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Face Off: Yamaha R15 vs Honda CBR 150R


Yamaha R15 review

The Yamaha YZF-R15  is a uni-cylinder sport motorcycle that has been in the Indian motorcycle scene since 2008  and had impressive supremacy over the rest of the sports bikes of its kind. With the same engine and chassis the R15 was descended from the V-Ixion manufactured and sold  in Indonesia , its design and looks were pretty much influenced and inspired by the Yamaha YZF-R1. The bikes petrol engine was fine tuned  to achieve higher torque and better performance , 6-speed transmission was  adopted and state of the art linked type of sport suspension was fitted at the back. Since its first appearance the Yamaha R15 has seen a major face-lift in 2011 and the contemporary version is the R15 V2.0 .

The Honda CBR is the successor to the 2-stroke Honda NSR 150 , the bike is forged and marketed in Thailand since 2002 and have been exported to many Asian and African countries. HONDA CBR 150R  is the younger sibling to the more popular CBR 250R with much similarities , it might not  be so powerful and impressive as the CBR 150R but it manages to create a balance between performance  and efficiency. The  CBR 150R  is the four stroke 150 cc sport motor bike a part of HONDA CBR series manufactured by Honda.


Design and Dynamics 

Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R review

Nothing can beat Honda bikes when it comes to ergonomic design and performance,  you are ought to be satisfied with the irresistible  looks and appearance  of the bike . CBR 150 with its unique head light design manages to produce a crystal clear bright beam without compromising on striking looks. If performance is needed engine has to be kept cool which is  achieved by the state of art liquid cooling system . The highlighted strips on the bike give it the true sporty character and also impressive appearance. The cowling of the bike represents the true spirit of the Honda bike racing with the perfect balance of aerodynamics and sporty style making it one of a  kind bike. The instrumental panel with its futuristic design manages to display all the information the driver needs

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha r15 review

There is no other bike of its kind which can compete with R15 in terms of  appearance and aggressive sport look.Without spoiling the racing soul of the bike  yamaha R15 was upgraded to Yamaha R15 V2 with distinct changes . The integrated split seats , the re-designed middle and rear and the futuristic taillights not only give the bike a well defined sporty look but also reduce the drag by 4%. Yamaha now fine tuned the standard upright sitting posture to a sporty lean type of sitting posture . IT is the of the first liquid cooled engine which reduce vibrations to give a high quality ride .The newly designed exhaust system add on to the sporty style of the bike , the angle at which it is mounted give the feeling of the thrust travelling upward.

When it comes to appearance  and aggressive sport looks, Yamaha R15 has the upper hand with improved  dynamics and the new design makes it the best bike of  two interms of appearance  and design.


Engine And Performance

Honda CBR 150R

honda cbr 150r deluxe review

The Honda CBR 150R is forged with a 149.4cc 4-stroke liquid cooled SI petrol engine , made for performance to be delivered. When the engine is put to the test it can deliver a maximum power of 17.57bhp  produced at 10500rpm . This beast is capable of producing a torque of  12.66Nm at 8500rpm. The highly responsive Honda engine enables you to zoom from 0 to 100kmph in just 11.87 sec. Honda adopted a more advanced double overhead camshaft (DOHC) mechanism which helps implementation of 4-stroke engine and better valve operation which results in impressive performance and higher speeds. When operated in its highest gear it takes a sloppy 17.52 sec to travel from 30-70kmph. When put to the real test CBR 150 R can zoom up to a maximum velocity of 125kmph. 

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha R15 V2

In the heart of this beauty lies a 149.8cc 4-stroke liquid cooled SOHC petrol engine , very conventional engine but performance is not compromised. The Yamaha R15 is capable of producing similar numbers as the CBR150R , it produces about 17PS of power at 8500rpm .It can yield a maximum torque of 15Nm revolving at 7500 rpm. To reach the magic number 100kmph all the way from stand still R15 will take you 13.15sec.  Yamaha adopted a conventional single over head shaft (SOHC) claims to have some advantage over heavier DOHC making it able to achieve low end torque when compared to DOHC engines  . In the fifth gear R15 takes just 10.75sec . The Yamaha R15 V2.o has also a very impressive maximum speed of 145kmph. R15 is a more lively engine with better throttle response especially around the corners.

Both the bikes are neck to neck interms of performance and numbers , it is tough to conclude but the winner in this section would be the Yamaha R15 . The low end toque capability allows the r15 to zoom through the city traffic without any hitch and the huge ingear margin makes it the best performing sport bike of its kind.

Ride and Handling

Yamaha r15 v2 vs Honda CBR 150

Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R opted dual disc brakes for the front and back tires for superb braking performance and with perfect safety and confidence for the buyers. It has the diamond type rigid frame work to give a strong backbone , there is no compromise when it comes to ergonomics in the CBR . The steering of the bike is light and smooth with all the ample space and the clip on handle bars gives such pleasure to ride it . The bikes is fitted with the usual telescopic suspension up front and the mono-shocks at the rear combined with the larger rear wheel gives the best possible ride. The CBR’s perfect balance of ergonomics and performance with its ability to outrun the r15 gives its riders such pleasure to explore its full potential .

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha R15 also uses a rigid frame well known delta frame which is also used in the YamahaR1 , combined with the rear disc brakes gives perfect safety for the riders. The more radial rear tire gives it better grip than the CBR . The disappointing factor about the bike is the cramped cockpit making it little tough to make the sharp turns and maneuvers.It has a rather agressive and sporty sitting posture when compared to the CBR.

Well we have a clear winner in this section and it is the CBR 150R , with the balance of ergonomics and performance , making it the bike which is more committed to the track.


