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Apporio Car Rental Software Review

Apporio is a beginner in the field of car rental software development. These days lots of companies are emerging in the global market to cater to the growing needs of the consumer. Smartphones are a blessing and they have changed the global market. Even it has made the daily travel or commutation easier by offering easy taxi booking services with just few taps. Thanks to the software and mobile app development companies, the Uber Clone script can be customized to offer a wholesome travel experience right from pickup to drop and easy payment options backed by multiple currency or multi-lingual facilities for each state or country.

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Apporio has launched their taxi dispatch software that can be customized as per the client’s requirements and that can cater to the dynamic market. The software has all the basic features through its two different apps; one for driver and the other for passenger and an easy dashboard or the admin panel for the app owner for easy software management. The app will help to generate high revenue to the car rental agency due to feature-rich and user-friendly software application. It is very much like Uber or Ola.

Apporio review

Most positive review

Whatever user reviews we came across are based on the demo versions tried by different visitors. However, these reviews in no way can be considered to be much helpful unless a user haven’t purchased and tried the app in real. Check here

Most negative review

Since it’s a new kid on block, it is yet to develop a customer base. There is no evidence online whether they had any customer who has purchased their Uber clone script. We couldn’t come across any positive or negative review about the company or its car rental software but there’s an advice from our side. It is not safe to carry transactions through their website as they do not use HTTP Security Certificate and not all the communication on this site are encrypted, i.e., safe and secure. Check here

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The Pros

Check out the most common features present in their app like all other vehicle rental systems.

  • Driver App Modules:

Driver Sign Up/Login
Add Vehicle Details
Go Online/Offline
Accept/Reject Inquires
Navigation to Customer Location
Start trip
Navigation to Destination Location
End Trip
Review Customer
Bill Summary
My Rides (Ride History)

  • Customer App Modules:

Sign Up/Login
Select a Cab Category (Hatchback, Sedan, Luxury)
Book Now
Book Later
Ride Estimate
Estimated Time Arrival of the Driver
Make payment
Rate the Ride
Check Ride History
Check Rate Card
Contact Support

  • Admin Panel Modules:

Manage Drivers
Approve Driver Sign Up request
Enable Disable a Driver
Manage Customers
Update Rate Cards
Check complete Trip Feed
Sort Trips
Update Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, other pages

The Cons


  • No HTTPS
  • Limited social media presence: This is also an internet marketing company and yet almost no Facebook or Google Plus presence and no shares, likes or comments.
  • When checked on, the website popularity is very low. ranks #3,692,868 among over 30 million websites in world.


Tech specifications

  • Price: We cannot comment on the price of apporio car rental system as no information regarding their price and packages is available anywhere on the website or on online.
  • Intended users: The passengers are the end-users, the drivers, the rental companies or the fleet management companies.
  • Devices supported: Web, Android, iOS.
  • Multi-language/Multi-currency: Yes.
  • Support options: Customer care, YouTube video, Whiteboard animation
  • Domain age: 2015-09-12.
  • Social popularity: Nil.
  • Additional information:
  • Technology used: Native Android (Android SDK), Native iOS (SWIFT), Core Php, MySQL database, Restful Json APIs
  • Software used: Android Studio, Xcode 7.3, XAMPP, Dreamweaver
8.4 out of 10
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  • Review Honesty

    Apporio app it has a lot of hidden bugs, you can not depend on it to create a business, they wont care after they get your money, they act like pro’s but tgey are not, they are fake dont trust them my cousin bough the taxi app from them cost him over 4 thousand, its been 6 months they project is not complete, money they have it from the first week , yes we got the source code but its all buggy the problem is they dont answer back no emails no Skype calls they only answer new customers to fool them, the demo app works good enough to fool you to trust them, but the source code they will give you its just a copy of their data base but they dont know how to make it work it seems they are selling other team source code and they cant figure out how to work with it and fix it, when i hear a good new from my cousin ill be back here to update this review but till now he is telling me he is been scammed and he wish if he didn’t send them money he told me they are real not fake they are based in india, but they’re are not doing what they claim to do he hopes that they finish the project but its been 6 months and he is loosing time and money, also he told me he is not the only one that he is facing this issue with them there’s couple other people from other startups companies from Europe and USA, all they are facing the same problem with this company called infoLabs.

  • apporio2017

    The Review & Post is totally fake posted by one of our competitor (Smart-Car / Nikola)

    We assume you are one of our competitor (Smart-Car / Nikola) who is simply trying to spoil our reputation by using such unethical means.
    Because *turbozens* is your own Blog,

    Our Apps are live on PlayStore (7000+ Downloads) & AppStore for Download and test before they make a purchase form us. And it works perfectly fine. In-fact all our products are all completed and ready to go live in the time we promise so there is no point in us not delivering them.
    We are an ISO Certified Company and follow all standards related to documentation & deadlines. So case like yours never happen.

    Still if you claim to be a genuine client, please openly send us the receipt of the payment you made to us as proof along with your Customer Id.
    And we’ll get things checked legally through our team of Sr. advocates and get your case justified immediately.

    What will be next step :
    If in real you send us the requested information, we’ll then need your direct Contact number and address so our representative/partner from your state will schedule a meeting with you and fully cooperate to solve the issue.

    Please note that if you send us Fake proof, our team of Advocates will not wait to sue you.
    Apporio Infolabs
    ISO Certified Company