The entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS and Android apps are given with unencrypted code and complete documentation
  • Payment gateways: Paypal Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing and COD; rest available upon customization
  • App Store and Play Store deployment is covered in the separate Installation Package.
  • Web installation isn’t provided but the company sets up the app installation in no time.
  • Their Installation Package covers deployment only to the live server and not on localhost or local machine.
  • The web installation takes 48 hours, along with the digital ocean server. For Android and iOS app platforms, it takes a little more than 48 hours once the app reviewing process is over.

The Appdupe Customer Reviews – Here Comes the Worst Ones

Just look at what people are saying, these are just the practical user experience and no self-constructed reviews: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.upstartmobile.Cabulous&hl=en

There are lots of flaws in their car rental system:

  • While Google wallet is the most sought after option for payment, their payment gateway doesn’t accept it.
  • The app doesn’t update people like the driver information isn’t available at times, i.e., how far is the driver, or sometimes it doesn’t even tell if any driver is available for the ride or doesn’t shows up the cab and the app just keeps on spinning, spinning and spinning.
  • People recently had been complaining about the app getting hanged up or it works smoothly only after the reinstallation of the app.
  • There are also the common reports like the app opening up abruptly or people logging out automatically out of the app for almost no reason at all.
  • People feel like having a feature in this car rental software Flywheel where the fares can be split when a person is sharing a cab with other travelers.
  • There are some bugs in the software for sure as many people have complained about the PROMO code not working.
  • The customer care is not responsive when it comes to bug handling after the users had purchased the software and the customer care would also not respond to emails or phone calls.

VIP Cars by webartindia.com Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

VIP Cars by webartindia.com is an online car rental software and had been into car rental business since last 15 years (existing since 2001). Webartindia is a software development firm that is into development of apps and software and they have developed this car rental software to ease the life of daily commuters.

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The Origin of the Concept of Car Rental System

Ever thought why the trend for renting a car for daily office commutation is catching up? Numerous factors are responsible for this. While the trend is highly common in metropolitan cities where traveling one corner of the city to another is a big question, the trend is also catching up in smaller cities owing to the comfort factor. Other reasons are availability of on-demand taxi service, hassle-free taxi booking, easy travel even during midnight and a taxi dispatch software that not only caters to daily commuters but also for occasional traveling, and is a professional online platform offering international car rental broker services. This led to the idea of developing a foolproof system for travelers around the globe.

car rental software

Vipcars.com – The webartindia review

  • A platform that brings both rental seekers and rental providers under one roof
  • It offers simple & easy online booking
  • A customer support system
  • The multiple currency advantage
  • The freedom to pick cars from widest fleet of different vehicle types
  • It further lets you find deals, compare prices, pick cars of your convenience and reserve your rental with not-all but just a small part of your booking amount
  • The software has the ability to support many rental suppliers from the world
  • Online renting with an easy to download app is a boon for the travelers especially for daily office goers
  • VIP CARS is powered by a flawless technology and without bugs in the car rental software system
  • It’s the user friendly mobile app
  • The application support exists for both Android and iOS users, or iPhone users and people can now search and book anytime, anywhere through Mobile App of VIP Cars
  • Web Art India further adds that the software or the online app has been designed to bring the brilliance of online car rental booking to smartphones, for the busy & technology driven customers
  • Additional features:
  • Their VIP Cars mobile app lets you book a car swiftly and search through a wide database of cars and rental offers, effortlessly.
  • Quick access to pick up locations & cars
  • Check for All Inclusive pricing
  • Easy to understand icons for car features
  • Uncomplicated booking system, secure booking portal, simple booking management & cancellation

The Cons

  • The WHOIS domain information reveals that it is a 15-year old company but practically no negative or positive software reviews online have been reported as such. Although you may not come across any negative feedback but a good research online revealed people complaining about some flaws in the system, possibly the bugs in the car rental software.
  • The company webartindia.com is mainly an IT company which is also involved in other software-based services and Search Engine Optimization and related services, website designing, etc. You will find lots of reviews for webartindia.com into the above-mentioned field but no positive reviews have been found for their car rental software. No idea whether the software has really proved to be a successful one on people’s expectations.
  • At times people, have complained about the not-so-user-friendly online taxi booking that delays their traveling and some even don’t feel like returning to the same company for their traveling requirements as their seems to be some issue with taxi registration system.