The Verdict:

The clear cut victor would be the Yamaha R15 for conquering 2/3 sections , Whether it be the low gear performance or ingear margin CBR cant match with the R15 .Conquering the roads with high speed and performance or moving through the city traffic without any hitch R15 does the job perfectly .Both the bikes give about the same range of mileage 35-40 kmpl . Despite the aggressive sport look and ease to ride it comes with  such affordable price tag when compared to the more expensive CBR 150R making it  the best buy among the two .

The Maserati Ghibli-An Overview

Much like its predecessor all the way  back in 1967 with the emphasis on sporty glamour , the all new Maserati Ghibli is sure to captivate you with her herculean personality and her phenomenal performance . Maserati is a Italian luxury sports car company since 1914 , well known by its brand mission statement  ” Build Ultra-Luxury Performance Automobiles With Timeless Italian Style”.  Maserati is a style and brand that sets it apart from rest of the luxury cars of its kind with the perfect fusion of style , luxury and phenomenal performance . Ghibli is the limitless satisfaction for the drivers desires and expectation and is a  revolution in the sports sedan segment .Sculpted forms and sleek lines of the Maserati Ghibli creates moments like the wind .

Maserati Ghibli

Ghibli literally means the wind , the winds of northen Africa – making it the most suitable model name for this Maserati because it leaves you with an impression that it moves like the wind . The first ever Maserati Ghibli was the Ghibli | all the way  back in 1967 this v8 powered beauty took part in the 1966 Turin Motor show and since then proved to be the most popular car of its kind . After withdrawing from racing in the 1950s it out sold its biggest rivals, the Ferrari Daytona and the Lamborghini Miura and has remained top in the list of luxury sports cars since then.

Looks And Exterior 

2014 Maserati Ghibli front


With emphasis on sporty glamour the all new Maserati Gbhili is sure to fascinate you with her looks. Most notable feature of  this car include the front and rear bumpers which meld together into a single line to give it a dynamic look . The cars nose is accentuated by the featured Maserati grille and the icon vertical concave filters are inspired by Gran Turismo and the A6 GCS Berlinetta, a popular  icon from the past. Being one the longest cars of its kind and such a large wheel base the Ghibli still maintains  the look of a sleek coupe achieved by the frame-less window , the iconic Saetta logo and the triangular C-pillar. The cars traditional oval shape is replaced by the rectangular narrows at the top & highlighted by the iconic headlights give it a built-up look . The tapered boot and the back lighted are the natural continuation giving it the same muscular look even from the back . The iconic twin exhaust gives it a very attractive sporty appearance .


Maserati Ghibli Interior

Maserati Ghibli interior

This car is the child of pure craftsmanship , the interior is so striking that it sets her apart from the rest of the luxury cars of her kind . The most attractive feature of the interiors is the striking instrumental panel with the 7” TFT display to view the cars dynamic data , the larger than usual odometer with the featured back-light, is a special attraction to the interior of the car. When you buckle up and are ready to drive, you have complete ergonomic control over the car. The gbhili’s interior balances perfectly a sporty look and pure luxury giving atmosphere of pure elegance. The optional all electric front adjustment system and the soft leather seating enables the drivers and passengers to be seated in any angle or any posture resulting in top class comfort .

Performance and Technology 

Maserati Engine

This muscular beauty is more than what meets the eye. If  her  looks were just not enough to be awestruck then let the numbers do the talking. Inside the heart of this mean machine lies a twin turbo V6 3-litre engine which accords all the performance and power one can desire without compromising on the fuel consumption.For a diesel engine these specifications are very impressive ,the Maserati Gbhili is a perfect fusion of versatility in terms of use and outstanding power and performance .It can produce an imprressive maximum power of 330 HP (243 kW) at 5,000 rpm , when the Sport mode is opted , 500 Nm available at engine speeds from 1,750 to 4,500 rpm. Just throttle on to the Ghibli for 5.7 sec you will reach the magic number 100kmph from standstill and an impressive top speed of 243 kmph.

When compared to the more powerful unit in its sibling the Ghibli S , this iconic six cylinder engine is forged with a custom  designed camshafts and injectors , combined with turbo mapping and one of a kind electronic systems to reduce the fuel consumption without compromising on the power and the  throttle response. The Maserati Ghibli can be driven on a versatile range of modes including  Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport and I.C.E. (Increased Control & Efficiency).The all new Ghibli is forged with the revolutionary ZF automatic transmission system which in turn gives a lightweight and highly efficient gear transmission assisted by an auto guide software which adapts to the road condition so swiftly to give a high class driving experience .


Maserati Ghibli Car review

This car is made with such care and precision that driving it gives as much fun as possible , the servo assisted hydraulic steering wheel gives the best feel with the wheel , steering is so effective and smooth  at all times even when moving through slow city traffic. The ghibli is crafted with a highly sophisticated suspension system to give you high levels of comfort and also sporty performance .

The Verdict 

The all new Maserati Ghibli seems like a very dangerous competitor for its rivals in the luxury sedan class like the Audi A6 , BWW 5 series and the Mercedes E-class . This Italian- American luxury sedan still manages to pack a punch being a diesel engine , price in India is estimated to around $100K ie. 45 Lakhs.

Image Source: Internet

Face Off: Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa

Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa compare

The Honda Activa has remained as the most successful scooter or the family two wheeler since its arrival in 2000. In September 2013 , 141,996 Honda Activa scooters were sold almost equal to total sales of  Honda in North America.  Honda took a step further and released the Honda Activa i which targeted on female riders. In 2014 Honda Activa was enhanced and remodeled  to 125cc and the name was re-branded as Honda Activa 125. At present both the Honda Activa and the Honda Activa 125 are up for sale. The all new chrome fittings on the front fascia and the tinted windscreen , the new tail lights and the bigger than grab rail gives a fresh and superior look. Access 125 proven by its overwhelming response made it one of the best and sporty scooters in the Indian market.

