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Arcane Car Rental Software Review

Cogzidel offers car rental software, Arcane. The software is helpful to the car rental managers for meeting their day to day business needs. For the admins, they have the complete authority to manage the software like setting up commission limits, managing registered members, or the transaction and payment settings. The riders have the ability to keep a track of the active riders, and check for minimum prices through the downloadable app. The drivers can update about the booking and customer drop status. Their entire booking history is also easily accessible. Let us find out more about the software.

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What Arcane Offers?

The software can be customized according to the business needs. For instance, car rental companies can smoothly manage hiring and rental verticals offering easy commutation to people who either don’t own the care or those who don’t want to drive themselves even. The best features of the software are Easy Registration, Email Notifications for both drivers and riders, separate apps for both driver and the rider, Google Navigation, Automatic Payment to the driver, easy Search Locations for the user, and an in-built price calculator.
Arcane offers a win-win situation for all three- the car rental company/admin, the rider and the driver as mentioned in a little more detail below:
The price settings and the commission adjustment settings in the dashboard allows to earn higher profits for the app owner.
The fare details, price per mile and per minute- all such comparisons are available for every car model. The regular riders can also view their booking history on the app anytime.
Although the app allows for direct registration by the drivers, however the final approval has to be by the admin only.

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Arcane car rental software review:
Everything has its Pros and Cons. What Arcane has vis-à-vis where it needs to improve? Let’s check it out below:
– On-demand services: Arcane promises to be a beneficial online car hiring service
– Affordable App: Own the Arcane App at just $1998 USD for both iOS and Android
– Economical for riders: Affordable pricing; the riders can check the minimum fares online
– Dashboard gives complete freedom to manage the software. Easy customizable options for car rental companies
– An effective model for all three- admin, rider and driver
– Payment synchronization- When ride completes, the payment is deducted and the rider is updated instantly via email
– Great customer support: Excellent customer support on pre-sales and post sales inquiry. The customer is quite attentive to the disputes arising between the driver and the rider
– No demo version available: What is the customer first wishes to see how the software works practically?
– The Bugs in the Script need to be fixed. Some users have complained about the app that doesn’t work properly at times or gets hanged up
– A look into the dashboard made some customers realize that the Member management and Category Management aren’t user-friendly and the dashboard isn’t much comfortable to manage
– Only Arcane iOS and Android apps are available. The developers haven’t done justification to MAC or Linux users
– Not sure whether its cloud version software exists or not as there is no mention about it on the company website
– There is also no mention about the multi-lingual system as is with many other car rental software apps
– There are no multiple payment mode options available. If a person does not have a Paypal account and would like to use the cash system, there is no mention about the direct cash payment by the Arcane rider

5.9 out of 10
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