Travelomatix Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Travelomatix offers car rental software to power travel agencies, small and big tour operators, aggregators and startup travel companies globally. Travelomatix claim to be the world class travel portal development company, delivering B2C B2B web portals and white label travel booking software. Travelomatix is a new travel software product development company online and at the moment it is not even 1 year old.

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The company was established this year in 2016 in February. They were also named as winner of “Travel Technology Platform of The Year 2016” at IITM for enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform. In just a short span of time, 1 award is a big thing and they also have a success story to their credit, where-in they have helped Era Bookings (Nouvelle Voyages, Algeria) to double its sales.

Since it is a newly registered company, we did a thorough research online to find out the reviews about this travel software development company for car rental software, if any but couldn’t find any user reviews- no good, no bad. No doubt, you can come across few reviews over their website but the actual reputation comes out from what the people have experienced in person when using the software products developed and customized by the company. A good company will attract many good reviews randomly online and can be tracked through Google and many other search engines. Of course, it’ll take some time for the company to establish its online reputation and it has a long way to go.

Let us explore some of the positive reviews about the travel software products and for taxi dispatch software from the company to understand what new they have to offer apart from many other competitors on board.

car rental software

Travelomatix Review

Features Revealed!!!

Travelomatix can boost online travel agencies in 15 days as they offer best in class features like easy OTA setup by the agencies themselves. No GDS or API required. The B2C(End user) and B2B(Sub agent) customers can access their company across various gadgets (thanks to the responsive feature) and they can also have the payment gateway of their choice.

Other major features include:

  • Extended admin console
  • Deployment & Go-Live in 14 days or less
  • Revolutionary booking engine platform to boost up sales
  • Sell the flights, hotels and other travels deals under your brand
  • Their cloud-based IBE (internet booking engine) is 1/8 the cost of a custom travel booking engine with equal features allowing you to spend less time in managing technology
  • Integrate your travel booking engine with leading enterprise resource planning suites like NetSuite, Brightpearl and Microsoft Dynamics
  • The customers can request a demo for the car rental system from the website

Online Reputation Check: The “Real” Statistics

As such no negative reviews have been found about the company as it is just a new entrant and we did not found any reviews online for Travelomatix car rental software but we have found some information that might be helpful to the readers.

When checked for its online reputation on 2 of the websites, we found:

Refer to http://websitediscuss.com/review/travelomatix.com

  • Travelomatix.com ranks #617,386 among over 30 million “websites” in the world. Ranks #44,203 in India.
  • Travelomatix.com does not use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted!
  • The Social Engagement is Nil

Refer to https://repdigger.com/reviews/travelomatix-com:

  • TRAVELOMATIX.COM’s reputation score is 25%, which is bad. Well! The site uses its own proprietary formula.
  • Repdigger did a great job by revealing out a fact about the Travelomatix. Refer to the URL: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/travelomatixcom-bad-service-c813611.html where a couple of customers have been cheated by being the API from different providers whereas they have only TBO.
  • Travelomatix uses a WHOIS protect service to hide its real owners and operators.

Booqable Online Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Booqable offer car rental software to help you manage with your inventory needs. Booqable says, “Everyone in your business has questions. Booqable helps you answer them in seconds.”. They do this with their inventory software by making the things easily manageable through the software and making the search easier for you. Booqable is easy to use Online Rental Software. It’s used by rental companies, large organizations and universities all over the world.