Access 125 is fitted with automatic transmission for splendid city ride conditions . The new Access 125 has a better and stylish look than many other  scooters of  its kind with better pick up and performance without compromising on the aerodynamics of the bike. Besides the powerful and quick responsive 125cc engine it is equipped with a central locking system and shutter mechanism to achieve a single control point for the bike , adding to all this it has unique mutli- reflector head light and focused light mechanism.

Exterior and looks  

Honda Activa review compare

Both the motor scooter’s have been targeted at the mature audience and been modified to suit their needs and styles .The all new Activa 125 with its new chrome fittings on the front fascia , new tail lights and the tinted windscreen sets it apart from all other new arrivals in the motor scooter market. The Suzuki Access on the other hand did not  undergo any kind of major changes in its appearance. The Access 125 had rather an outdated and dull look with U-shaped tail lights and  the front end . When it comes to balance of looks and ergonomics these scooters are head to head which most buyers demand for . Both the scooters had raised handle bars  to give the rider a comfortable driving posture  and plenty of room. The footroom in Access 125 is not well spaced out as compared to the Activa 125. The over all looks and quality of the scooters help to earn a few points for them .

Engine and Performance.


Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa performance

Both these magnificent motor scooters  run on a similar petrol mill of 124cc .The Suzuki Access manages to churn out a 8.7Ps of power and 9.8Nm of torque whereas The Activa produces the same power at 10.1Nm but at higher torque ratings. Both the motor scooter’s might have similar type of technical specification on paper , but entirely weigh different in-terms of how they feel .When you gently press on to the Access 125 throttle you will get a smooth response and excellent linear power delivery.The Activa 125 is definitely more lively than its rival  the Suzuki Access 125 . It does not feel any kind stress or make loud noise even if it is kept pinned at 80Kmph. The Aciva’s  pick up and response  is obviously more superior than its rival . The Activa 125 power-mill is not flawless either , its has a little bumpy start when the scooter is throttled from stationary , whereas the ride is perfectly smooth. Both the vehicles are neck to neck when considering the dynamics of the scooter. Undoubtedly Activa emerges as winner in terms of dynamics and performance with its unmatched lively driving experience .



The Activa 125 is forged with the telescopic forks up front and spring loaded type of suspension at the rear end .The scooter’s suspension  is some what rigid though.It manages to zoom through all the undulations of the road, absorbing all the bumps. The most favorite feature of the Activa for all the fans is its wide and raised handle bar making it so easy to zoom through the city traffic and thanks to the 130mm brakes up front for crisp braking power .The perfect combination of  the telescopic forks up front and the swing arm type coil springs at the rear end result in a plush and smooth ride quality on the Suzuki Access 125 ( though Activa has similar type of suspension upfront, it is somewhat stiff and unyielding )  . Honda Activa, with its raised handle bars makes it easier to handle and achieve better riding experience .Unlike the Activa , the Access doesnt provoke the disc brakes satisfactorily, but is also not slouch when it comes to braking. Response from the disc brakes in Activa is much better when compared to the response in Access 125 .


There is always the typical Indian type of thinking no matter what are the buyers demands and styles , mileage is given more preference than the performance of the scooter itself .Thanks to the HET technology, Honda scooter’s have always proven to be the most efficient of their kind and the tradition is continued to Activa 125 . Activa 125 gives about 51.6Kmpl which is more than what Access 125 offers , that is 47Kmpl.

2014 BMW R NineT – a preview

2014 BMW R NineT

“A dream  motorcycle is something that is  beyond just transportation , it is a connection with life” . Riding the BMW NineT is by itself a time reliever , as the time spend is pure pleasure! Well, BWM Motorrad is celebrating its 90th birthday and this reminds us of its 90 years of passion, 90 years of innovation and 90 years of unstoppable performance that has eventually given birth to this iconic naked roadster the  BMW R Nine T! This motorcycle has a one of the kind aggressive and brawny looks ( and is by inspired from all those race bikes and roadster bikes of the good old days ). This roaster has such sharp looks that  it makes you wonder if it came out of  Tony Stark’s or Bruce Wayne’s garage 🙂 For those  BWM fans who love the classic and original roadsters,  BMW has managed to forge the best machine for you.This motorbike is all about pure passion , pure driving pleasure and pure design that makes it an obsession for those classic enthusiasts.

Riding a motorcycle is all about feeling free  .The BMW R NineT balances this feeling with an equal proportion of a casual cool look and a phenomenal performance on the scale . Even putting behind all these details, this motorcycle is unmistakably part of  a legacy,  it is a member of the BMW family! The BMW NineT leaves you with complete satisfaction with regards to variety. The whole idea behind the Nine T was to design your own NineT ,design your life .One name .One purist lifestyle .

Engine And Performance 

2013 BMW R1200GS engine

When you look at a super bike in this scale and with the BMW tag, you can expect real big specs .It is forged  with a breathtaking  1170cc  four stroke petrol mill that manages to churn out 110bhp, which will  work out to produce a maximum of  119Nm at 6000 RPM.  The  1170cc powerhouse is eventually air cooled which is a acclaimed twin-boxer engine . Throttle all the way and you can achieve a highest speed of 200kmph on the NineT .The rear suspension mechanism utilizes the BMW’s one of  the kind  Paralever shaft-drive system, and up front has a conventional inverted telescopic forks.Then there is the six-speed gear mechanism that transfers the power to the rear wheels via a shaft drive system, giving a seamless driving experience . The motor cycle has a 22-liter tank capacity that needs to be filled only with unleaded fuel. Standards are maintained with out a hiss , the front wheel has a 320 mm base and back wheel has 265mm disc brakes with ABS. 

The BMW NineT has a four-section body frame with one front frame and three rear frame sections . The best part is that the rear section can be  completely modified to enjoy a single person ride. The deep humming sound matches well with the looks, performance and is definitely very satisfactory.

