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ASAP Rent – Car Rental Software review.

The Car Rental Software Business is growing exponentially in the last few years owing to the success of many  new concepts that revolve around hand-held mobile devices. Some of the Car Rental Software today are so powerful that they allow every aspect of the car rental business to be taken care of in the most intuitive ways possible. One such example is the UBER model for taxi rental business. There are a few Enterprise level rental software that are built for renting all types of cars from economy to luxury, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats etc., They will need more features compared to on-demand car rental software, owing to owning, maintaining and managing a fleet of cars. These software should include every possible entity involving car rental business like reservation system, fleet management system, payment and invoicing system, reporting system etc., in order to be called a perfect Car Rental System.


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ASAP Rent is what their Developers claim, the World’s most innovative Car Rental Software. Their software has three iterations, Rental management system, Leasing management system and Web reservation System. This makes it a comprehensive solution for car rental business. Lets check out the pros and cons of ASAP rent software.




1. The user-interface looks neat and easy on eyes. Though there are a plethora of features built into the system, the menu and categories are easy to understand and use once you get used to them.

2.Their software solution is a highly customizable one which will be engineered to the exact need of the customer, making it one of the most user-friendly car rental software available.

3. It is a cloud based software accessible from anywhere in the world.

4. Toll charges, city taxes, airport surcharges are calculated automatically which is a nice feature.

5. Customers involving in violation of vehicle Parking regulations are identified and notified by the Parking violation management system built in ASAP rent.

6. Powerful report generation features enable generation of almost every kind of data as reports and exported into MS Excel sheets.

7. All major accounting interfaces like simply accounting, fortune 1000/acumba are supported.

8. Fleet Management features are quite comprehensive in the software. It includes generation of maintenance reports, payment processing reports, license expiration reports, revenue reports. These features enable smooth running of the car rental Business without worrying too much on the maintenance and focus on the business.

9. Revenue reports can be generated to check month on month or year on year revenue comparisons for a more productive approach. Statistical data in the form of graphical representation as bar charts provide easy assessment of business activities.

10. ASAP rent car rental software is structured for global capability. Its multi-lingual capability enables to work in all major languages of the world. It supports multi currency and can even be customized for different tax structures prevailing in different parts of the world.


1. They do not provide Android or ios mobile Apps for their platform. This is a feature sorely missed in an era of mobile devices.

2. Vehicle tracking feature using GPS seems unavailable. Real time monitoring of vehicles is not possible without this feature.

5.6 out of 10
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