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car rental software

Booqable features: The Advantage


Let us understand few best features of Booqable rental software as below:

  • Check availability: As a business owner if you want to find the availability of a particular stock with you, the simple search feature allows to check for this based on few parameters.
  • It lets your customers make online bookings through the online rental software.
  • Through Booqable’s rental software, you can know who is going to pick the order today form the available inventory.
  • Inventory management: This saves you from under and over booking of the orders, which further saves you with having gaps in the system; the gap in ordering the new stock and the fulfilling the orders for your customers. You can plan the order of the next inventory without any delays. The car rental system is supported by visual planner, stock history checker and further assist in planning.
  • While making reservations, it automatically calculates taxes and the prices for you giving the owner or the administrator the freedom to focus on other core tasks.
  • The customer stay updated with the latest launches of the newly developed email templates and every new template has new added features and functionality. Setup as many email templates as you want and the templates can be customized before sending.
  • Tracking payments are also easy and hassle-free. Create customized and beautiful invoices from the orders so placed and they can even be merged or exported to the bookkeeping software.
  • Stay updated with regular reports and alerts from the system regarding the best-selling products and the products which had not been performing well and needs immediate attention.
  • The taxi dispatch software by Booqable is good for both small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Booqable, founded in 2014, has been found offering good customer support during the business hours but not much reviews can be found online for booqable.com.
  • The software gives you the liberty from the basic pen and paper approach but allowing your customers to digitally sign the quotations, contracts, and waivers.
  • Their pricing structure is flexible to suit the pricing requirements of every organization.
  • Booqable, as they say, is the best CRM software you will ever find and they also support multi-lingual that translates all your documents to be sent to the customers in their respective languages.
  • Technically speaking, they also support API development that will help to integrate the software with or into your existing system or you are even free to use your own extensions and tools and use them with the car rental system.
  • Automate your booking process by connecting your online store to Booqable. Booqable offers a WordPress plugin and a standalone embeddable module.

“The disadvantage” or “The not so many advantages”

  • It will be too early to comment anything about Booqable as a deep research online has not revealed any negative and not even too many positive Booqable reviews. Since it is a new player in the market, they have not known to be developing much of the car rental software and they were even out of the sight for some time and came back with something new. An extensive search carried on “Google” has revealed that the company has only developed equipment rental software mainly.
  • For now, the company has low popularity and even the site communication is not secured or not encrypted as they are not using https.

CarCloud – Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Car rental software by carcloud.com is a boon for many taxi business owners. As the trend of daily commutation through taxi is catching up so is the trend of investing in taxi hiring business. Not only such businesses become a source of income for people, it is also creating employment opportunities for many taxi drivers. The trend is more common in metropolitan cities where daily struggle through long traffic jams is something people just don’t want to experience.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

Find the right company for your taxi dispatch software

While you can find many taxi dispatch software companies online, hiring the right company for your software needs is an important decision. You need a company who can understand your business requirements, understand your budget, the geographical area you wish to cover for your taxi hiring business and your future plans as far as your business is concerned. Apart from this, one cannot juts have a software developed from any XYZ company. The software company must have a considerable experience with the car and vehicle rental software development, the company must have the proven skills and capability to get rid of the bugs and software at any stage of the software else it could simply ruin your business just due to minor issues.

Although you’ll come across many such software companies or eCommerce platforms but you can also take a look at carcloud.com, a cloud-based eCommerce platform that connects directly to your central reservation system and maximizes your online revenue. The company offers you a fully-featured, responsive website that is customized for your brand – without the stress, cost and risk of traditional website development.

car rental software

Carcloud Review- Reviewing what people like and what they spike

Their say (The Pros)

  • Our management and development team has worked for (and with) few of the established car rental companies. We power car rental websites companies for various models of their cars.
  • Make a choice from our conversion-optimized templates for quick launch of your e-business. If you have big budget and an already established brand, we will collaborate with your digital agency to come up with a fully-customized template to satisfy your marketing goals.
  • Worried about your website’s traffic, let us help you deal with that as well. We also take care of the website optimization process as well as design and handle PPC campaigns. We have all the necessary tools to handle every bit of your website.
  • We also understand that just bringing the traffic isn’t going to work, converting the leads into customers is what we deeply focus into to help your business increase the revenue.
  • Carcloud offers fully responsive and optimized website across various browsers and smartphones and gadgets so you don’t lose your customers.
  • We take care of your Google Analytics as well. Our smart conversion funnels and reporting mean that you can keep track of your visitors and your customers.

What the “Truth Seekers” Say (The Cons)

In fact, there isn’t much that anybody is saying about this company.