Design and Accessories  

BMW NineT modification


2014 bmw r ninet tail options

The BMW NineT is a symbol for freedom , it is exclusively designed for further modifications by the costumer himself . The side lines and contours add special attraction to the bike , especially the lines which continue from the fuel tank . The tank is perfectly hand crafted from brushed aluminum, clear lacquered in sides and glossy black in the middle . At the tail is an aluminum storage box which has replaced the pillon seat . The seats have premium quality surface with different optional textures .On the tank is this beautiful black and white combination of a ornamental seam with an embedded gold logo that reads : NineT. A new and contemporary feature is the rubber pads that are fixed to the sides of the tanks to prevent scratches and to give a better ergonomic look. NineT has an attractive anti theft feature with acoustic and visual alarms when dealt with vibrations .


BMW r ninet back


Ride and Handling 

BMW R Ninet

This motorcycle can be described as a super bike that has the looks of a ferocious roadster. Riding it is pure pleasure the throttle response is utterly amazing . It is not only good at throttling on a straight but also pretty amazing when zooming through steep corners , bends and turnings. What sets it apart is the unique deep humming sound that is produced, which is well matched with the pure roadster look and feel. Zooming through the city roads or having a happy long drive on the country side? You will sure get the best experience with the twin megaphone silencers. Thanks to the SRR1000 forks which give you a nice front-end look and you  just cannot resist yourself from pressing the throttle a little bit more at the corners to travel faster . Not to mention the NineT has a very good ground clearance. It moves and performs like a true beast and the best roadsters out there.

Technical Data

TypeAir/oil-cooled flat twin (‘Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft
Bore x stroke101 mm x 73 mm
Capacity1,170 ccm
Rated output81 kW (110 hp) at 7,550 rpm
Max. torque119 Nm at 6.000 rpm
Compression ratio12.0 : 1
Mixture control / engine managementElectronic intake pipe injection
Emission controlClosed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Performance / fuel consumption
Maximum speedover 200 km/h
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h4,5 l
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h5,8 l
Fuel typeUnleaded fuel, octane number 95-98 RON (rated output at 98 RON)

Specs source : http://www.bmw-motorrad.com

BMW R NineT:

Bottom Line:

The only disappointing factor with these big bikes is that they come with real BIG price tag. It is going to cost you  23.5 lakhs ( ex-Mumbai showroom price ) , and is available in all three BMW Motorrad outlets in  Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Kawasaki Z800- an Overview

“Big bikes means big cost” , more the power you desire more it is going to cost you – oh yeah ! It is amazing to witness the ever growing  number of multi-cylinder bikes in the Indian market. There is one thing common with  all these multi-cylinder bikes though , they come with a huge price tag !  😐

Kawasaki have their reputation to be considered, they manufacture the meanest and most desirable super bikes world wide . This Japanese mean machine might not just awe-strike you in the first look or feel , but  it gradually grows on to you like music. The more you listen to a song the more you will love it  , Kawasaki Z800 is exactly the same- the more you ride and romp with it the more you will helplessly fall in love with it .

Kawasaki Z800

Much of the soul and body was inspired all the way from 1972 when Kawasaki Z series was introduced .The  Z1,  was one of a kind  motorcycle of its time, in the heart of the Kawasaki Z800 lies a  82bhp, 900cc in-line, four-cylinder gasoline engine that is good for over 200kph, which stands as a milestone in the era of super bikes . The Kawasaki Z800 has a very assertive and muscular look which every street head must posses.It is forged in such a brilliant way that you will be nodding in appreciation. Seating for the motor cycle is straight out of a street naked handbook – with a flat and wide handle bar , the foot pegs are slightly raised and towards the rear and there is that massive tank to lock your knees in.You will have to lean your body weight forward to achieve  a comfortable ride.

Design and Appearance 

The all new Kawasaki Z800 (as it is called – the muscular bike ) has a very comprehensive muscle bound look . The only factor that differentiates the much pricy Z1000 and the Z800 is that awesome looking headlight you get with the Z1000. The headlight gleams bright enough with an impressive spread of light  .The bikes instrument cluster is surprisingly easy to read  and also not to mention very informative . There are loads of aggression in-terms of looks of the bike but it lacks a modern essence. Its tail lamps give a nice opposing look and nice touch to the bikes appearance.Then there is the weight factor, it weighs a staggering  231kg ( you will have slight trouble battling the city traffic and performing sharp cuts and turns)

Engine and Performance 

In the heart of this magnificent beast lies a powerhouse of a 806cc petrol engine that produces 113PS at 10,200rpm while 83Nm of torque at a peak of 8000rpm.The engine is so smooth that you almost can’t feel it humming under your seat. This beauty is more than what it meets the eye, just the slightest press on throttle you will find yourself zooming at a high speed in a heartbeat. The engine responses so urgently, so swiftly that it gives such a pleasure to ride it , this is the reason why we Indians just cant resist a four cylinder engine .The clutch is little bit stiff but not so unmanageable , this stiffness gives a slight jerk while you press on to the throttle .The Kawasaki Z800 has a short gear which is typical of a street bike making it so well founded . The company claims that it cant reach from 0 to the magic figure of 100kmph in just 3.5sec and pull out a maximum of 120000 rpm. This beast is claimed to achieve high speeds around of 2oo kmph .

Kawasaki Z800 wheelie  Similar to all those other naked bikes , once you cross speed limits of 180 kmph it becomes such a physical struggle to keep up to the fight with such terrific gales. It is undoubtedly one the most quickest bikes around and the brake system is just so tremendous and so impressive. It might not be so robust as its bigger brother the Kawasaki  Z1000, but is just strong enough to decelerate you efficiently.The twin front brakes offers you a crisp bite and good movement . It looks a bit stiff but it is very surprisingly smooth and has very damp suspensions. It is so noticeable that each and every bump is so smooth, you would fall in love with it instantly. When taken on a long drive – it certainly runs smooth and crisp !


Displacement:806.00 ccm (49.18 cubic inches)
Engine type:V2, four-stroke
Power:111.30 HP (81.2 kW)) @ 10200 RPM
Torque:83.00 Nm (8.5 kgf-m or 61.2 ft.lbs) @ 8500 RPM
Bore x stroke:71.0 x 50.9 mm (2.8 x 2.0 inches)
Valves per cylinder:4
Fuel system:Injection
Fuel control:OHV
Lubrication system:Forced lubrication, wet sump
Cooling system:Liquid
Transmission type, final drive:Chain
Clutch:Wet multi-disc, manual
Driveline:Sealed chain
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Frame type:Tubular backbone (with engine sub-frame), high-tensile steel
Rake (fork angle):31.0°
Front suspension:41 mm inverted fork with rebound damping and spring preload adjustability
Rear suspension:Bottom-Link Uni-Trak, gas-charged shock with piggyback reservoir and stepless rebound damping and preload adjustability
Front tyre dimensions:120/70-ZR17
Rear tyre dimensions:180/55-ZR17
Front brakes:Double disc. Petal discs, dual opposed 4-piston
Front brakes diameter:310 mm (12.2 inches)
Rear brakes:Single disc. Petal disc, single-piston
Rear brakes diameter:250 mm (9.8 inches

source: http://www.kawasaki.eu/en/products/sports/2014/z800

Bottom Line:

Kawasaki  Z800 isn’t just a toned down friendly bike , it has very impressive and has a lively engine , it handles things magnificently and brakes even better . Adding on to this , with its upright seating gives a pleasant ride quality and has no heating issues.

The Kawasaki Z800 isn’t the best of its kind or the most perfect naked bike but all that power and performance with such an attractive price makes it the most affordable four stroke engines around.

For more info visit:  http://kawasaki-india.com

Faceoff: BMW 320d vs Audi A4


When it comes to building the most Eco friendly cars, BMW has remained  matchless till date . Bavarian Motor Works commonly know as BMW is one of the three giant  luxury automakers from Germany . BMW owns and produces Mini cars and is the proud parent company of ROLLS  ROYCE motor cars.The all new BMW 320d fastidiously continues the traditional design and the features of a BMW car . The sportingly sophisticated design creates an effect that it has been crafted  from a single mold without failing to strike with the aesthetics and the dynamics at your first glimpse of the vehicle . Even in its sixth generation , BMW 3 series has remained as one of a kind and one of  the most sold BMW cars world wide .Inspired by rich heritage of design and technology , the heart of the BMW appears in the modern and a fabulous  design.

The AUDI A4 is a series of compact executive cars manufactured by the German auto company Audi since the late 1990s , a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. A lot of things have changed since its arrival but one thing has remained same – it is undoubtedly an Audi!  They have set a standard apart and has a class that you can never expect form the other line of luxury cars. The new Audi A4 is made with such craftsmanship and care that is has an ideal balance between performance, efficiency, sportsmanship, supremacy, intelligence and emotion.

Design and Exterior

Audi vs BMW


The 3series is a newer and more improved than the A4 and it looks and sounds real good . It gives you the feeling of its esteemed presence , more the heads that turn to see this machine running on the roads .In terms of visual appearance A4 cant match the stunning looks of the 3series. In the BMW 320d, the side view highlights the crisp contours .The most attractive feature is the extended ascending lines which gives it a stretched optical and also impressive dynamics.Like its predecessors the BMW 320d has a classic 3 box design – coupled with a stunning modern look. The design includes a long bonnet , short front over hang , larger wheel base and a rear-set that promises pure dynamics. The curves traversing from the front to the rear give out a styled coupe like look. Coming to the Audi A4  the three dimensionaly forged out bonnet rounded by a single frame , redesigned air inlets and the the front fog lights is the main attraction to the vehicle . The sleek body lines and contours define the classic saloon silhouette , which gives it a refined and elegant look.



The Audi’s interior are similar to its exteriors, but its just not able to match the BMW’s interiors in terms of looks and appearance. The BMW’s interiors manage to dazzle you with its prime quality of materials. It houses the driver with a state of the art guidance system and a cockpit feeling. Ample space design give optimum accesses to all important control functions on the instrument display panel . On the passengers side , a overwhelming atmosphere is created by the instrumental panel combining a sophisticated and a lavish look.High quality and standards are expected with the Audi A4 with its notable soft feel , Matt finish textures and bright work with pure precision assembly . On top of all this it has a classy premium compact saloon look. There is enough leg room and headroom in the rear and a generous boot that can be extended via split folding rear seats.The real disappointment here is the new dashboard which smoothly angles the instruments and the console center looks little outdated .

Engine and Performance 


Both the 177ps AudiA4  and the BMW 320 d sports line arrive with a 2-litre four cylinder , diesel engines . The Audi churns out a 177ps which is pretty obvious, while the BMW manages to churn out 184ps. Surprisingly the peak torque for both the mean machines are same ie. 380Nm .The major distinction between these cars is their gear box. The 320d uses a 8-speed torque converter in contrast the A4 uses the state of the art CVT technology. It is forged to work as an 8-speed auto and a rubber band effect associated with the CVT ( you just cant feel it even when you are driving in full auto mode ).  Even though the 320d gear box seems classy it allows to shift gears effortlessly in drive, in sport or in manual override mode . The Audi is truly a smooth diesel engine , with a spectacular accelerator response and wide power house that runs to a maximum of 5400 Rpm.

Taking the performance into account BMW 320d has nailed it completely ( let the figures do the talking ) : The BMW 320d achieves a higher horse power rating ,and with the 8-speed gear system – it has the capacity to zoom you from 0-100 kmph in just 7.6 seconds. While the Audi in contrast takes 7.8 secs to reach the same magic number. The 3series allows you to throttle all the way up to its maximum speed of 235kmph and the Audi Top speed is about 222kmph.