A lot of research has been done to find out the honest reviews about the company online. To my despair, we found almost nothing. How come a 12-year old company that started in the year 2004 has just no reviews online no good or no bad user reviews???

Much has been said about the company and about its products and services, but the company has got no popularity online. It’s 12-year old registered website ranking at 5,315,508 among over 30 million websites in world.
When checked on http://websitediscuss.com/review/carcloud.com, the social engagement stats for carcloud.com is just 6 Facebook shares… for a 12-year old registered company. Is the company too busy in taking care of its customer’s SEO and Google Analytics, that in so many years, it couldn’t even establish its own online reputation?
Believe it or not, this eCommerce platform, carcloud.com has no https; hence not all the communications are encrypted on this website. Would someone still book a taxi and be sure if the entire payment transaction is secure with the company?

Check out the rating below based on certain parameters to help you make the right car rental system software development buying decision.

Ndot by Tagmytaxi Car Rental Software Review

Ndot car rental software review gives you a detailed overview about the software both from the company’s perspective and from the customer’s point of view. The review helps you to make an informed decision before investing your hard-earned money in the software that you wish to own.
TagMyTaxi is the best suitable taxi management system for small or medium business entrepreneurs to help them automate their dispatch operations for even hundreds of taxis.

For drivers, this application is a boon as it helps to manage passenger requests and cater to all the aspects that a driver would need like updating about the customer pick and drop, booking cancellation, payment received, etc.

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Why tagmytaxi can be your right choice for car rental software?

The app is great as it gives the liberty to book taxis from their smartphones irrespective of the time and location. The app performs smoothly when it comes to booking taxis online or comparing minimum fares for various models of the taxis.

Customers can view the status: The customers can know the arrival time of the taxi through the GPS support system. Customers can leave a feedback about their experience with the driver and rate his service accordingly.
Easy registration for the taxi drivers: The registration process is smooth through the app but the final approval will have to be from the admin or owner only. Every activity is kept transparent so the drivers don’t feel cheated at any point of time.
Hassle-free taxi dispatch software: This fleet management software offers comfortable dashboard management, frees you with its automation process so that the admin or the car rental agency can focus on other core tasks. What better there can be than giving your customers the liberty to book the cabs using extremely personalized iOS / Android app for an effortless e-hailing experience.

car rental software

Ndot Reviews

This might be a clone of Uber or other vehicle rental software in the market but it’s no less than its competitors. The app offers lots of benefits but nothing comes foolproof in the world; so, this too has some shortcomings in its application software. Let’s review it in a little more detail about tagmytaxi, the taxi rental software by ndot.

Let’s present here the good and the bad about the car rental software.

The Best Features

– Around the clock support: 24/7 quick support, online demo and user manuals available to understand the working and detailed functionality of the software. Look for additional information in tutorials and blogs or contact customer support for more help.

– Global connectivity: Multilingual support and the facility to set local date, time and localized maps is there in the system allowing you for worldwide feasibility.

– Easy administration: User-friendly and interactive user interface, powerful web admin panel & mobile apps makes managing the software easy. The dashboard is easily accessible. Additional features supported are GPS navigation and detailed trip history.

The Worst Reviews

– Sub-standard car rental software: While the company ndot claims that it is a comprehensive and customizable taxi management solution, but they never complete their job. Some customers complained of their app not customized even after paying fully for purchasing the software.

– Hidden owner details: When checked on WHOIS, one cannot find any details about the owner or his address.

– Changed name: The same company was initially launched under the name taximobility but later on changed to tagmytaxi.

– The customer support in practical isn’t cooperative especially the support team from the countries like Malaysia, Canada and India.

– The current site tagmytaxi.com has low popularity. It is ranked on #739,063 among 30 million websites globally and on #165,315 in India.

– This car rental system doesn’t work with HTTPS. The online transactions are highly risky as the entire information exchanged and the communication happening at various levels is not encrypted and not intercepted.

Ncrypted Uber Clone Review

car rental software

Ncrypted offers car rental software for those planning to invest in taxi booking business and also plan to take it to a next higher level in a very short time.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

What inspired Ncrypted to start Uber clone app development?