The Verdict 

BMW feels really better when put to hard core driving tests , the Audi A4 is just a simple, splendid car .The A4 has lighter steering better visibility and utterly silent ride. In terms  of performance , looks and the  ability to awe strike you – nothing even comes close to the BMW 320d. Combination of such fabulous economy and performance makes it the best car in its class .The BMW is more fun to ride. Its steering and response feels so alive, that it just keeps rising spirits higher and higher .

So the obvious winner is the BMW 320d sports line .

There might be some other reason that struck you to choose other cars over the 320d but its primarily  subjective and matters related to personal taste!

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Maruti Alto 800-Ownership Review

Take a walk on a typical Indian road and you will find yourself catching the sight of this humble and cute looking car more than any other cars on the road 🙂 Its the new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Maruti Suzuki India Limited most commonly know as Maruti formerly known as Maruti Udyog Limited is an Indian automobile manufacturing company.

It is controlled by a holding company – a Japanese car manufacturing establishment Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki has a variety of vehicles available in the Indian market  from the outset level the Alto, to the hatchbacks Ritz, A-Star, Swift, Wagon R, Zen and the sedans DZire, Kizashi and SX4 etc. to the ‘C’ segment Eeco, Omni, Multi Purpose vehicle Suzuki Ertiga and Sports Utility vehicle Grand Vitara

Maruti Suzuki

Alto 800 is a kei car( It is a Japanese categorization of small passenger carsengineered and manufactured by Suzuki. The contemporary model is currently in its seventh generation.The first of its kind emerged in 1979 and was manufactured in several countries worldwide.The all new Maruti Alto 800 has undergone a lucid face lift with all new bodies and interiors.It replace’s its first generation Alto keeping the old 796cc engine. The most captivating fact is that, although being India’s best selling  car, the price tag of Alto was also lowered with the change in the model. Several methods were implied to lower the price . These include lowering the weight of each and every part down by even a single gram and also including their own robots for manufacturing purposes.

Design and Looks:


The all new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has an exemplary yet a smooth and glossy design that packs a punch.The smooth seamless long curves gives it a perfect side look and better dynamics, which means better performance and better looks.The prominent wheel lip add on to the side looks. All these make the Alto 800 the most desirable small car in the Indian market. The new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has undergone a face lift to give it an adorable hatchback look.( I love the new petal shaped head light ,gives it a better look.)

Maruti Suzuki







The cabin in the new Alto 800 is refined completely to give it an elegant look and feel.The result is superior interior quality and more comfortable environment and more space inside the car.Whats more is you get to choose between cool looking brown and grey interiors.

Performance and Specs:

maruti-alto-800-gear-087The latest remodeled Alto 800 arrives with a 796cc petrol mill which was also used in its  presiding models , with obvious tweaks over them.A  796cc , 3 cylinder petrol engine is the powerhouse of the Alto 800 that grinds out a maximum of 47.5bhp at 6000rpm at its peak of 69Nm of torque produced at 3500rpm.

What puts it aside from its predecessors is the fact that it maintains the Bharat Stage IV emission norms ( Which makes it one of the most Eco friendly kei cars in India ). Apart from turning down the emissions the MSI engineers have worked pretty well upon the NVL levels .The Alto comes with a 5-gear transmission, which gives a smooth gear shift and superior driving experience.  Taking into account the acceleration and pick up, Maruti suzuki is categorized under the small cars 796cc category and still packs a punch .The acceleration is excellent when compared to the rest of the small cars in the market. The new improved and face lifted power mill can accelerate you from 0 to a 100km within a time duration of 15 to 16 seconds, with the top speed of about 120 kmph .For the CNG versions the magic 100kmph from 0 takes about 17 to 18 seconds.This is clear-cut evidence that the performance has been modified brilliantly .

Mileage :

IMG_20140717_155120It is the typical Indian mentality that mileage is given preference over performance of the car . It is undoubtedly crowned as the peoples car of India .Alto 800 returns with the fantastic mileage of 22.74kmpl on petrol and 33kmpl on CNG making it  the most fuel efficient car in the present Indian automobile market .The new Alto maintains respectable performance without compromising on the mileage ,making it the most affordable car .If you want to go ECO friendly by using CNG and also get a car which is affordable and easy to maintain – Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is for sure the best choice for you !

Dispiriting Facts about the new Alto 800 :

One of the most disappointing  factor I found  was the really weak body . Just the slightest of hits and bumps can result in great damage to the car ( A Scooter hit my Alto 800 from the back at a normal speed but the right back bumper of the car got destroyed)

If you are pure power aficionado it might be disappointing for you. The acceleration is considerably weak compared to other cars in the market .

The interior is considerably comfortable but it doesn’t have a  lavish and and attractive look.

-When you run CNG the engine performance is reduced by a great amount, especially when you even have the AC turned on.


 Without question, it is the most fuel efficient car available in the market. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has improved performance and mileage and also at a very affordable price tag.

There is this saying ” Two birds with one Bullet ” so running your Alto 800 on CNG saves you money and also reduce’s the harmful emissions !

Visit Maruti Suzuki India Website: http://www.marutisuzuki.com

Fuel for NextGen Cars makes our future green

Just Promenade along one of the most densely populated cities in India and you will  find yourself being warmly saluted by thick dark smog that covers the area .Oh yes ! We are talking about something that practically affects every single being around you on this planet aye, its air pollution ! It prematurely is responsible for deaths of  a mind-blowing 6 million people per year across the globe.It is the main cause of “global warming” and cancer.

Today’s on-road vehicles produce over the third of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in our atmosphere and over twenty percent of the global warming pollution.Do you know USA alone is responsible for 30.3% gas emissions on a global scale ,33% of Chinese people live in such polluted and poisonous environments that the air they breath is equivalent to smoking 2 packets of cigarettes every day. In Asia smog is so thick in the skies in some areas that you cant even see the starts at night .Automobiles alone  are responsible for 40-90% of the air pollution.