With the launch of Uber taxi business, many people have found the way to their survival. “Uberification” has made the life of daily commuters easy as people either don’t want to take the headache of driving in high traffic which further did not let them fully concentrate at their workplace as driving in metropolitan cities is both tiring and time consuming.

More and more people planned to invest in Uber Clone business and why not, after all, it’s a very lucrative business opportunity for both small and medium business owners. In other words, those people who don’t have big budgets to establish any other business, they prefer to invest in Uber clone business because of the low investments and higher ROIs.

Again, this was in turn a boon not only for Ncrypted but for many other software and mobile app development companies on board to offer mobile and app development services as affordable costs.

Ncrypted car rental software: The Advantage

The masterminds and the team at Ncrypted help to bring your taxi booking business idea to life. Our versatile technology blueprint enables you to get started with your on-demand website and/or mobile apps similar to Uber with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panels etc.
The reason why more and more startups are investing in Uber Clone is because these days everything is easily accessible via smartphones and the Uber clone scripts developed by web and application developers are easy to customize.

car rental software

Here’s what Ncrypted is good at or what else is needed?

Here’s the Ncrypted review:

The Good

  • Ready-made or customized taxi dispatch software: Since not every software or application developed by Ncrypted can easily accommodate to the existing business. It needs to be integrated well into the existing system or even if it is a fresh requirement by the startups. The script is easily customizable and the business owners can have enhanced performance of the software through added functionality.
  • Why Ncrypted? It’s simple, Ncrypted offers world-class solutions, best in quality software and web and mobile app development service, and with just lesser investments, the startups can have a customized business model ready for them. Standard back-end structure with in-built features that will enable you to kick start your project without re-inventing the wheel. The Uber clone offers customized car rental software designed to meet the vehicle renting needs of businesses.
  • Revenue model: For Uber Clone, apart from the default revenue model, you may also want to consider banner advertisements, membership plans or commission based revenue module integration to maximize your profits. Our business experts can help here, so that you can go to market with confidence.
  • On-going Support and Maintenance: NCrypted takes full responsibility of your project from business analysis to design, development, deployment, hosting, maintenance and beyond. Be rest assured that our development and support teams are always available with prompt response.

The Bad

  • Although they claim all their car rental software and other software offers great functionality, enhanced dashboard, best and customizable clone scripts but the bugs are a common thing with them. No doubt, the engineers and the developers work hard at the backend to get rid of the bugs but their software experiences many bugs in comparison to other good software in the market.
  • The app does gets hanged up which makes the car rental system slow or sometimes it even stops responding which delays the cab booking system.

Cabily by Dectar Taxi Dispatch Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Cabily by Dectar is truly a professional car rental software. Dectar, when it was initially launched in the market started out with a single taxi app in April 2014. The most advanced and reliable taxi dispatch software named Cabily is an Uber clone script that comes with both Native Android and iOS app. Cabily is a Clone of Uber a ride sharing app which is secure with many good and robust features. Fast to market and completely customizable. Appears on Citizen Android and iOS App. The Driver can allow the User application or he can also renounce the application simply by checking the caller’s situation. Cabily’s User and driver app are developed with best in class multi interface.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

Why count on Cabily car rental software?

A great advantage of this automated dispatch system is that it’s foolproof, and it can help you find a nearby driver much more easily than conventional taxi services. The app and service offers the advantage of a powerful taxi dispatch software that comes with numerous exceptional features you can benefit.

With so many customers benefitting from the software, Cabily has been rated as a highly comprehensive, customizable and excellent software that it has beaten other existing vehicle rental software.

Although one may not find many negative reviews about Cabily but nothing comes as foolproof in this universe. Let’s find out many good reviews and see what areas of improvement is still required to remove all the flaws.

car rental software

Cabily Reviews


Rich interface: It’s responsive interface gives the best customer experience that a person might be looking for in a car rental system.

Easy Cloud installation: It’s easy, instant and user-friendly.

100% Customizable: Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable & easy to use.

Easily trackable: Both admin and rider can track the taxi easily using the tracking code.

Easily accessible dashboard: The dashboard is arranged nicely and works efficiently without any flaws letting the admin update the app without any hindrance.

Supports multilingualism for global usage.

Attractive packages for different types of customers

Auto Fare estimation & calculation

Messaging option supported

Advanced Search Options

Go cashless with Cabily

Schedule Booking

What are the new feature upgrade in Cabily car rental software by Dectar?

It has made the real time tracking possible in its newer version

One can get accurate ride distance

People often complained of the app getting hanged which too has been resolved now

Updating profile picture in app has been introduced

Bugs do appear with time but the software engineers are working hard to get rid of them and they have been successful in getting rid of few bugs in the past

The Cabily taxi dispatch software happens to come in 3 different pricing packages: Lite and Premium, both priced at $1999 each and Ultimate is the best value pack that is almost the double, i.e., priced at $3999 with all the best features one might be looking for. The best part is that the Ultimate package offers 6 months of free support period and 6 months of free updates for the bugs within the feature list provided.


– The software comes in 3 packages: Lite, Premium and Ultimate. While Lite and Premium are equally priced and Ultimate being almost double the cost of Lite or Premium. The customer hardly find any difference in Lite and Premium even though both costs $1999

– The “Native IOS App for Driver and Rider” feature in Lite doesn’t supports availability of the app on Google Play. The app is available only on the AppStore
– Similarly, the “Native IOS App for Driver and Rider” feature in Premium doesn’t supports availability of the on the AppStore; it is only available through GooglePlay
– Both Lite and Premium doesn’t support Basic Reskin / Personalized branding for Web & Mobile App, 30 mins Skype Support Per Week, and no Free Upgrades even

Arcane Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Cogzidel offers car rental software, Arcane. The software is helpful to the car rental managers for meeting their day to day business needs. For the admins, they have the complete authority to manage the software like setting up commission limits, managing registered members, or the transaction and payment settings. The riders have the ability to keep a track of the active riders, and check for minimum prices through the downloadable app. The drivers can update about the booking and customer drop status. Their entire booking history is also easily accessible. Let us find out more about the software.

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What Arcane Offers?

The software can be customized according to the business needs. For instance, car rental companies can smoothly manage hiring and rental verticals offering easy commutation to people who either don’t own the care or those who don’t want to drive themselves even. The best features of the software are Easy Registration, Email Notifications for both drivers and riders, separate apps for both driver and the rider, Google Navigation, Automatic Payment to the driver, easy Search Locations for the user, and an in-built price calculator.
Arcane offers a win-win situation for all three- the car rental company/admin, the rider and the driver as mentioned in a little more detail below:
The price settings and the commission adjustment settings in the dashboard allows to earn higher profits for the app owner.
The fare details, price per mile and per minute- all such comparisons are available for every car model. The regular riders can also view their booking history on the app anytime.
Although the app allows for direct registration by the drivers, however the final approval has to be by the admin only.

car rental software

Arcane car rental software review:
Everything has its Pros and Cons. What Arcane has vis-à-vis where it needs to improve? Let’s check it out below:
– On-demand services: Arcane promises to be a beneficial online car hiring service
– Affordable App: Own the Arcane App at just $1998 USD for both iOS and Android
– Economical for riders: Affordable pricing; the riders can check the minimum fares online
– Dashboard gives complete freedom to manage the software. Easy customizable options for car rental companies
– An effective model for all three- admin, rider and driver
– Payment synchronization- When ride completes, the payment is deducted and the rider is updated instantly via email
– Great customer support: Excellent customer support on pre-sales and post sales inquiry. The customer is quite attentive to the disputes arising between the driver and the rider
– No demo version available: What is the customer first wishes to see how the software works practically?
– The Bugs in the Script need to be fixed. Some users have complained about the app that doesn’t work properly at times or gets hanged up
– A look into the dashboard made some customers realize that the Member management and Category Management aren’t user-friendly and the dashboard isn’t much comfortable to manage
– Only Arcane iOS and Android apps are available. The developers haven’t done justification to MAC or Linux users
– Not sure whether its cloud version software exists or not as there is no mention about it on the company website
– There is also no mention about the multi-lingual system as is with many other car rental software apps
– There are no multiple payment mode options available. If a person does not have a Paypal account and would like to use the cash system, there is no mention about the direct cash payment by the Arcane rider