Delhi Covered In Thick Smog
Delhi Covered In Thick Smog

This increasing demand and dependence on fossil fuels is sole the reason for air pollution due to automobiles. Do you know  just in Delhi alone 1400 new cars are added to its roads daily .We have to take an initiative to bring upon a change.A change that will provide clean , renewable  and sustainable fuel that powers our cars and bikes and our future generations to come .These futuristic fuels are the brain child of scientists who did Intense research and development .



Thumbs up: clean , green . Renewable fuel.It is already involved in mass production and use in major countries around the globe.

Thumbs down:  Enormous amounts bio mass needed for large scale Bio fuel production, reduced mileage for your vehicle .

The Bottom Line :  Their potential is unstoppable when production starts on a massive scale and gas emissions can be effectively reduced by a large amount .

It would be an underlying statement to say that Bio-Fuel cannot replace the entire fossil fuel dependence , they give a promising future to the ever growing need for fuel to run the economy and our daily lives .Before we move to Bio Fuel and its production, lets have a basic introduction to what Bio Fuel is. Bio Fuel’s are made from conversions of bio mass ( refers to recent living organisms – mostly plants and plant derived products) .When we dig the earth for fossil fuels we are retrieving fuel which geologically have been carbon fixed millions of years ago.biofuel is a fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation. These fuels are produced from living organisms .Bio Fuel are subject to intense scientific research and innovations. In this article We are going  to talk about Bio Diesel and Bio ethanol which can be used to run our cars.


Bio Diesel  is a domestically manufactured renewable fuel with possible ingredients being vegetable oil, animal fats, grease or even used restaurant oil. It is a cleaner and a greener replacement for the use of petroleum Diesel . Bio Diesel is commonly referred as B100 or simply BIO DIESEL  in its pure liquid form without any natural diesel or petroleum mixed in it .The good news is a normal diesel engine can be powered by a  B100 and whats more interesting, is you can prepare B100 at home without any investments.

Still ain’t impressed ? Well these statistics will convince you to move to B100. It is 100% renewable and cars that run on it produce no soot. CO2 emissions are reduced up to a mind boggling 50 % and there wont be even traces of SO2 from your exhaust.This is the cleanest and matchless replacement for your car

BIO ETHANOL:civic_biomass

Bio Ethanol is principle substitute for  petroleum ,commonly used with different blends of ethanol and gasoline. Bio Ethanol is predominantly manufactured by fermentation of sugars , although it can be produced industrially by steaming ethylene .

The main ingredient to make ethanol sugar comes from fuel crops .Fuel crops consists of corn, maize and wheat crops, waste straw, willow and popular trees, sawdust, reed canary grass, cord grasses, jerusalem artichoke, myscanthus and sorghum plants.Ethanol blends are widely sold in USA and Brazil. The most commonly used blend is the E10 it is blend of 10 % ethanol and 90% gasoline .

Almost all cars made after 1986 can safely run on E10, while most cars made before 1986 cannot. The Australian Federal Chamber for Automotive Industries (FCAI) maintains a list of cars and bikes that can safely run on E10

The clear advantage here is that it is renewable and is a infinite source of fuel i.e crops are not finite and they can be reproduced any number times.We also will have a upper hand of reducing the green house emissions by a significant amount.



Thumbs Up           :  Has the highest amount of energy per kilogram than any other fossil fuel. The only byproduct is pure water .

Thumbs Down   :    Production on massive scale is a tedious and expensive process .Handling Hydrogen is burdensome due to its explosive nature.

The Bottom Line :  Though on paper, it looks as if its a very promising production on a large scale, it is onerous on problems with handling and storage being tedious and not yet developed enough for a large scale usage .


The dream car is finally here, the one that produces no green house gases ,one that doesn’t use gasoline and has exhaust as pure water
.Ofcourse you cannot  buy one yet , unless you live in California you can lease one . So whats that mystery fuel that will run this car ? yes ,  it is Hydrogen the lightest element and one of the most abundant element in our periodic table . It is estimated that in the coming  20-30 years people will drive Hydrogen powered cars . Whats fascinating is you can see these cars  producing steam instead of greenhouse gases. Many Hydrogen cars exist  but unfortunately most of them are conceptual. These clean energy driving machines include the Chevrolet Equinox, the BMW 745h and the one that’s currently available for lease in California, the Honda FCX.

What makes this dream car run on simple Hydrogen is a FUEL CELL which produces electricity . Similar to the fuel cell used in Apollo 11 expect that it is a miniature version. It takes pure Hydrogen and is oxidized by pure and produces large amounts energy and water as simple by product.


Thumbs Up: Ultra silent engine . Literally no exhaust from the car .Electric motors gives a smoother ride and better performance

Thumbs Down : The unfortunate and clear disadvantage is the amount of fossil fuel ( coal) is burnt to produce that amount electricity is unimaginable .

The Bottom Line : Electric cars were dream of the car inventors , ever since they faced so many grinding tasks.Finally days have come where its no longer a dream but a reality .

Tesla model SFD

All Electric vehicles (EV) run on 100% electricity. A Muscular DC motor lies in the heart of these cars which sets them aside from the rest of the cars which traditionally ran on a combustion motor. Battery technology has seen a lot many changes in the past twenty years, the lithium -ion battery was the revolution. These batteries are lighter and have the capacity to store more power but unfortunately it stores substantially less energy than Hydrogen or fossil fuels .These Electric vehicles have very clear advantages and precedence over the traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

Efficiency : Electric motors convert about 60% of its power from the power grid to its wheels .Conventional gasoline engines convert only about 10% of the energy provided by the fuel.

Absolutely Eco-friendly : These vehicles  have  no tailpipe , no pollutants, although the power plant producing the electricity may emit them. Electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes absolutely no Green House gases.

Enhanced Performance : When it comes to acceleration and on-road performance these EV’s rule out the gasoline engines .The ride is undoubtedly smooth and quieter .

However these Ev’s face great battery challenges and most Ev’s run only about 100-200 miles before they run out of fuel when compared to gasoline engines which run about 200 -300 miles.Just to paint the picture of  battery capacity of the most promising Ev’s today . The Chevy VOLT has massive 170kg li-ion battery but runs only about 60 miles . Interestingly some pure Ev’s have managed to push their range further . The MINI manages a range of 240km on a single charge but it had to be fitted with a massive 300kg battery , designers had to remove the back seats.



Peugeot 208,

An internal combustion engine powers itself on compressed air produced by the burning fuel that moves the pistons up and down , so conceptually if we can supply  compressed air to the pistons we can achieve the same movement to drive the vehicle. Peugeot Citroen invented technology for air car ready for the market by 2016 . The Peugeot 208, it will combine a normal engine with a the  new revolutionary system that runs on compressed air. The air power can mostly be used only at  the city speeds i.e below 43mph , the company predicts that with this combination these cars can give upto 118 miles per gallon. These cars are no different from normal cars expect for the adapted gear box ,and  cylinders to store compressed air .


Bottom Line: Technology is a double edged knife. We can use it for better future rather than for destructive purpose. Everything lies in our hands!!!

Bajaj Avenger – The Bhadsha of Indian cruisers

Bajaj Avenger  – a beast on the road with a vengeance of 220 cc ! Haha 🙂 Yes I call it the  ” Bhadsha of the INDIAN cruisers “, you will for sure nod your head  after reading through this post . Bajaj Avenger is the first of its kind home grown power cruiser manufactured by Bajaj Auto. The Design and making of this motorcycle, was inspired from Bajaj/kawasaki  ” Eliminator”   powered by a KAWASAKI engine. The Bajaj Avenger 180cc was the first and primitive model in 2005 . Then in 2007 arrived the  Avenger 200cc  into the Indian market. The contemporary model is the  ” Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSi ” which is the most affordable and the most value for money cruiser in India .

Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi

The Avenger has seen a remarkable growth since its arrival and has remained as milestone in journeyof  the home grown cruisers. The only competitor it has faced since is the Thunder Bird. A very interesting advancement in the newer version is  the third generation throttle ignition control system. This kind’a technology allows you to control the ignition directly from the throttle itself. This gives a a smooth drive with better balance between drive-ability and the optimum ignition spark. The result is perfect ignition spark for every throttle open.

If this is not thrilling enough let the figures do the talking  :

– It runs on its powerhouse, a 220cc  air cooled ,four stroke engine.

– It puts out a 18.8bhp with 1.8kgm of torque.

– That’s more than enough to propel you and the avenger to its tops speed of 114kmph ( before you run out of road ).

– It also has an attractive mileage ranging from 40-45 kmpl to satisfy our Indian mentality . I have personally seen it touch nearly 130 kmpl ( 127).

Design and Looks:

Avenger  has that elegant , gleemy look of a cruiser and the power of a sports bike . It has shiny chrome finishing on the fuel tank, which gives a edge to its looks and also the chrome finishing on the sides and the exhaust gives it an even more attractive look. A large 14 lit capacity tank gives better look and extra storage. Its long handles and the added windshield sets aside its own kind of driving trend. It’s the most wanted beautiful beast & personally I like the way it looks  more than the Thunder Bird ( oh yeah ).. It has a cool looking speedometer , odometer and an added battery life indicator on its body. I am pretty confident that once you give it a test drive for sure you will become a die hard fan of the Avenger



The Bajaj Avenger for sure gives a dream come true driving experience . You name it , cursing on a highway or gliding through the hectic city traffic, the Bajaj Avenger always has the edge & never ceases to impress you. It’s the new trend setting style of biking among the youth. It can be called the ” THE BEAU BESTIA ” which means the beautiful beast 🙂

  • Avenger has that low-slung body and a unique sitting posture which gives you and your vehicle a very good look while driving  and also better dynamics which again gives a better performance.

  • Its seat is made of a duel density material making ride’s really comfortable and pleasant to sit on. Interestingly it has a back rest for the pillion rider.

  • Usually when your bike battery runs out the only way you can find out is when the engine doesn’t self start . Well you don’t need to worry about that if you have an Avenger as it has an added feature for low battery indication .

  • The lastest advanced techonology DTSi Engine ,IGNITION WITH A DIGITAL C.D.I. ,TRICS III ,EXHAUSTEC .  makes it the best buy in its range.

  • When you press on the throttle you can feel that amazing jerk , that power rushing  from the engine which accelerates your bike like the wind ( I personaly love that feeling when you ride an Avenger )

  • The back wheels and the front wheels have been fitted with larger disc brakes which gives you smoother deceleration and added safety for you and the vehicle.

  • The Bajaj Avenger is so light weight when compared to other cruisers and is designed to have  low center of gravity giving it a better grip and extraordinary stability at higher speeds.

  • That unique Forward foot sitting posture sets it apart from all the other bikes and makes it the most comfortable ride.

  • Bajaj Avenger gives an option for  those riders who wish to have a windshield to achieve that  chopper look and also to protect themselves from debris flying off the roads .

  • With all these attractive fractures , beautiful looks and  also being so  affordable makes it the best buy in the Indian motorcycle market ( oh man I really cant stop raving about this machine )

Cons :

  • Comparing the mileage it gives to those other economic bikes  like discover its rather disappointing

  • Personally I felt the only glitch it had was that it has a rigid gear changing system.The gear changing mechanism should have been smoother and better.

  • If you are a tall and a hefty person its low lying posture might be not feel so comfortable for you.

Visit Bajaj Autos Website: http://www.bajajauto.com